Things Have Changed In Iraq


Jihadis are against it and would never allow this if they could stop it, but in a free, democratic nation, women are allowed to pursue their dreams. In this case, 70 volunteer Iraqi women this week have just completed their training course and will begin working as security officers in Iraq.

"We see female police in America," says Shahla Hassan Alwan, one of the new security officers, "and we want to be like them. It is a dream we want to make true. We want to use all the power we have to help our country."

The most constructive and positive way to defeat the forces of jihadism is with an equally epic but opposite force
a cause and purpose of equal or greater grandeur to help the climb toward freedom for all people. Religious freedom, freedom of the press, and freedom to pursue happiness.

Creating a democracy is a difficult goal. And inching toward greater and greater freedom within an already-established democracy is a never-ending struggle. Jihadism is a barricade against this grand purpose. And if you want to breach the wall at its weakest point, you would concentrate your forces on gaining human rights for women in Islamic countries. Islamic statesmen insist women in their countries already have rights, but most governments run by the principles of Islam have a long way to go.

Constant pressure from outside their country on their oppressive governments will help. And that kind of pressure is best attained by a widespread understanding of the terrifying brilliance of the Islamic memeplex. When the principles of Islam are well-understood by non-Muslims around the world, the pressure on oppressive Islamic governments will be irresistible, as it was on the South American government when apartheid became well-understood by a critical mass of people.

You can help this great cause
right where you are. Educate your friends and family, gently and with finesse, but thoroughly. Tell your friends what you know (like this). The more people who understand it, the more quickly the ideas can spread. The tide will turn and jihadism will go the way of the Ku Klux Klan in America
a disdained, backwater cult in widespread disrepute that is kept in permanent exile from the greater forward progress of the world.


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Great post, C-Dub.

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