Who is to Blame for Islam's Relentless Encroachment?


WE'VE MENTIONED a page of comments about sociopaths (see article here). In the comments, several sociopaths have posted something. But mostly the posts are from victims of sociopaths — ex-lovers, parents, children, siblings of sociopaths. They tell their story of woe, how they were abused, taken for all their money, toyed with in a cruel way, heartlessly hurt, etc. The point of view of the victims is almost always the same: How can anyone do this to another human being? The point of view of the sociopaths is also consistent: How can anyone be naive, trusting, and foolish enough to let someone do this to them? The same question could be asked of modern Western society. If we didn't have so many people who believed that everyone is good, that every culture is equally deserving of respect, and that every religion is at its core the same as every other religion, we wouldn't be in this mess, regardless of what orthodox Muslims were doing. The reason sociopaths are able to take advantage of their victims is because the victims do not believe someone can be so cold and unfeeling. They don't know anything about sociopathy. They don't know it is possible. And they assume everyone else is like them: Good at heart. A decent, law-abiding citizen who tries to be fair with everyone and who feels empathy for others. The assumption is their undoing. Sociopaths exploit that assumption for all its worth, and leave a trail of broken lives in their wake. Same with the West. The assumptions many of us are making has allowed Islamic supremacism to get as far as it has gotten.


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