The Humor of Islam...You'll Die Laughing


AZ ZAQQUM wrote a book called The Humor of Islam...You'll Die Laughing. We liked her approach so much we asked her to write an article for us about it so we could post it. Let's all use the book to help educate people about Islam. Share it with people. Read it and use her funny comments to help make your sharing more entertaining. Here is Zaqqum's article:

MY NAME is Ms. Az Zaqqum (not really) and I wanted to make a difference in my own way. No, it probably wasn’t the most politically correct way, but it was time that someone did it, so…

I decided to write the first book (in over 1400 years of Islamic history) on the humor of Islam.

"The Humor of Islam...You'll Die Laughing". The title is a sarcastic twist on an Islamic Sharia law that forbids laughing too much. Which made me laugh too much.

Daniel Pipes said it was "Daring, fun and funny." Others worried they might catch Fatwa-itis...(be on someone’s Fatwa list).

George Carlin said there were 7 words that can’t be used on TV. Have the 8th and 9th words become
Islamic and humor?

I used actual ancient Islamic texts. I didn’t make them funny, they’ve always been funny. And they still make news.

The French want to ban the burka, many Muslims say the burka is Islamic. The ancient texts say the burka was invented because Muhammad’s companions were watching his wives pee. You can see how that Hadith worked out. Someone should tell them that the companions are dead and we now have indoor toilets.

There’s a Hadith that describes how Muhammad died. An angry Jewish woman served him a poisoned, talking lamb chop. The moral of that Hadith? Don’t piss off a Jewish women! And yes, the lamb chop did warn him.

The 5 prayers? That’s not from the Quran, it’s Hadith. A man told the prophet; I kissed a girl and I liked it. He was told to pray 5 times.

Islam means Submission to Allah, not Muhammad. There are literally millions of Hadith. Islamists say we don’t understand. I say we are being abused…by bad Hadith. Maybe their mantra should be changed to: Muhammad is the prophet — and Allah is his homie.

We should know the difference between the Quran and Hadith. If it’s not in the Quran, it's not from Allah. One should not listen to men in dresses unless they wear cute shoes and pretty lipstick. And...

If Muslims don’t like living with Kafurs because we oppress them, they must go live in an Islamic country, or go to hell (4:97). That is in the Quran!

My goal is to inform and entertain the Western World with the humor of Islam and make interviews with the ACLU and Islamists much more entertaining.

You can find a humor book on every religion, except Islam. I challenge anyone to read this book and not find the humor of Islam, and it all starts with a Hadith. I end the book with current news stories. It ends where it all began, with a Hadith.

As for some of the pictures, my mother was the photographer, our two dogs and I were the models. I hope you enjoy it. I had to self publish (censorship and Fatwa-itis suck). Yes, I did make up the word; FATWA-ITIS...fear of fatwas.

I donate a portion of each book sold to the Wounded Warriors.

There’s never been anything like this book in the entire history of Islam. Please take a look at my website:

Most Sincerely,

Ms. Az Zaqqum


Taking Action In Sherman Oaks


YESTERDAY I received the following email:

I want to thank you for encouraging me to start an ACT for America group out here in the San Fernando Valley. I have been very passionate about the issue of radical Islam and the Islamization of America for a very long time. Now that I am leading a chapter, I have more of a cohesive purpose to vent out my desire not to be one of those 'good people who do nothing.'

We just had our sixth meeting and I am excited about the ACTIONS we take at each meeting. The group members seem to like them also as when I report on our successes at the next month's meetings, they applaud... ;-)

At any rate, I wanted to tell you that I'm very excited about our upcoming meeting on October 12th out here in Sherman Oaks, CA. Through the very generous auspices of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, we are having the incomparable, Robert Spencer for a talk and a book signing! I am floating on air at the good fortune of being able to have such an esteemed expert at our group.

We are doing everything we can to spread the word and take actions to help stem the tide of a takeover of our country from within.

I thought you might be interested since you were the one who originally suggested I might start an ACT group. Thanks so much for the wonderful recommendation.

Chapter Leader
San Fernando Valley
ACT! for America

IF YOU ARE frustrated, if you feel strongly that something must be done but you don't know what to do, the best thing I can recommend is that you join ACT for America. Read more about it here:

The Most Practical Thing You Can Do To Defeat The Third Jihad

Get Active, Get Involved

Whoever Is Most Organized Will Win


Did You Report On That Day?


ON THIS DAY, we have a memorable song for you, entitled On That Day. It is from a not-very-popular album by Leonard Cohen. First, the lyrics:

Some people say
It's what we deserve
For sins against God
For crimes in the world
I wouldn't know
I'm just holding the fort
Since that day
They wounded New York
Some people say
They hate us of old
Our women unveiled
Our slaves and our gold
I wouldn't know
I'm just holding the fort
But answer me this
I won't take you to court
Did you go crazy
Or did you report
On that day
On that day
They wounded New York

And a short article about the song (
original post is here):

Bruce Springsteen took on the topic practically as if it were commissioned for his 2002 album "The Rising," but it took pop's most authentic poet to stare the subject of Sept. 11 straight in the face.

"Some people say it's what we deserve," Leonard Cohen sings on "On That Day," a little noticed track that appears on his overlooked 2004 album "Dear Heather." Cohen eschews metaphor but maintains a moral distance. "I wouldn't know," he sings, "I'm just holding the fort — since that day they wounded New York."

An unlikely Jew's harp twangs against the song, which could be Cohen's idea of ironic counterpoint. The slight song — it barely breaks the two-minute mark — sounds all the more mournful in his inevitable foggy baritone.

Like all the great poets, Cohen covers immense ground with a few well-chosen words and a couple of half-finished thoughts. "Did you go crazy or did you report," he asks, "on that day they wounded New York?"
On the album's liner notes, he makes sure to include a dictionary definition of report: "To present oneself: report for duty."

Death and destruction in the twin towers was such a blinding catastrophe — like the sun exploding — that artists couldn't look at it long. Cohen, in his song, without dwelling on anything, in fact, cuts it short, suggesting we look to ourselves.

And now, the song, as sung by Ken Middleton:

Let us never forget that day. And if you haven't yet reported, it's not too late.


Article Spotlight

One of the most unusual articles on is Pleasantville and Islamic Supremacism.

It illustrates the Islamic Supremacist vision by showing the similarity between what happened in the movie, Pleasantville, and what devout fundamentalist Muslims are trying to create in Islamic states like Syria, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia (and ultimately everywhere in the world).

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