Video: New Trends in Arabic Antisemitism


FOLLOW THE LINK below to watch a remarkable video. This MEMRI production shows examples of antisemitism in modern-day Arab media. It was originally presented to the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva. The video is 23 minutes long. It is amazing. Ugly. Hideous. You should get everyone you know to watch it.

Click here to watch the video on Vimeo: New Trends in Arabic Anti-Semitism.

And here it is on YouTube: Muslim Antisemitism Compilation.

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Kilauea Poetry 11:39 AM  

(Know better) that is.
(btw) Just wanted to say thanks- your blog is excellent! Your addressing things I haven't seen at all yet, which I'm sure many people are feeling! (how to resist..and still be happy, or don't read any of it an hour before you sleep.) I elbowed my husband and said "look, look at this" (lol)

Citizen Warrior 11:08 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

The video is a feeble, childish disappointment. We know that the koran says almost as many nasty, inhuman things as the bible, but the issue is how to rid ourselves of all those evil followers of abraham?

This was my reply:

I know what you mean. But we will not be able to rid ourselves of them. Our best hope is to make their intentions and their ideology widely known. The only reason orthodox Muslims are getting as far as they're getting is because so many people are ignorant about Islam.

So the purpose of the video is not to enlighten us. We already know. But it is a way to show others that Muslims with these beliefs are not the poor, disenfranchised nobodies in back alleys, as we have been led to belief. These are mainstream Muslim television personalities and Imams. I think it is possible watching the video could make someone wonder if perhaps they were mistaken about the "small minority of extremists" theory.

- CW

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