An Interview with Bill Warner This Monday


Elsa Schieder will be interviewing Bill Warner in the first of her teleseminar series. Here's what Bill says about it:

Bill Warner
When Elsa contacted me to do an interview I was surprised that she did not want to talk about political Islam, but instead about my personal life. I was not too agreeable about that topic, since I had never used the first person in my work. As a scientist I try to stay with the facts of Islam and do not even talk about Muslims.

She told me that she was going to interview about 20 people who are in the fight against the rise of power of political Sharia. She then played her trump card by saying that I may try to avoid publicity, but it would help the cause.

Long story short — I did the interview.

Elsa Schieder has put together a teleseminar series on:

Personal Journeys Toward Difficult Truths:
Understanding Islam, Understanding the West

The interview with me is one of 20 being presented in the teleseminar series, which starts on September 17 at 8 PM. Five interviews will be presented that week. There will be 5 more in each of October, November and December.

Here is the link to register (no cost):

You can also hear the personal journeys of Mark Durie, Pam Geller, Raheel Raza, Robert Spencer and more.


amit 7:15 AM  

i have registered but yet not able to figure out link at which I can see and listen live.

Please help me in this.

Btw. His recent article in his website is amazing after recent events.

Citizen Warrior 12:10 AM  

I just heard back from Elsa. Bill's interview wasn't quite finished but it will be coming this week, and all the teleseminars will be available until Sunday.

After you register, you will receive emails with the necessary links.

amit 3:12 AM  


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