On This Day In 732, Charles the Hammer Stopped Islam's Advance on the West


Islam conquered most of the Middle East and North Africa and then came across the Straights of Gibraltar and conquered Spain, subjugating the people under Islamic rule, giving the European (mostly Christian and Jewish) people the choice of conversion to Islam or perpetual underling status burdened with a tax on non-Muslims (vital funds Muslims used to finance further conquests).

Islamic armies moved north into what is now France (known as Gaul at the time). That was the high-water mark of Islam's first major invasion of Europe, because it was there they were stopped.

After several large battles, the Islamic hordes were defeated by an army led by Charles Martel, who came to be known as Charles the Hammer. The final and decisive battle occurred on October 11th, 732, one hundred years after the death of Mohammad.

Europe is being invaded again by Islamic hordes. This time they are being welcomed in by people ignorant of history and ignorant of Islamic doctrine.

People who are committed to Islam's political goal of world domination have been swarming into Europe by the millions, gaining more and more political clout and winning more and more battles as Europeans concede their freedoms, their land, and their money to this aggressive and relentless ideology.

But they will be stopped. Europeans are not spineless people. Not even all of Europe's politicians are spineless. Islam was stopped before — despite the fact that many European kings had made deals and allied themselves with the Muslims to gain a temporary political advantage. It was happening then. It is happening now.

But Europe is waking up and so is America, Australia, and India. The more people know about basic Islamic doctrine, the more immune they become to the political manipulations of orthodox Muslims. Concessions made will be revoked. The West will rise again and stop Islam for the third time.

To fortify our commitment to our future victory, today we honor the fighting spirit of Charles the Hammer.

Read more about this historical event: Remembering the Battle of Tours.

Still more: Today in History: The Battle of Tours by Raymond Ibrahim.


Damien 11:44 AM  

Citizen Warrior,

I'm watching a show on the history channel right now, Called "The Dark Ages" and it, mentions the early Islamic conquests as well as Charles the Hammer, and how he stopped them from annexing Europe. Its talks about how the Moores wanted to conquer Europe and force the population to live under Islamic rule. Interestingly enough, one of the reasons according to the show that Charles defeated the Moores was that they drastically under estimated Frankish forces. To paraphrase the show, "they were convinced that Europe would be an easy conquest because it was controlled by barbarians who consistently fought amongst themselves" Luckily for us, they were wrong.

Hopefully the Jihadists will be proven wrong again, very shortly.

Anonymous 5:38 AM  

read how islam will win the
clash of civilization.


Damien 6:05 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Speaking of the Dark Ages and Charles the Hammer.

Here's segment from that history channel program that I told you about. Thanks to Avenging Apostate over at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

A Lesson In History: The Battle of Tours

I think that you will like it. Charles was both tough and a brilliant tactical commander.
If you want you could probably take one of the images of the actor playing Charles and use it as an aviator. As R Lee Ermey and the U.S Marines Corp would say "U-rah!"

Citizen Warrior 10:57 PM  

Someone just emailed me this comment:

But we (in India) could not do this and failed miserably, but in spite of failure, we resisted and that too quite bitterly; today India with its Hindu culture and religion, survives and is marching ahead as a vibrant democracy. Some people amongst us did convert and became Muslim; they created an artificial nation named Pakistan for themselves. The whole world knows the reality behind Pakistan. It is a fallout of medieval anti-Indian Arab/Muslim Imperialism and a product of Terrorism. It has given shelter to Osama and is the father of the rogue Taliban. Unless Pakistan changes its policy, character, ideology and basic approach, the world cannot be safe.

The whole AfPak region is the cradle of Old Hindu religion which I love to call "Hindu Islam". The answer to Terrorism born of Arab Islam is Hindu Islam (ie non-Arab Islam of non-Arab Asia).

AfPak should follow Hindu Islam-the ancient indigenous stream which is hidden there underground; they tried their utmost to destroy Hindu religion but could not succeed.

Unfortunately, Iran succumbed and became 100% Muslim. This whole region of non-Arab Asia -- from Iran to Indonesia and Mongolia to Australia, including all Central Asian "stans" and the far-east nations of China/Japan/Korea, is the huge Hindu(ie non-Arab) world. Hindu word stands for non-Arab Asia.

