Understandable Resistance


WHEN YOU share what you know about Islam, you will meet resistance. It is the same kind of resistance you probably had when you first encountered this information. You should expect it.

Why do so many of us resist knowing about
the terrifying brilliance of Islam? We have three very strong and very important reasons:

1. We don't want it to be true. When you share this information, in the back of peoples' minds is the thought, "This is terrifying if this is true."

2. We assume it can't possibly be true. It's crazy to think that the founder of a major religion could raid caravans, wage war, torture someone for information, or kill. Here in the West, we know quite a bit about Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism, and Zen. They are all unique, but they share many commonalities.

Until planes flew into the Twin Towers, most of us knew nothing at all about Islam. Our first assumption was, naturally, that it
must share the same commonalities as the other religions we know about.

3. Islamic supremacists are actively trying to prevent us from finding out how different Islam is from other religions. They will often emphasize any similaries Islam has with Judaism and Christianity. Taqiyya is a powerful element in the continuing ignorance of our fellow citizens.

Islam makes political action a religious duty. The ultimate goal is the political domination of all people on earth. It advocates lying, unfairness, deceit and even murder to accomplish these political aims. The people you talk to don't want this to be true, understandably. They assume it can't possibly be true, understandably. And they have been deliberately fed so much false information from the
Islamic supremacists themselves that people feel they have
evidence for their refusal to believe you, which is also understandable.

So enter into your conversations with this understanding. Be gentle. Do not get riled up when someone is against what you say. Expect it and sympathize with it. Think in terms of
small bits of information and long campaigns with the people you know. Try to educate them a little at a time over the course of a year rather than over dinner.

prepare yourself for these conversations. Study the Answers to Objections and The Least You Need to Know. And relax. You will be more persuasive if you relax.

You have a difficult mission, but it needs to be done. I hope you have discovered, and will continue to discover, the special kind of satisfaction you can get from doing something meaningful that needs to be done.


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