New Leaflet: You Must Accept My Religion


ONE OF OUR allies sent us a new idea for raising awareness. And we have a new leaflet. It's really good and different than the first two. (Read more about the first two and get links to them here.) It is entitled, "You Must Accept My Religion." This new one never mentions the words "Islam" or "Mohammad." Why not? Here's how the author explained it:

I have tried to reveal the essential thrust of Islam without once using those words. It’s like a gestalt. I think Islam is uniquely defined by its rules and the character of its founder that, hopefully, people will focus on those instead of being inoculated against the message by the hot trigger words that seem to numb so many peoples' brains. I would also like to think that someone trying to challenge what the leaflet says would be forced to admit that we all know it’s about Islam precisely because it sets out some of its defining features.

What a great idea! The author of these leaflets is very innovative about doing the most important thing we can do: Educate our fellow non-Muslims about Islam. Download a PDF or print the leaflet here: You Must Accept My Religion.

For the previous leaflets we used Google Docs, but so many people had problems with it, we've switched over to Scribd. Please let us know if it works better.

In a letter to us, another of our allies talked about a few other things he does to help raise awareness. Here's what he said:

I just wanted to share some things with you that I do to make a stand. I find these things empowering and I think a lot of your readers would also. They are small things but they make a difference. One of the things that really annoys me about living near Muslims is that their standpoint is written all over them and you’re just left feeling like a cipher. Isn’t there a way of saying “I reject your way of life” without getting arrested or beaten black and blue?

One thing I do is to wear a lapel badge of the Israeli flag — I live in an area where there are a lot of Muslims and (almost as bad) left wingers. I wear it in such a way that when my collar is turned up it doesn’t show so if there are some particularly aggressive people about I turn it inwards. When I’m in a public space where there are lots of security cameras, I show it more. Because Israel and Jews are such objects of loathing to Muslims, by wearing this badge I am implicitly rejecting Islam and its virulent anti-Semitism. Israel is on the front line in this worldwide struggle (though I realise in a sense we all are now) and supporting Israel is a way to rebuff some of the madness and evil. No-one can accuse you of a “hate crime” or “Islamophobia” (I don’t accept the validity of these but they are forced upon us) but you can still make a statement. Israel is a beacon of western civilisation and it is good to show our solidarity with her.

I also have an IDF cap with a Star of David and “Israel” boldly stitched across the front. I wear this when I go to the supermarkets or department stores as I think I would actually be very quickly assaulted if I wore it anywhere else. It’s a good bold statement of support for a great country taking a lot of flak from the Jihad and the wretched left-wing fools. You can easily get badges from suppliers on ebay and I got my cap from a company in Israel. It’s good to support Israeli companies too.

I think by wearing these things it also brings it into the awareness of less partial people too. It puts another dimension into the public space. If more people did it, it would have a much greater impact. If people challenge you about Israel, it opens up an opportunity to dispel some of the malicious mythology that has been built up over the last few decades. I must say no-one has said anything to me yet but a lot have noticed the badge and been made to wonder a little.


Citizen Warrior 10:56 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

In Australia where we are a bit slower off the mark on the Islam problem, we have an evolving Australian values society called the Q Society. I'm hoping they will produce a range of caps, T shirts and badges and it will do the same because anyone who has heard of it knows that it is against Islamisation of Australia.

We have muslims here who wear the Muslim Brotherhood shirt, but unlike them, we don't bash people with whom we disagree.

Anonymous 4:38 AM  

It made me smile (ironically I must admit) .. to read that here we don't bash people with whom we disagree. WE the supporters of liberty and equality may not, but woe betide someone (even in Australia) who wears any Jewish or Israeli symbols in the wrong part of town or the wrong city (eg, ultra-orthodox areas of Melbourne) .. I don't know how they're game to do it cos I certainly wouldn't!

Amit 2:35 AM  

And then this leaflet can say what Bill Warner too says:

I made fools of you and i will give yo objective facts and yet you will like to be ignorant and feel as if nothing has been read, understood. because the fear i have istilled is deep for centuries to come.

What is that objective fact?

You guys get fooled by my soldiers but I am the real commander and real ideal and so is you study me you get idea of what i am and what this religion is! simple!

still want to ignore? be blind!

i gave a book at a place where my followers were only 150! and i found that you will not understand by words but by sword! and i then changed by destination as well as tactic and killed who didn't accept me! and i had millions of followers! and then i also introduced concept of abrogation!

ohh how cleaver i am! ha ha ha ha

and you won't believe!

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