Is It Possible For Islam To Take Over The World?


Sometimes I tell people Islam is a political doctrine and its purpose is to make every country on earth, including this one, follow Shari'a law.

Of course, most people think, "Yeah right. Good luck with that one."

In other words: Okay, so they want to take over the world. So what? It ain't gonna happen, not now, not ever. Completely impossible.

But the truth is, it doesn't matter whether it's possible or not. What matters is that a growing number of already-numerous people hold that as their most important goal. They consider it their holy duty. They consider it their ticket into heaven and the only assurance they can get that they will not burn in the fires of hell for eternity. They are motivated.

So we have one group that says, "Yeah, right," and goes on about their business, watching their sitcoms and buying stuff on eBay. And we have another group that feels strongly that the Almighty has given them a clear mission to take over the world by every means available to them, including recruiting new soldiers, having lots of children, protesting against any criticism of Islam, working to change laws, giving money to organizations that sue people for criticizing Islam, putting political pressure on politicians to alter laws, immigrating to infidel countries to help build an Islamic political presence there, going on web sites and arguing with people who try to criticize Islam, complaining to YouTube (and getting all their Islamic friends to complain to YouTube) about any video that criticizes Islam until YouTube removes the offending video, going to schools in democracies and speaking to the infidel children about how loving and peaceful and wonderful Islam is, reading about nothing else and thinking about nothing else.

Now over a period of time, who will gain more ground: A totally committed group, or the ones watching sitcoms and buying stuff on eBay?

And the more ground they gain politically, the more ground they can gain because they are gaining more political clout. Already in Europe, the politicians are very careful about not offending their Muslim constituents because the Muslims are very organized and politically active, and most of the rest of the voters are lackadaisical and not really paying attention. So Muslims are gaining power quickly in European countries. (Read more about the removal of freedom and Shariatization of Europe.)

The same has begun to happen elsewhere: Canada, the U.S., Australia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and of course India has been dealing with this issue for a very long time.

Remember this when you're talking to someone and you can see them thinking, "Impossible. There is no way the Muslims are going to take over the world."

It doesn't matter if it's impossible. With all that commitment they can make our times very troubled, they can make the fight more difficult, they can take away freedoms one by one, and in fact, they really can take over the world. It is not technically impossible. It doesn't seem likely, but only if you don't know much about what they're already doing, which most people don't (partly because of what they're already doing).

What this means is that if you'd like to do something about this, if you'd like to help preserve the freedoms we enjoy, then your most important task is to simply share this information with your fellow countrymen. Learn about jihad, and share what you're learning with others.

Here's what you can do about it: What Can a Civilian Really Do?

Here is an ongoing list of concessions Islam is pushing for and winning from democracies around the world: Concessions to Islam.


Pastorius 2:19 PM  

Hi C-Dub,
Talking and sharing information is one thing we can do. And, it is a positive thing. It is movement of a sort.

But, still talking is talking, and all you can talk about is the problem.

What about the solution?

The solution is getting us to a place where everyone agrees that enough is enough, a place where we are ready to make war, serious war, on Islamofascism. We have to want to kill them, almost all of them. Well, maybe every single last one of them.

I became convinced that enough is enough on 9/11. Many of my fellow citizens did not. I don't really know why. It is hard for me to believe that eBay holds that much allure. But, who cares what the reason is?

I have been writing on this subject since April of 2002. One thing I have noticed is that more people come to my website, and more people show more anger and awareness of Islamofascism when something major happens.

The big spikes happened after

1) the 3/11 bombings in Madrid

2) the 7/11 bombings in London

3) the Mohammed cartoons

There was a mini-spike yesterday with the Bhutto assassination.

My point is, if we need to get our citizens to a place where they want to kill Islamofascists, then we have to do something that will cause Muslims to make our citizens angry. My answer is to be as obnoxious an Infidel as possible.

The more Muslims attack us over the stupid things we do, the more awareness is boosted, and the more anger our people have at Islamofascism.

The biggest spike of awareness was after the Muslims started rioting over the cartoons. That really got a lot of people very angry. The reason? Because if Muslims can not live in a society with cartoons, we know they can not live in our society. A pop culture society like ours (and we all love our pop culture) can not stop making cartoons. It just isn't going to happen.

So, I would say, we need to talk about the problem, yes, but unfortunately, the solution is to provoke the Muslims.

Here's an idea you might be interested in:

Citizen Warrior 9:05 PM  

Pastorius recommends an article, but the address is too long for the width of this column. Here is a link to the article he recommends: An Immodest Proposal.

Citizen Warrior 9:11 PM  

Pastorius, what you are recommending is to provoke the Islamofascists (or jihadis) into showing their true and ugly colors. And in this way, indirectly waking up our fellow citizens to the danger.

Rather than (or in addition to) simply informing our fellow citizens directly, you are proposing we provoke a response, and let the response inform our fellow citizens.

I'd have to say that the method would definitely work. A lot of people were shocked and disturbed by the widespread Islamic reaction to cartoons. And the recent reaction to the teddy bear incident was another one that made people think, "Are you kidding? Over a teddy bear?!" That kind of reaction over something so innocuous has definitely been an eye-opener for a lot of people.

