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The World Truth Summit interviews are underway this week. Monday, Elsa Schieder interviewed Mark Durie. It was excellent. Wednesday night she interviewed Bill Warner, which I haven't heard yet, but I'm sure it was great.

These are personal interviews rather than talking about Islam itself. How did these counterjihadists end up doing this work? What led them to reject the politically correct view of Islam? What has it been like for them? What is their personal background?

Elsa will keep all five of this week's interviews available until this Sunday, September 23rd.

An interview with Pamela Geller is tonight (Thursday). Here's how to listen: First go to this link and register (you'll see the registration form in the top right sidebar):

Home Page of World Truth Summit

Then go to the link below to listen to all the interviews Elsa has done so far:



Amit 4:48 AM  

I could not listen live but now listening since 10 minutes. Since I know Bill Warner, I can understand.. but still the recording is many times mixed up.. loud and low noises and not synchronised well.

Can something be done about it so that it can be easy for all to decipher

Amit 4:57 AM  

It's amazing intellectual discovery he had. Amazing. I listened 20 minutes part by now. His kwowledge of science and discovery that nothing random can be produced by any human, you realise even though may sound obscure, quran and other 2 books are only man made work. fully political!

Amit 4:58 AM  

Best thing he recurrently tells is two principles of Islam

that surmises everything.
not detailing now as listening is fun!

Citizen Warrior 1:05 PM  

Amit, about the recording quality, here's what Elsa said:

"I know about web design. I haven't done phone and skype recording before. I did lots of research, got lots of advice, did testing ... and arghh, much to improve. Expect a big improvement in October."

Amit 5:35 AM  

still was hearable!

it was wonderful to listen to Bill as always but this time coloured with connections of thought process backed by his scientific acumen was very good

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