Why Islam?


Much of the Middle East is now Islamic. Muslim warriors conquered it centuries ago, and Sharia law has been slowly eliminating the last remnants of non-Muslims ever since. Now some orthodox Muslims are working to conquer Europe.

But why is Islam so different from other empires that have come and gone through history?

The Mongols conquered the largest landmass ever controlled under one government, and if Genghis Khan hadn't died when he did, his warriors may well have conquered Europe.

But nobody is worried about the Mongols now. Why?

Because they didn't write a book and they didn't start a religion. There are no faithful followers of Genghis Khan still working to fulfill his vision of world conquest.

We cannot say the same about Muhammad.


Anonymous 4:15 AM  

Only Hindu India put up great resistance to this imperialism, otherwise India would also have gone the Iran way, becoming 100% Muslim.It is in fact an Arab Episode, turned into "world religion" which is totally absurd.Whole Non-Arab Asia is the Hindu World which has its own ancient religious tradition.AfPak area is the very cradle of this old religious tradition.There is need of extensive research and rediscovery into the roots of this old tradition.This great tradition has its own Mohammed and its own Koran which is not in Arabic but in Sanskrit.//If they want to establish an Emirate or Caliphate, they should do this somewhere in their own Arab World. Why they want to do this in AfPak which is not their world? This whole problem is Pakistan-made; anti-Indianism is its base.If Pakistan were not formed in 1947, 9/11 would never have happened.

Anonymous 7:47 AM  


Citizen Warrior 3:12 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

p.s. also do not forget that Genghiz Khan and his sons made the mistake of allowing the mongol men to marry muslim women. He did not realize that it was Islam which made muslims what they are...in a few generations the mongols and other central asian tribesmen were infected with the Islamic Meme and they in turn ironically became muslims ( ie Vectors for the Islamic Meme) and they in turn pillaged ,plunder and murdered non believers - china to the east ( hence the great wall of china to keep out the islamized nomadic hordes) and the Holocaust of the Hindus to the south ( the slaughter of 90 million hindus 20 million buddhist , countless millions of jains ,animists etc etc-- the greatest holocaust in the history of mankind , and yet relatively unknown in the west )







Citizen Warrior 2:25 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Our collective search for why the evils of Islam have flourished compared with other ideologies and tyrants must go beyond the creation of a book or a religion. During Islam’s greatest expansion, there were very few copies of the Quran in circulation, and consequently the masses of Muslims had only a sketchy understanding of the religious ideology. What drove the expansion was the quest for booty. Then, what planted the Islamic regimes in the newly-conquered territories was the steady revenue from jizya from the dhimmis. There was actually a period during the Islamic expansion when Muslims were prevented from converting non-Muslims to Islam because this would jeopardize the revenue from jizya. This revenue was spent but rarely invested in infrastructure that would have a lasting benefit. When the jiziya revenue dried up, the expansion lost its √©lan. The Ottoman Empire became “the sick man of Europe.” Islam would have died out as a “remnant ideology” had it not been for oil.

This nexus between booty and Islamic expansion re-invented itself with the newly-found bounty of oil early in the 20th Century. A sizeable proportion of the Saudi oil revenues are spent on madrassas, mosques, and missionary endeavors around the world. The same is true for other oil-producing countries in the Middle East. Because Islam is fundamentally anti-intellectual, this new revenue will have no lasting impact once it runs out. Islam as a religion cannot survive without the force of governments to protect and enforce it. “Truth can stand on its own, but a lie needs official protection.”

In the big scheme of things, that oil revenue isn’t inexhaustible. Furthermore, Islam’s temporary ascendancy is under severe attack by the pervasiveness of information via satellite communication, the Internet, and through social media. Truth must eventually prevail over falsehood. That’s why those working against Islamization must work diligently to preserve freedom of speech and to attack the falsehoods that are creeping into our universities, textbooks, and media.

S R Wakankar 4:41 PM  

Arab Islam is "for the Arab, by the Arab, of the Arab".Its frame or canvas is Arabia only.Beyond it, it is sheer IMPERIALISM of the worst kind.One has to fully understand this.Only Hindu India faced this imperialism. HINDU is the word for RESISTANCE.In no other country, this word is found.Why/ They failed before the tide of imperialism and surrendered, but Hindu India did not.
Pakistan is product of terror and violence.It is the most unnatural nation in the world.Can there be ever two Punjabs and two Bengals? Just think.It is non-sense and illogic.Punjab and Bengal have always been one, since millenia.Pakistan will have to transform itself into "Muslim India" or "Islamic Republic of India", only then the problem would solve.Because of its support to Global Jihad, it has become the Terror Capital of the world.If Pakistan had not been there, 9/11 would never have happened.


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