Why Do So Many Muslims Say We've Got It All Wrong?


YOU WILL often see a comment here or elsewhere by an apparently sincere Muslim who says we don't understand Islam at all. For example, on our article, A Message To Peaceful Muslims, someone wrote, "What's the hindrance in understanding? The jihadists? The carrying out of violence in the name of Allah? Allah will deal them for sure, too but why do you with such partial understandings; with all these accusations and with all this in-public discussions trying to prove? FEAR ALLAH, the creator of the worlds. Fight for what is right, against what is wrong but check your facts, your hearts first. You should have a faithful heart, no malice and personal grudge blinding your vision but complete understanding first...etc."

I'm sure you've seen this kind of thing many times. On the article, Your First Impulse Was Correct, someone wrote, "God gave us faculties (mental) to use and decide for ourselves. If someone misunderstands or I should say for the violent/terror spreading ones, do NOT understand at all, it wouldn't be wrong but what you are doing in itself is an act of violence, similar to that of them. You are misunderstanding again. It would be correct if I said you are understanding their misunderstanding...etc."

Why do Muslims — seemingly well-meaning Muslims — say these things? It's very confusing for people who have never read the Quran themselves.

One possibility, of course, is that they are not well-meaning at all but protecting Islam by spreading false information (taqiyya).

But there is at least one other possibility: They really don't know.

A Muslim is supposed to pray in Arabic and read the Quran in Arabic. Everywhere in the world the prayers at the mosques are in Arabic. But most Muslims don't
speak Arabic. They learn their prayers by rote. So even if someone goes to a mosque regularly and says prayers regularly, they may know very little about Islam. The only thing they know is what their parents taught them and what is preached in their local mosque. These Muslims may not know what the Quran actually says. They may not know much about what Mohammad did.

Some even
memorize the entire Quran in Arabic. Robert Spencer said he was talking to a Pakistani man who said he had the whole Quran almost memorized and as soon as he was done, he would "get one of those translation books" to find out what it means.

If a Muslim's parents were apatheists or MINOs who taught only kindness and love, it is possible for him to sincerely believe Islam is all goodness and light.

I have three friends who all consider themselves Muslims. None of them know each other. None of them pray. None of them go to a mosque. And none have read the Quran.

All three defend Islam and sincerely believe Islam is a religion of peace. They think the "extremists" have somehow hijacked their religion. I've known them all a long time and I'm convinced they sincerely believe this.

If you were learning about Islam from any of them, and then you read something like Jihad Watch, you'd be completely confused. But your confusion could be resolved by reading the Quran.

So if you want to stop feeling confused by Muslim comments, read the Quran. If you want to stop feeling confused by the prominent politicians who confidently proclaim Islam to be a religion of peace, read the Quran. If you want to immunize yourself permanently against
read the Quran. If you want to "raise awareness" or help your fellow citizens wake up, do your level best to persuade everyone you know to read the Quran.

Bill Warner has made it as easy as possible with An Abridged Koran. Get your copy today.


Sri 1:20 PM  

Nicely put.

Even my Muslim friends think Koranic teachings are like teachings of Buddhism.

Isley Constantine 3:22 AM  

Very good article again. I've encountered many muslims who really belive (and don't lie/use taqqya) that Islam is "a religion of peace". When I ask them if they have even read the Qur'an no one could say "yes".

Anonymous 3:27 PM  

bull nonsense
they all know what it means
lies and deciet are islams way.their own book says they cannt befriend jews or christians so who is lying?
islam is eveil and many good people are being led astray.many dont undertsnd their ancestors were force dto be muslim or die
wake up

Unknown 4:42 AM  

first , the coran d'ont said " dont be freind of any jews or christians " but make peace with theme if they not attack you (prophet muhammed make peace with jews Although they offend him),if they attack you defend your countries ,if you do a war with them dont kill Innocent,Islam has a lot of rules of war like (in the war dont kill who giv up(Request for mercy and peace),womans,boys,old people,all inoccent,Prisoners & be kind with them (all that montined in coran & montined by prophet muhammad (pbuh) .

second ,lies and deceit are media way not islam way , if muslims d'ont defend them selve who defend theme ?,not all muslims present the the truth islam & do not said islam is lies & deceit & Do not judge him by the actions of people , because muslims Are not infallible, but muhammad(pbuh) the last of the prophets is infallible ,islam have a verry large science all those sciences are Announcement to be useful for mankind,in Germany sciences descovred that the rules of islam In Economy are the solutions of the economic collapse,and many sciences descovered that the coran montioned in 1400 years ago a big number scientific discoveries now (in our times ) its one of the Miracles ,

Thirdly,the deference betwin islam & authers relegions are The absence of any scientific errors ,linguist errors & any logical errors in the Qur'an, & the prophet muhammad do many deeds Discovered in our time that they truth actions To be a person full powers, the beggest list of meracles are in islam,

IV, I read the coran in its original language & I did not find anything call to kill the innocent and do evil, and I could not find any syntax error but I found that his linguistic is a miracle,
A humans cant write the coran.

V,A true Muslim is not chaotic,And those who kill ambassadors and innocent they will punished by god In the Day of Judgment,bcz Illegal in islam to kill innocent people.

VI, if you see the islam empiror in history you will know what this biggest civilisation is , and if you read the golden age of islam you know what the scinces means for muslims.

VII,If you see the story of salah eddin you will know a lot of information about who islam is spread in time conquests & compare him with christians conqest & the world wars , & tell us who was terrorist.

VIII,if you need a debat betwins islam & authers religions watch & read ahmad didat's debats.

good luck,

Anonymous 10:27 AM  

If you read anything written by those with ministries to cults and false belief systems you will see they have at least one thing in common. They have all been accused multiple times of "not understanding" the false belief system. Some have devoted much of their adult life studying the texts, reading books (pro and con) and researching, visiting the sites associated, and speaking to the believers. But no matter how much time and energy they devote and how sincerely and carefully they may try to speak of the beliefs in order to warn others, still they will be told, you just don't understand us. So I wouldn't be too concerned about it. Obviously it is a defense mechanism of the adherent. They don't want to admit they're wrong, they don't like their beliefs exposed and they may even take it personally. Many times it is tied up with family and culture and identity, making it even more personal. That is one good thing about your calm, rational, accurate approach. Those who are willing to be intellectually honest will come around.

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