Some Things You Probably Do Not Know About Islam


The following is the content of the leaflet referred to in this article. You can download the PDF file for the leaflet here: Letter size or A4. This is what the leaflet says:

1. When Muhammad was in his fifties he married a girl (Aisha) who was just six years old. The marriage was consummated when she was nine. This is one of the reasons why child brides are still common in the Muslim world. On coming to power in Iran in 1979, the Ayatollah Khomeini reduced the age at which a girl could be married to 9 years, thus following the example of Muhammad.

2. Muhammad participated in the massacre of 800 Jewish men who had surrendered themselves following a famous battle. Trenches were dug and they were all beheaded and their bodies thrown into the trenches. The women and children were distributed among the victorious Muslims as slaves.

3. When a woman came to Muhammad confessing that she had conceived a child out of wedlock, he said that she should wean the child and then be stoned to death. This sentence was duly carried out. In 1994, a Sharia court in Nigeria passed the same judgement against Amina Lawal thus following Muhammad’s example exactly. Because Muhammad’s behaviour is seen by Muslims as sacrosanct these kinds of laws will be almost impossible to change.

4. Muhammad supported the use of slavery. He gave away slaves as gifts. He owned all kinds of slaves including males, females and Black slaves. He passed around slaves for the purpose of sexual pleasure for his companions — men who were his chief lieutenants. He stood by and prayed while others beat slaves. He shared the pleasure of forced sex with female slaves after conquest. He captured slaves and sold them to raise money for warfare.

5. Muhammad told his followers to raid caravans in order to boost the economy of his fledgling state in Medina. Bandits and pirates need look no further for justification.

6. Muhammad said, “Whoever insults a prophet, kill him”; this is one of the reasons why Muslims are so intolerant of anyone mocking Muhammad…and why anyone doing so is liable to get killed. It is also the reason why Islamic law requires the execution of anyone insulting Muhammad or Islam. A Christian woman in Pakistan is currently facing execution for “insulting Muhammad”.

7. Muhammad said, “Whoever leaves Islam, kill him”; this why it is so difficult for Muslims to leave Islam. Abdul Rahman was flown to safety in Italy from Afghanistan in 2004 because he was threatened with execution for converting to Christianity. Many others are less lucky. Islamic law requires that those leaving Islam be executed. Islamic countries are now campaigning to get criticism of Islam outlawed worldwide. They are pursuing this via the United Nations (and making good progress!).

8. Under Islamic law, the testimony of a woman is worth half that of a man. That means that under Islamic law a woman is half as believable as a man.

9. At the end of his life, Muhammad boasted that he had been “made victorious through terror”. Is it any wonder that many Muslims are engaged in terrorism?

10. He also declared that he had been ordered to make war on non-believers until the whole world was dominated by Islam.

11. It is stated 91 times in the Koran that Muslims must follow the example of Muhammad in every detail. Just ponder the implications of that.

These are a small sample of facts about Islam. It should be enough to show you that the founder of Islam was a brutal warlord and that his words and deeds have given Islam its brutal and intolerant character. It is difficult to see what good can come from the teachings of a man like Muhammad. Take a look at the world and you will see that many of the most oppressive, brutal and backward societies are strongholds of Islam. They have become like this by following the teachings of Muhammad.

Islam now has a foothold in your country and we are seeing increasing pressure to make our society more Islamic. Do you want to live in such a society?

If the answer is “no”, it is important that you find out more about these issues. You can do so at:

(You can download, print and distribute this leaflet at

“Speak the truth, even if bitter.” - Muhammad

See this translated into Spanish here.


Mo 10:28 PM  

This site is always so helpful and practical! Thanks for all the work you do.

Anonymous 3:47 PM  

it's good but it would be more useful if there were quotes from the Qur'an, hadith and sunnah.

Blogger 2:07 AM  

Yes, I agree, there needs to be verse numbers on the statements. Otherwise it seems like propaganda.

Gabriel Thy 10:21 AM  

Muslims vigorously disrespect "prophets" all the time, those of the old testament and new, and only respect Mohammed. Yes, they claim that these old testament Jews were Muslims, and thus worthy of respect, just let one Jew or one Christian mention any of these prophets by name to a Muslim, stand back and watch the noise and slander come spitting out their mouths.

Anonymous 1:13 PM  

The pamplet does not download in Internet Explorer, which states it cannot display the web page.

Citizen Warrior 1:16 PM  

Try saving it rather than opening it, and see if that works.

Anonymous 1:24 PM  

Nope -- won't let me save it either. I wonder if it's been blocked by Google?

I'll try downloading it from Google Chrome and Mozilla and will report back.

Anonymous 1:30 PM  

I couldn't get Internet Explorer to open or save the document, but Google Chrome and Mozilla both allowed me to save the PDF. Thanks.

