The Video "Three Things About Islam"


A group calling themselves "White Roses" created a video to inform non-Muslims about Islam. It's called Three Things About Islam. You can view it on YouTube or click here to see it on Citizen Warrior.

White Roses is headquartered in Sweden. The name "White Roses" is based on a student resistance group "Die wei├če Rose" in Nazi Germany. The group became known for an anonymous leaflet campaign, from June 1942 until February 1943, which called for active opposition to Adolf Hitler's regime.

A spokeswoman for White Roses told me, "We see a parallel here concerning the protection of free speech. As you posted today, freedom of speech is getting more and more limited. The intention in choosing this name is to make a point that there will be groups opposing the doctrine of the state and speaking their mind."

We're honored to say the video was inspired, in part, by three Citizen Warrior articles:

The Least You Need to Know About Islam

What "Religion of Peace" Really Means

What is the Root Cause of Islamic Terrorism?

We've given White Roses the Citizen Warrior Hero Award because they are doing
exactly what needs to be done — what we should all be doing: Sharing with non-Muslims key information about Islam, making it interesting and easy to hear, keeping it non-partisan, focusing on Sharia and not on Muslims, keeping it clean and not staining it with racism or hatred, and in this case, putting it in a form that is easily shareable by others.

I've posted the video on a new site I'm building. The purpose of the new site is to help us reach people who might be put off by anything that smacks of Islam-bashing. I suggest you use
that site to share the video with those friends and family who don't yet know much about Islam. Here's the video on that site: Three Things About Islam Video.

One last thing: The video presents information
you already know, but its "target market" is people who don't know very much, so it's a good tool we can use to share with them. I hope you use it.


Civilus Defendus 8:18 PM  

"Take the chance to inform yourself." A very good message indeed.

This is one instance where the world can be divided into us and them - not by race, but by ideology. Islam will not allow a co-existence; it requires conversion, subjugation or war. We must enter a new cold war - a separation of islam and not-islam, with limited trade and interaction. Islam can then reform itself or devour itself. The cost to humanity will be great, but the cost of the status quo, the continued islamification of the world would be much greater.

Bosch Fawstin 11:21 PM  

An FB friend sent this to me the other day, and then another posted it on my wall. A mutual friend of ours, Damien, linked back to here from my blogh for further info on those behind the video. Good to know it's getting around, it's a great way of informing non-Muslims about Islam. That it's done in such an entertaining, high quality way is a great plus.

Citizen Warrior 11:37 PM  

Hi Bosch, it's good to hear from you. I told you I would get your book, PROPIGANDA: Drawing the Line Against Jihad, and haven't yet. I'm going to go do it right now!

Yes, this video is going viral! It has had something like 175,000 views in about three weeks. Amazing. People are obviously sharing it, hopefully mostly with people who don't know those three things. I know YOU do. Okay, I'm off to get your book...

Bosch Fawstin 11:55 PM  

Thanks, CW, did you order it through Amazon?

Citizen Warrior 1:06 AM  

Yes, through Amazon. It's on its way. I can't wait to read it.

Anonymous 2:20 PM  

What a hateful video. The Qu'ran is to be taken literally but the Bible is not taken literally (ex. selling our daughters into slavery, etc.). The video even has a reason why we can not believe the peaceful Muslims. But the moderator won't publish this because it differs from his/hers opinion.

Citizen Warrior 1:48 AM  

Is the message on the video a hateful message? Only if it's not true. And you can verify it for yourself by reading the Quran.

Take the Pledge: Read the Quran

If the points on the video are true, then calling the video hateful is an insult to Islam, not the video. An orthodox Muslim will not have any disagreement with the points on the video. He or she would only dislike the fact that non-Muslims are finding out. Don't believe me? Read the Quran and all your questions will be answered.

Walter Sieruk 7:57 AM  

This message is not "Muslim bashing" but truth exponding. For Muslims do need to hear the reality of the truth. Which is that Muhammad was a false prophet and that Islam is a false religion. To prove this statement the wisdom of the words of Jesus are a good place to start. For Jesus warned "Beware of false prophet,which come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly they are ravenings wolves." Matthew 7:15. To understand that this verse may very well apply to Muhammad is shown in Isaiah 8:20 which teaches "To the law of the testimony:if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in them." [KJV] In other words if a teacher or prophet speaks doctrines that are in contradiction to the Word of God[the Bible] then that person is a false teacher or false prophet. The same is true of a religion that teaches things that are in contradiction to the Bible. For that religion then is a false religion. Islam denies that Jesus is God. This is a great contradiction to the Bible which teaches that Jesus is God.
This large contrast bewteen the Islam and the Bible is shown in in John 1;1-3. Romans 9;5. Colossians 1:15-17. Hebrews 1:8. Second Peter 1:1. Titus 2:13. Furthermore all one has to do is to compare the Old Testament with the New Testament to further see this truth. For example by comparing Isiah 45:22,23. with Philippians 2:5-11 to find out that Jesus is God. Likewise, by comparing Psalm 89:8,9. with Mathew 8:23-27. will also show this. Also just by comparing the New Testamant with itself will also show Jesus to be God. As in comparing John 5;22 with Romans 14:12. These are just some of the many places in the Bible which,in contrast to Islam, that teach Jesus is God. The imam's and mullah's will try to cover this up by claiming that the Bible had been by Christians through time. There are many things wrong with this claim. One of them is that in saying this these Islamic clerics are denying that God had the power to preserve and keep His Word intact through the passing of time from the corruption of evil men. Lets reason a little, what kind of weak god dosen't have the power toperserve his word form corruption ? In contrast the God of the Bible is Almightly is has the power to preseve His Word and keep in intact from the corruption of wicked men.
In short, Muhammad was a false prophet and Islam is a false religion.

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