What to Share With Your Non-Muslim Friends About Islam


ON AN ADVERTISEMENT for the DVD, Islam: What the West Needs to Know, I saw a list of what the DVD teaches, and I thought, "Now that's a great list!"

When you're trying to educate your fellow non-Muslims about Islam, what do they need to know? How about these:

* How warfare — even terrorism — in the name of Islam stems directly from the teachings and example of the Prophet Muhammad and the commands of the Koran

* The truth about Muhammad: a warlord with the blood of thousands on his hands — and how Muslims are expected to follow his example, as Christians are to follow Christ

* How the Koran — considered by Muslims to be dictated word for word by Allah — explicitly commands violence against non-Muslims who resist conversion or surrender

* "Jihad": an "inner struggle" over temptation, as some Muslim apologists claim? Not so: how the Koran makes it clear it denotes warfare against non-Muslims in order to bring about the universal rule of Islamic law

* How violent death in jihad is, according to the Koran, the only assurance of salvation

* How, following Muhammad's death, his 'rightly-guided' successors carried his wars to three continents — fighting, enslaving, and massacring countless Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Hindus, and others

* How Islam, unlike Christianity, flourished and spread primarily through conquest, not peaceful evangelism

* How the Crusades, mischaracterized as a violent assault on peaceful Muslims, were largely a belated response against centuries of Muslim conquest of Christian lands

* The Islamic principle of 'religious deception' — which enjoins Muslims to deceive non-Muslims to advance the cause of Islam — and how Muslim groups use it today

* How, throughout its history, Islam has never recognized a distinction between religious and civil authority

* How Islamic "sharia" law governs every aspect of religious, political, and personal life — amounting to a form of totalitarianism analogous to Communism

In your conversations, aim for these points. These are really some of the key pieces of information that needs to be understood by all non-Muslims. And of course, one good way to share these points with someone is to loan them your copy of Islam: What the West Needs to Know.

And if you are not conversant with all of those points,
you should watch the video a few more times or read The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam or listen to the audio version about ten times. Then aim for making as many of those points in your conversations as you can.


Ben 4:38 PM  

We can not effectively convey a comprehensive knowledge of Islam in a five minute conversation.

Transmitting only a list of facts at a high level of abstraction is insufficient.

In the abscence of background information, the recipient can not refute the common objections he will receive when he tries to share his new found wisdom.

If you share 8:39 & 9:29 with someone, he can cite them, but he has no defense against the objections of "context", "mistranslation" and "misinterpretation".

A Muslim will say "Islam only fights in self-defense" and your communicant will be unable to answer.

Only if he has printed screenshots of Reliance O9.0-9 can he stick irrefutable evidence under the Muslim's snout and demand disproof.

The annotation to 3 Things About Islam will go a long way to provide evidence. "What's Wrong With Islam/Muslims?" will go farther. It has the most essential evidence, linked to source, and it can be pasted into an email.

What is to stop you from printing it and passing it out? Just select the title, right click and select "search with Google".

Citizen Warrior 6:31 PM  

Yes, definitely nobody should try to reel off these points in a short conversation. None of us should reel off these points in ANY conversation.

If you want to have conversations with people about Islam, this is a good list of topics to CHOOSE from to talk about.

And yes, definitely, giving people material to read is a great idea too. Civilus Defendus has created some nice looking, fairly short pages to hand out: Informative PDF Flyers.

Ideally our conversations will be much longer than five minutes. But if you only have five minutes, don't pass up the opportunity to make someone curious to learn more. Take every chance you can to educate non-Muslims about Islam.

Cat Ellis 6:34 PM  

First, I'm with you on the need to spread the word about the very real threat of Islam. However, to characterize the spread of Christianity as peaceful is 1- innaccurate, 2- using this innaccuracy takes away from the legitimacy of the rest of the article, and 3- is disrespectful to all those who died, and their decendents, because they refused to renounce their native, traditional folk ways throughout Europe. Even today, Christians intimidate and threaten others who do not believe as they do. I've seen it first hand.

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that people are either Christian or Muslim. There are litterally hundreds of native folk ways that are still alive and vibrant- in spite of both Christianity and Islam.

Cat Ellis
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