Anonymous 2:25 PM  

Muhammad said- Blacks should be left to die if injured, and should be denied intercession and entrance to heaven (Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 52, Number 137)"

fleen 9:41 PM  

To follow the commandments of a sick Paedophile like Mohammed - shows the sickness in mankind is more widespread than first thought. Men like to be in charge and in this respect they cater to their most base of instincts. Women and children being mere chattels for them to use and discard at whim. Comparing Mohammed to Jesus Christ is like comparing Attila the Hun to MotherTeresa.Knowing Evil does not last forever and eventually LOVE -being the stronger - will overcome it.

Anonymous 7:47 AM  

This article is good but to be useful for people who are skeptics or even Muslims who have never read their own scriptures, they won't believe this without sources for each statement.

Please add the sources for the statements. It will have a far greater impact. Thanks

Anonymous 8:00 AM  

Anonymous posted: "Muhammad said- Blacks should be left to die if injured, and should be denied intercession and entrance to heaven (Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 52, Number 137)"

BUT I am looking at that exact verse, book and volume and it doesn't say a word about blacks.

Could you recheck your source and correct this? I would like to have the source for your quote since it is proof of Mohammed's and Islam's inherent racism (along with the other verses)

Anonymous 9:50 AM  

I am an atheist but I will be passing out these pamphlets at my university. I am not afraid, nor do I think it is wrong, to criticize religion. Especially one as radical as Islam which is clearly detrimental to the progress of human civilization. My school is by dearborn, Michigan and there are many Muslims that attend there so hopefully these flyers will make and impact.

Citizen Warrior 1:20 PM  

Excellent. Please look out for your safety. Dearborn is the most Islamic place in the USA.

Our goal is to educate non-Muslims about the fundamentals of Islamic doctrine. We don't recommend trying to educate or convert Muslims themselves, although creating apostates would be a worthy accomplishment. But you can probably educate far more non-Muslims than you can convert Muslims.

Anonymous 6:30 PM  

Great work with the pamphlets! Islam can further be discredited by revealing the fatal flaw which exists at its very root. Muhammad was deceived by a lying, satanic angel masquerading as the Archangel Gabriel. He used Muhammad to generate and inflict his deluded, enslaving ideology upon the world. His original lie, together with others which followed, are clearly exposed on website Attack Islam at its root and the whole edifice must eventually come crashing down.

Deenoverdunya 1:28 PM  

Lol I never seen such ignorant comments and pamphlets in my life. How about you all stop waisting your time reading about religion through this website which is made up by ppl who are anti Islam and just go to a regular known resource like your encyclopedia. Don't listen to my word for it, go to the world encyclopedia and read about prophet Mohahmed. I believe everyone has the right to seek the truth so don't take a Muslims word for it just go see yourself what scientists all over the world say about the Quran miracles and Islam and read your encyclopedia. There is scientific proof verified by non Muslim scientists all around the world of the prophet Mohamed having knowledge about matters that were discovering only a few 100 years ago. So do yourself a favor and stop listening to anyone and go read for yourself. "Scientific miracles of the Quran" everyone deserves to know the truth.

Citizen Warrior 12:34 PM  

How about you get a credible source on Islam: The Koran. Just read the Koran and you'll know all you need to know about Islam. Here's the Koran I recommend:

Citizen Warrior 8:49 PM  

As you see at the beginning of the post, we didn't write this, so we had no control over the content. However, here are some passages:

I have read the Koran twice. That's where I got my information. I haven't listened to the people around me because all they know about Islam is that they know a Muslim and he's really nice.

Citizen Warrior 8:51 PM  

Here's a Muslim woman who has lived in a Muslim country:

Anonymous 1:42 PM  

Wow. You see yet you deny.
Islam is a religion for every person of every race, this has been stated numerous times in the hadeeth, and it is stated in the Quran (49:13) : "Oh mankind! We have created you from a single (pair)of male and female, and split you into many nations and tribes, that you may know each other, (not that you may despise one another.)"

I hope that this may have enlightened you

Anonymous 5:48 AM  

Often we take for granted that 'ALL RELIGION' are peaceful, but sadly so, it is not.
Violent religion is analogous to a virus, say AIDS/ H1N1 or a poisonous serpent. If we are aware of eminent danger around us, do we not seek protection? Do we not try to learn and understand the threat? Do we not try to warn our near and dear ones about it? Yes, we do.
Exactly, we NEED to treat this threat with utter seriousness. Quarantine it, isolate it!
This violent religion is just 1.3 billion, whereas, non-Islam is a whooping 5 billion!! If a 'chain of awareness' is created, we can well spread to reach the 5-billionth!
Hey, WhatsApp did it in a short span of time!!!! Billions are inter-connected!!! We are super-smart educated and intelligent people, unlike them who are born by a dozen in each family and are as dumb as animals. Can any one of us develop an app to propagate the billions the good message virulently, and do away the evil??!!

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