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Bill Warner just published an article clearly illustrating how civilizations are slowly but surely eliminated when Islam gets a foothold. You should read it:

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Manish 9:29 PM  

apart from lefts and goverment not knowing this real facts, key is also to understand this about whar rights means:

also goverment either knows or mostly does not know about ploitical nature of islam because that is how well it is structured to not let them know.. Bill warner has stated this in his previous posts.

Cyril Lucar 8:08 PM  

That is an extremely helpful explanation and categorization of jihadi strategy. Not only does this clear some things up for me, it is very simple to explain to others. Thanks!

Anonymous 5:52 AM  

Citizen Warrior, an article that could help with Europe resisting its Islamisation.

Whilst the Ogre of Oslo acted more like Gabriel Oak's mad sheep dogs in the classic novel, Far From The Madding Crowd, the idea of rallying around the Crucifix as a symbol of Europe is a useful one.

The non violence in the teachings of Christ also sets a context that would enable the integration of immigrants from non violent religious backgrounds like Buddhists and Hindus and Jains and Taoists etc.

A Europe flowering in Bhuddist and Hindu shrines and of the shrines of many other gentle religions would be a new Renaissance!

Anonymous 9:43 AM  

The latest Islamic atrocity, the suicide bombing of the UN in Nigeria, will be probably be followed by the inevitable Silence of the Ummah (the global community of Muslims)!

Anonymous 12:34 PM  

Does anyone remember Pan Am 73?

Pakistan sentenced all 5 hijackers to death, then commuted their sentences to life imprisonment, then released them in early 2008!

Khushi 4:23 AM  

Great article.
Amazingly rational thought put forth in easy-to-understand language.

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