Islam: What the West Needs to Know


AN EXCELLENT video you can use to help educate people is Islam: What the West Needs to Know. It is available on DVD, and that's probably the best way to share it — buy some extra copies and keep them in circulation, eventually loaning them to everyone in your social circle.

But if you want to share it online, it is available on Google Videos in its entirety. Here it is:

"Islam: What the West Needs to Know" on Google Videos

It's a great overview of the basic principles of Islam, and why non-Muslims ought to be concerned about it.


Anonymous 12:05 PM  

I just finished viewing this. It has a lot of good information that I hadn't heard before, but it wouldn't be my favorite for a first film to a new person.

The pace is rather slow and plodding, and the camera work unvaried.

I prefer the 2010 FDI CPAC seminar for first-time viewing. Yes, the camera work is amateur, but there is variety between Steve Coughlin's Pentagon brief, pans to the right to see panel member reactions, and pans to see audience reaction, a variety of speakers, and even a song.

Plus you have two female speakers and the prestige of a Pentagon briefing and a new Congressman, who is, by the way, also a very dynamic speaker.

Guilherme C. 11:45 AM  

Hey man, very nice video. I had not seen this one around before. Very nice blog too. Keep fighting the good fight.

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