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GEERT WILDERS' trial is two weeks away (it is scheduled to take place January 20, 2010). Geert is on trial in Amsterdam for "inciting hatred against Islam." This is our final opportunity to give him our support. (For more information about Geert's trial, read an Update on Geert Wilders, watch an Interview With Geert Wilders, or read this article on what Wilders is charged with and why.)

The international organization, SITA Action, wrote the following about the upcoming trial: The international establishment, subverted by a variety of Islamic organizations including the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) will undoubtedly apply a great deal of pressure on the Dutch establishment to ensure that Geert Wilders is convicted on the charges that have been cunningly brought against him. It is likely that his party will win the next election in 2011 with the possibility of Mr Wilders becoming Prime Minister. The global establishment (especially the influencial Islamic element) does not want Mr Wilders in such a position of influence, even if the people of the Netherlands do.

An SITA action in support of Geert Wilders was established in late January 2009. It has received wide support and generated hundreds of letters designed to educate and inform decision makers in the Netherlands. The Dutch Ministery of Justice even visited our SITA websites:

SITA action is now reactivated to highlight this apparently politically-motivated prosecution. If Geert Wilders falls, freedom of speech is dead in Europe.

There are three ways that you can participate:

1) By mail – two possible texts; one comparing Wilders to Winston Churchill and another comparing him to Charlie Chaplin (follow either link, and you will find instructions about what to print and put into the envelopes and who to send them to).

2) By putting a message in comments to articles talking about the trial of Geert Wilders in blogs. This message appears at the bottom of this page in 4 languages: FR, ENG, SP, D. So in other words, search Google for "Geert Wilders" and add those pre-written statements into the comments on the blogs you find (or add your own comments).

To support Geert Wilders and our dearly acquired freedoms, please participate in the two suggested actions, and share this message with your friends, especially those who have websites or blogs so they can help spread the word.

3) By giving some money. To donate:

Take action right away for the greatest impact. Geert needs our help, and he deserves it.


Unknown 10:10 AM  

Be aware of the real impact of supporting Wilders! Don't forget the thirties in Germany! There also was 'freedom of speech' and you all know the impact of the power of one man!

Don't believe people who are shouting and preaching hate.


Unknown 11:34 AM  

Thanks for this valuable call to action.

As a part of the trial, so that we do not commit the same crimes, will the powers-that-be issue a list of statements you are and are not allowed to make about Islam, the Prophet, and the Koran?

It would seem to prosecute him they would have to list the offensive utterances. That would mean that no one in Europe could repeat them or print them. How would the media then report this trial? Hmnn.

If they charge him with inciting violence, not particular statements, they would have to show where he led to people hurting Muslims. Otherwise they would have to show the intolerant militant acts of Muslims in regards to his speech as proof. But that would prove his point.

I think we have a fiasco with good implications for those of us on the side of culturist laws protecting Europe and free speech in the making. I hope it becomes big news across Europe and the US.

Anonymous 8:14 AM  

What is wrong with our world today, when are we going to stop being politically correct? My question to the world is "can any European or Jew go the an Arab country and utter any derogatory remark against Muslims government? he would be beheaded like Daniel Pearl, what good have we seen in the last century but cruelty and killings from radical Muslims. Here is Geert Wilders, one devoted patriot that loves his country seeing it turned in to a sham, trying to tell the world the truth.
People, stand up for your heritage and love of country before its too late.

Sean 1:36 PM  


Anonymous 3:07 PM  

Go Geert..!If he becomes the next Prime Minister in The Netherlands..I'm moving there! Mr. Wilders is not a racist..this is just a way to get him out of the way of islam, and its attempt to islamify the West. He's standing against an idea...and its goal. I've never heard him say a thing against any muslim individual unless they are insulting us and our ideas. I think he represents how alot of us are feeling but because islam is holding the West randsom with violence and the threat of violence, we are afraid to speak our truth..Well, not anymore. This hocus pocus religion has stepped far over the line when suggesting that we should allow a mosque at Ground Zero..its an insane and insulting project. I'm not tolorant of the intolorant..which is what isalm represents. I'm amazed that these individuals are not listening to the outcry of so many people against this you know why? Its because islam requires submission and thats what these project organisers are telling us. Its finally woke me up. I've had it.

I'm also a PhD in Holocaust studies and it is ignorant to suggest that there is any similarity to this atrocity...
Seriously, read your history as this is a completely different situation.

Idea vs. Rascism

Why dont these organisers of the mosque project have a vote? I'd like the families and friends (me)of those who lost their loved ones to make the choice...and I'm sure if they decide against it, the organisers will show tolorance and respect and decide? I mean, islam is a religion of love and tolorance...right?

dutchy 11:13 PM  

go geert. freedom of speech and democracy is in danger. political correctness has made australians geldings and i'm fed up. if they don't like democracy then why are they here? to make war on us. we need more men like geert. and women. hardline islam has no place in our society and all who support it should go home. and forget nazism, it's the people who did nothing that allowed that to happen so the same principal applies here. do nothing and you'll get something far worse than hitler.

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