What Really Makes Me Mad is Understandable


WHEN I TRY to educate my fellow non-Muslims about basic Islamic doctrine, they often automatically assume I hate Muslims. They don't have a way of reconciling my criticism with any model of the world they are familiar with, and the only way to understand me is to conclude I must just be a "hater" or have a prejudice against Arabs or Muslims. But I have found some success in clearing this up by explaining how I look at the whole subject. Something like this...

I think of Muslims as being divided into three categories. There are those who understand the doctrine well and believe in it and are committed to following its dictates. This is a relatively small percentage, although nobody knows how small. I would guess it is somewhere between five and twenty-five percent of Muslims. That's a pretty big range, I know, but like I said, it's hard to know for sure.

The second category of Muslims are those who know about the doctrine but secretly reject parts of it. They do it secretly because it says in the doctrine they are not allowed to reject any of it, and also because in many parts of the world it is physically dangerous to reject any part of Islamic doctrine publicly. I believe this group is another ten to twenty percent of Muslims. That's just a guess.

The third category is the biggest. These are Muslims who don't know what their own doctrine says. They grew up Muslim, their parents were Muslim, and they never thought of having a choice about being Muslim, but they've never been interested enough to find out what Islamic doctrine says.

With an understanding of the three categories, I can now explain that I do not hate "Muslims." What bothers me is that people in the first category — the true believers — are successfully exploiting the third and very large category of ignorant Muslims, and successfully fooling most of the non-Muslims.

And even that doesn't bother me as much as the fact that the true believing Muslims are successfully exploiting and fooling so many people simply because people refuse to look. It's not like the information is hard to find. The ignorant Muslims have not taken the time to explore their own doctrines enough to accept or reject them. And the ignorant non-Muslims essentially refuse to look. They make assumptions instead, and self-righteously defend their assumptions. But the doctrines are widely published and abundantly available. That's what really bothers me.

I feel like Winston Churchill must have felt during the 1930's. He read Mein Kampf. The book was available for anyone to read. Churchill was trying to get people to simply look, but for the most part people did not want to look for fear of what they would find. What a frustrating, angering situation. That's why I appear frustrated and angry sometimes when I'm talking to people. It is not hatred toward Muslims. It is anger at our ridiculous situation: A group is actively working toward a terrible goal which has been widely published in the open, but so many people do not want to know about it. Under the circumstances, I think intense frustration is a normal response.

Anyway, when I explain it this way, I think people better understand my passion for the subject and see it differently, and that helps them listen to whatever else I have to say. It prevents them from "shutting their ears," so to speak. It prevents them from just dismissing what I have to say (because they won't listen to "hatemongers" or prejudice people).

If you feel the same way, try explaining it to people when you can see they are misunderstanding your passion for the subject. And tell us how it worked (or didn't work) on Talk About Islam Among Non-Muslims.


Citizen Warrior 4:37 PM  

A man named Suhrud Patel gave me his permission to publish a comment he sent via email. Here it is:

I am from Ahmedabad, capital of Gujarat, India.

I have been reading citizen warrior for a long time, it is a marathon effort, I cannot describe your efforts in words.

In India the problem we are facing is a large quantum of population is illiterate, they are not able to understand this (as you said in the article), or even if they do, they refer to the history and try to accept the muslim or islamic deeds as they are, or sometimes they are pressured or threatened by radical islamic forces, here in India the law favors islam and muslims crossing every limits of prejudice.

The learned people are either trapped and bribed by islamic money power or brain washed by pseudo secularist, we have tried for years to fight the war which you people have started just few years back in west, we have succeded to a very small extent, we have been able to avoided the political party supporting islam and sharia from Gujarat, but the task seems to be very difficult and dangerous ahead.



Anonymous 12:46 AM  

Hi CW, This is Damon. I had to move unexpectedly and life kinda got tough for me and I am just now getting back to finishing that Islamic Learning Community Center site I was telling you about.

Your article here sent a flood of emotions in me because of what happened between me and my friend I told you about.

I'll go over to the other site and post about it. I need advise and some moral support.


Citizen Warrior 2:04 AM  

Damon, I'm looking forward to reading it. You're talking about http://thereligionofconquest.com/

Citizen Warrior 2:26 AM  

Suhrud emailed me this, also, and asked me to post it:

Something alarming from UP (uttarpradesh) a province of india:

I am Nitin from a small town in UP called Bareilly. There in my town, few years back muslims started taking out a procession on one of their festival in which they will carry big and high "Taziyas". Administration allowed it gracefully.

Now every year they started making these Taziyas higher and higher and then the problems started. Then administration gave them a prescribed route to which they can take the procession. This route doesn't contain any low built structure to hinder them, and all the people living in that route are asked by administration to not build anything low enough to hinder them! fine!!

Now every year these muslims deliberately take a different route so that there also non-muslims are restricted to build on their own land. Administration of course would cave in..

But it is RSS(anti muslim org) that prevented them from doing so..Because it is wrong to restrict me to build something on my land no matter how high or low.

So you see these vermins have a real propaganda of suppressing hindus, and that too when they are in minority, just imagine what they will do if they are in majority.

So simply, curse RSS all you want, but if not for RSS or any organization of our own, we will be slaves of these vermins(muslims)...This threat of islam is not something notional, it is very direct and real... example I've given, now understand it or perish..

Anonymous 7:24 AM  

HI CW, thanks.

I have bi-polar illness from a head injury and struggle with depression often, even to the point of suicide idealization. last night was a long hard night but I am feeling better today. So I am sorry for emoting here. I'll go over to you other site and tell you more about it there.


Anonymous 12:44 PM  

A very good article. My mind has been covering a lot of the same ground from Muslim categories to Churchill.

I hope to refine my notes and put together something cogent, but in the meantime, you can refine some of your numbers from the Pew Poll:


I think it's somewhere around 20% of US Muslim males under age 30 supporting jihad.

CSP and many other sources also report 80% of US mosques having jihadist literature on site.

Undercover Mosque shows the duplicity of the way they talk to outsiders and the way they talk among themselves. That point is also reflected by Walid Shoebat's testimony in the Islam: What the West Needs to Know video when he talks about reactions in the US Muslim community during the Gulf War.

You also need to subdivide the Muslims who are faithful to harmful Islamic doctrine between those supporting violent jihad and those supporting stealth jihad.

And the final category are those who have been proselyted under Mecca doctrine and truly believe that's the way Islam is. A friend sent me this video of a Hispanic Muslim Day event, and the speeches sound pretty much like Mecca stuff, along with a good deal of outright falsehoods, but, again, with this kind of stuff, it is very difficult to discern the deceived from the deceivers.


Anonymous 11:55 PM  

this seems like a nice strategy. I don't think the 3rd group of muslims (not knowing their doctrines) is anywhere over 5%, though.

The most powerful norms like the total ban on questioning the prophet or the koran really is common knowledge.
or that muslim woman must not marry nonmuslim...
that msulims are they only people loved by god, and others are inferior... this is not occult knowledge, sorry.

I think 30% of western Europeans know that by now.


Citizen Warrior 3:21 AM  

You're probably right about that, C. I should have been more specific. I was thinking about Muslims who understand that jihad is obligatory, that political domination is the goal, and that they are not supposed to ignore any parts of the Koran or Mohammad's example.

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