What we need today to counter Terrorism is this ancient stream of Hindu Islam which is no less than Arab Islam in any way, and which is extremely liberal, democratic, tolerant, non-violent, non-supremacist, and moreover, not anti-West at all. It co-exists quite peacefully and amicably with West and the Western civilization. I am calling upon my people and govt. to raise a new body-ONAA, ie Organization of Non-Arab Asia. My country India, is the SOUL of non-Arab Asia. In Asia,non-Arab is Hindu and Hindu is "non-Arab". Hindu word with present connotations is a product of 712 AD Arab invasion over Sindh,a province of India, presently with Pakistan. Indians resisted the Muslim invader and clung to the patriotic banner of Hinduism. Gradually Hindu word which is of Persian origin, became symbol and identity of non-Muslim India. Thanks.

Anonymous 6:09 PM  

Reading this article has given me hope! I now believe that The West will conquer islamic supremacism. It will be a long and difficult fight, but we will prevail.

Elsa 7:01 AM  

Thank you for this article. A piece of history I (and many others) did not know. I think we should have an annual calendar, marking events like this.

Agron Legioneras 10:03 AM  

I was watching that show too. I have to study Charles "The Hammer" Martel after finding out what a badass he was. Not to mention his son Charlemagne.

Agron Legioneras 10:07 AM  

We definitely should, that's a great idea man. Let everybody know history is on our side.

Chrissy Johnson 12:19 AM  

Islam is about conquering the world and plunging the world into darkness.....gang raping children and shareer law will allow this to be law

Anonymous 6:08 AM  

The Byzantium and Bulgarians armies halted the Muslim invasion of Europe 15 years before the Charles the Hammer. They stopped 120 000 Army.

Charles the Hammer stopped only 25 000. His victory is important because he stopped the invasion from the west but the main battle was won 15 years earlier in the east.

John Murphy 10:39 PM  

If we do it right, it won't be long and hard.

Start at Mecca. Nuke it. Work our way through the Middle East until they give up or better, there are none left.

Andy McWilliams 6:02 AM  

If we are to be successful , we must ( also ) stop fighting amongst ourselves.I

NotJim 3:30 PM  

Thank you, Anon, for this bit of historical info. I was only vaguely aware of this and did not realize how strategically important it was and how high the stakes were.

Anonymous 1:03 PM  

Charles (The Hammer) Martel was my 36th great grandfather. I am extremely proud of that fact.

Unknown 11:51 AM  

Charlemagne was his grandson

Islam voice 5:42 AM  

Folks .. that's funny what u r sayin' ..
While u were watchin the dark ages.. I was watchin Vikings .. did u know that Europe was conquered almost every 2 yrs by its own ppl .. French vs. English , Germans vs. Romans & so on .. & Areas of Islamic rule were the only safe places in Europe then ..
& those who talk abt orthodox Muslim know nothing abt mass excutions btn Christian sects themselves ...
No. Two .. did u know that the deadliest world wars were originated from Europe .. & enslaving of Africans & Latin America were also conducted by European campaigns .. the Indian guy talkin' obviously isn't a true Indian 'coz his ppl were amongst the most suffering from British colonialism .. most the royal jewellery those fabricatin' monarch crown today r actually Indians .. India was brutally enslaved & brought into famines & systematic poverty by colonialism after it was one of the richest ' Muslim' countries in the world ...
In summary .. Europe's history is truely not good since the Romans .. dark ages.. crusades .. colonialism .. racism.. industrial revolution .. reforms .. just go read abt inquisitions .. While the Islamic Andalusia was constructing the best global libararies & having the finest scientists & innovators .. Europe was busy hunting for witches & those who think earth is round shaped !
even Marxism came from Europe for God sake...!!
Am not talking religion but be sure Islam would be the best option for declining western civilization .. the U.S. can't help 'coz it has its own deep problems as well.. talking war langauge isn't the best option 'coz I don't think today's Europe can confront any real Islamic power..!


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