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REVOLUTION MUSLIM shuts down Facebook pages that expose and criticize Islamic doctrine. Read more about that here and here. Apparently Facebook has an automated system for shutting down pages. With 500 million users, they would have to use an automated system. You can read more about how the system works here.

One possible way to fight back against this Islamic suppression of free speech is for
all of us to create Facebook pages that criticize and expose Islamic doctrine. They would be hard-pressed to find us all. We far outnumber them.

It's easy to set up a page on Facebook, and takes the coordinated efforts of many people to shut one down.

I'm not talking about your personal page. I'm talking about an "official page," separate from your own personal page. You may not want to post counterjihad information on your personal page.

So create an official page, join all the other counterjihad pages (see a list here), and let them all know about
your page. We can all become fans of each other's pages and simply overwhelm them with very little effort on our part!

Setting up a page is easy, and even though you set it up while signed in to your personal account, your page is not connected to your personal page, so your family and friends don't even need to know you're doing it. Once you have a page, post anything you think is worthy from any sources you have. Here's how to make a good Facebook post.

To create your Facebook page, go to Citizen Warrior on Facebook. In the right sidebar at the top you'll see a link that says, "Create a Page." Click on that, and using the left half of the form, click on the button for "Brand, product, or organization." You'll be given some options. Choose "Communications." Name your page whatever you want, and check the box that says you are the official representative of this brand.

That's it. You're all set up. Start inviting people to join your page. Post invitations to your page on other counterjihad pages. Here are more suggestions on how to find fans.

Nowhere on your official page does it say who started the page, so you can remain anonymous if you like.

Right now we have a numerical advantage. Let's use it to overwhelm the Facebook jihadis. Facebook is a powerful tool. Let's use it for all it's worth.


Rebekkah Barnard 4:48 AM  

I am in the doghouse on Facebook. I have been admin of many anti-Islam pages. I created many memes etc which were mass reported by Muslims and leftists.

I left Facebook for 6 months because I would continuously get new 30-day suspensions for postings months and months ago once the initial 30 days end. I FULLY EXPECT THEM TO GIVE ME A NEW 30-DAY SUSPENSION FOR POSTINGS FROM MONTHS AGO ONCE MY CURRENT 30 DAYS IS OVER.

I think Facebook needs more accountability. You can't call them. You can't email them. You can't argue your side. It's extremely unfair. It is in fact a joke as far as I am concerned.

I have also written many blogs on Islam that I want to get more attention. Feel free to steer me to a place where I can post them.


Rebekkah Barnard 4:50 AM  

Here is an example of a blog I wrote back on March 13th:

It is not a joke or a conspiracy theory! World leaders and the very rich want to create a New World Order. In order to achieve it, they would need to create a one-world centralized government - kill off more than 90% of earth's human population - and create a caste system akin to Aldous Huxley's 1931 book "Brave New World".
They would still need peasants of the lower echelon to perform menial duties as slaves. But they would prefer that they be stupid not only in basic knowledge, but in higher reasoning capacity.
It is patently obvious that the global elitists are either atheist or at the very least adhere to a very warped view of right and wrong. To them, their "God" if you will is essentially the New World Order itself both in concept and actuality.
Even so, the peasants who they would allow to live would need a religion (if you will) to satisfy the collective and individual need(s) to identify with a higher purpose. Which religion? Islam!
1 Centralized world government
2. Mass depopulation
3. Mind control
4. Living new world language
5. Legal system which will favor elitists
The Centralized world government is the United Nations which is comprised of many Islamic regimes who push the Muslim agenda. Western governments could easily put an end to this by getting out of the United Nations but they are unwilling to do so both out of fear and out of lack of collective purpose.
Mass depopulation can be achieved by a World War III of a magnitude unheard of by 20th century standards. Iran is a ticking time bomb for a number of reasons:
1. They want to go to war with Israel
2. They would more than likely create Shia / Sunni hostilities and trigger Saudi Arabia to get the bomb too
3. They could supply nuclear arms to rogue regimes and terrorist groups
Mind control is easy with Islam. Muslims are slaves and sacrifice everything physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually for Allah or whomever professes to speak for him. This would be perfect for the New World Order - a ready-made system to dumb down the masses and keep them stupid.
The living new language is Arabic. Muslims are already expected to learn Arabic and pray in Arabic. Arabic is useful for the elitists because it is a "living new language" where polar opposites can both be true simultaneously. And Arabic can always be modified to make anything which is evil appear good.
The legal system which elitists want is Sharia of course. Sharia Law is demonic and ungodly and violates the laws of God (whether there is one or not), the laws of man, the laws of nature, and contradicts itself. But this is no problem for the elitists. Who says they are going to be fair anyway?!
Aside from that, ruling parties of Islamic regimes always violate Sharia Law! They are above the law. They make their own rules. They are immune to Sharia Law.
There is still time to stop this. But it won't be easy, We are in for a storm. And this storm is coming sooner than we think!

learnercurious1 7:15 AM  

Rebekkah ,Your Article is well written ;well said.I began to wonder if the Elitist were involved with the Islamic movement
People do not want to hear Truths.
Your Article would sound good on the radio.
Thanks for writing.U get my vote.

Unknown 12:18 PM  

The carter administration created modern Islamic extremism. Breginski to be exact. He basically founded the mujehadeen to fight Russia. He said "what's worse? The Russian empire or a few stirred up Muslims".

Citizen Warrior 12:50 PM  

Islamic orthodoxy has been continuous since Muhammad moved to Medina. Its most recent upsurge began with Wahhabism, a back-to-the-text movement in Saudi Arabia. And when the value of oil began to rise, the immense influx of money allowed orthodoxy to spread far and wide.


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