Free Societies Exaggerate Their Vices


"Totalitarian societies exaggerate their virtues. But free societies like ours somehow seize the temptation to exaggerate their vices. The negativism of our press and television reporting are, of course, the best evidence of our freedom to scrutinize ourselves."

- Daniel Boorstin



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Walter Sieruk 12:16 PM  

The first part of this above,quote is is mostly true.Which is "Totalitarian societies exaggerate their virtues..." Nevertheless, when is comes to that "mullah tyranny" that is in power in Iran there are actually no "virtues" to exaggerate.

For example, the arrest and imprisonment of people who peacefully protest tyranny only further exposes the weak ,fearful and intolerant nature of those in power in the oppressive and brutal “mullah regime “ of Iran.

As a former Muslim revealed an important reality when he wrote “The Islamic republic of Iran exists and operates as what every fundamentalist dreams of, an Islamic state ruled by sharia …” He further exposes that “What followed its establishment was the inevitable consequence and inexorable logic of its Islamic premise; state terrorism, a merciless tyranny.” [1]

Furthermore, in the book entitled HOW ISLAM PLANS TO CHANGE THE WORLD, by William Wagner on page 208 the reader is informed that “The creation of the Islamic republic in Iran has had the effect that many from that country have become disillusioned with Islam and are looking to leave Iran. ” This is a point worth pondering.

[1] THE ISLAM IN ISLAMIC TERRORISM by Ibn Warraq page 347.

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