How is This Possible?!


DONALD TRUMP was on the David Letterman show the other day, and to hear those two men talk about the Ground Zero mosque proposal made me physically ill. They knew so little about Islam it was astonishing. Baffling. I was embarrassed for them.

You can watch the video here:

NINE YEARS after 9/11 — and over sixteen THOUSAND Islamic terrorist attacks later — and these two have learned NOTHING about Islam? How is that possible!?

I mean, if 9/11 can't get your attention, what would it take?

I'm serious. This is unbelievable. It is not an exaggeration to say that with a mere five minute briefing, they could learn more about Islam than they've learned in NINE LONG YEARS.

I don't normally like to rant, but that just really got to me.


gsw 4:41 AM  

and yet, Mondays post said:
"ORTHODOX MUSLIMS have infiltrated almost all mainstream sources of information"

So maybe it is just PC.

Citizen Warrior 12:30 PM  

That's possible, GSW, and in a way, that would be even worse than ignorance. If these two men actually knew what was going on and avoided saying anything informative, it would be a kind of betrayal of the American people.

George Sobieski 12:31 PM  

We are dealing with (big-time) corporate media here (i.e. mass mind-control and brainwashing) to push the cultural relativism, MC, PC and moral equivalence agenda onto an already dumbed down populace. These two - whether knowingly or unknowingly - are just part of that machinery that continues to keep us ignorant, misinformed and/or disinformed.

Citizen Warrior 1:15 AM  

A woman from Malaysia emailed this to us:

Absolutely idiotic! Coming from Donald Trump and Dave Letterman! Are they educated? Can they read? If they can't read, they could just look at the number of suicide bombers the people from "The Religion of Peace" committed. Use common sense if you cannot read or are uneducated!

We do not see Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Shintos and other whatnot religions killing innocent people.

Damien 11:33 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

I think David Letterman partially answered your question, as to why he thinks the way he does. He said, that he hasn't read the Koran. Maybe that's one of the reasons. Maybe he just didn't take much time to do any research. As for Trump, the same may well be true. Neither of them are scholars, of religion or Islam in particular. Most people are not.

What might really shock you, is I've seen things on websites critical of Islam, actually defending Rauf and the Ground Zero, insisting that the Imam is not a Jihadist, he's actually what he says he is, and that it isn't a Mosque at all that they are building their. Sometimes posted by the very people running the site, despite the fact that they clearly know a lot about Islam, Sharia, and even taqiyya.

We may actually have our work cut out for us on this.

Damien 11:24 AM  

Citizen Warrior,

Sorry, I have to correct a minor mistake.

I left a word out of the first sentence of the second paragraph and just noticed a typo there.

"What might really shock you, is I've seen things on websites critical of Islam, actually defending Rauf and the Ground Zero Mosque, insisting that the Imam is not a Jihadist, he's actually what he says he is, and that it isn't a Mosque at all that they are building there."

Citizen Warrior 1:20 PM  

Someone just emailed me this comment:

It only possible because the politically, wealthy and socially correct think that they are above the common man in lieu of their education and status in the food chain. But unfortunately they do have the pull via an audience to get what they want and leave the rest of the "common people" to take the heat when the SHIT hits the fan. If that idiot in Florida burns copies of the Quran, one can only guess what is going to hit the fan, and anyone's guess is where. In all probability, all over the world.

Damien 8:14 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

You know I thought of something else I should point out here. This is something that should make you feel a bit better.

I took a world history class about a year ago, and the teacher actually mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood, the Dhimmi laws and the Pact of Umar. She also didn't go out of her way to portray them in a positive light. She also didn't go way too really far out of her way to avoid offending any Muslim students in the class, assuming there were any. The closest she came was refusing to show a picture of Muhammad, but it was a history class, not a fight Jihad or a political activism class. So I don't think you could argue with her there. She even mentioned how Muslims have historically felt about people leaving the faith. More proof that Jihadists have not been able to cover all of it up, anywhere near as much as they would have liked to.

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