I like what you said: "The biggest spike of awareness was after the Muslims started rioting over the cartoons. That really got a lot of people very angry. The reason? Because if Muslims can not live in a society with cartoons, we know they can not live in our society."

That's a damn good point.

Citizen Warrior 1:40 PM  

Another thought I had, Pastorius, is "What can an ordinary citizen do to provoke the Islamofascists?" You and I can provoke in our blogs. Politicians can provoke with their policies.

But what can an ordinary citizen do to participate? THAT would be a good list to create.

In the meantime, it will still make a difference to spread the word amongst ourselves. A lot of people are still in the dark about Islamic doctrines. They know nothing about Islam. And they really need to know.

Pastorius 7:53 AM  

I think what ordinary citizens can do is is wear t-shirts making fun of Islam. Unfortunately, this could lead to some violent confrontations.

This isn't going to be easy, but eventually, I believe it will happen.

Citizen Warrior 9:59 PM  

That's a great suggestion, Pastorius. has lots of t-shirts and hats and bumper stickers that might do. Here are some examples of fairly provocative messages. Some of these aren't so bad (I mean they probably could allow you to make a statement without starting a fight):

What Part of "They Want You Dead" Don't You Understand?
No Sharia

Islam Uses Freedom and Democracy to Destroy Freedom and Democracy
Convert to Our Religion of Peace, or We Will Kill You
I Will Not Submit
Islam Is As Islam Does
I'm Damn Proud To Be An Infidel
No Dhimmi

Infidel (with a cool design)
Infidel (in English and in Arabic)
The Meek Shall Inherit a Violent Death
Defend Yourself: Learn About Islam
Infidel (with USA symbolism)
The Right To Offend Is Far More Important Than The Right Not To Be Offended
There Is No "But" In Freedom Of Speech

Anonymous 6:15 AM  

The British MSM are waking up!!!

From the DAILY EXPRESS as quoted at

"At last a trumpet blast has been sounded against the creeping Islamification of Britain. For too long our ruling elite has been in denial about the consequences of this insidious process, pretending the assertiveness of Muslim culture is just another element in the rich diversity of British society.... Bishop Nazir-Ali is absolutely right. His critics are living in a fantasy world conjured up by their own deceitful clappy-happy rhetoric if they think Britain does not have a problem with the growing strength of Islam in our midst. The fact is that, in all too many of our cities, Muslim radicalism has led to segregation, oppression of women, criminality and terrorism....

"Islam in Britain could be portrayed as a combination of the outstretched palm of victimhood, begging for official support, and the clenched fist of grievance, threatening violence if demands are not met. All too often the political establishment has surrendered, dressing up its feebleness as multi-cultural sensitivity.... We now have state-funded Muslim schools, housing projects, leisure centre sessions and community groups. Cultural cringe means that every superstitious demand of the radicals, no matter how absurd, is taken seriously by the authorities. So, while elderly people are dying of neglect, nurses are instructed to turn the beds of Muslim patients five times a day towards Mecca....

"The generation that fought the Second World War to protect our nation from foreign occupation must wonder why they bothered as the social landscape of our country is transformed.... There is no more graphic symbol of the change sweeping Britain than the demand from Muslims in Oxford that the city council should give mosques the right to broadcast the call to prayers over loudspeakers at least three times a day. The noisy summons to Muslim prayers smacks of ideological supremacy rather than spiritual concern.

"It is absurd to pretend that Muslim culture is not becoming the dominant force in all too many cities.... What is remarkable is that, in the name of diversity, so-called liberals have promoted the misogynistic authoritarian theocracy they claim to despise. Christianity helped to build the safe, tolerant society which for generations has attracted migrants fleeing persecution or squalor. Yet now, as Christianity withers, large swathes of our country are starting to replicate the Third World."

COMMENT: No major newspaper would have dared publish this even a year ago. The truth about Islam is getting out and the entire multicultural fabric is beginning to unravel.

Let us pray that 2008 will be a year of victories for the counter-jihad!

Kafir911 8:05 PM  

There's no need to be hesitant about Islam taking over the world, its clear what will happen unless the West wakes up. Of course, China, Russia, Japan and Korea will be exempt, together with South America probably, and India will keep battling on.

There is a dishonesty in this question which Christians especially must address. So, for starters, where are the 7 Churches of Asia Minor, as mentioned in the bible? Did they just go away on holiday and not come back? Or did some ruthless bastard come along, and destroy their culture? Where are the Christians of North Africa? Where are all the millions of Christians of Byzantine Anatolia? Just changed their minds perhaps? Or got squeezed and executed out over centuries of Turkish rule? Where are the Zoroastrians that once ruled Persia/Iran? Where are the pagan arabs that once lived in Arabia? What happened to the greatest Buddhist centre of all time at Nalanda?

The fact that people forget these events shows not just a lack of intellectual rigour, but also a disgraceful lack of compassion. So did all those people die for nothing? And why are we so safe in our smug sense of superiority here in the West? Its because we've forgotten our shameful losses, and hence forgotten that we have only been beaten, time and time again (with 2 small exceptions).

Decadent, confused tolerant Europe will go easily, and I think Canada too. The USA will fight with the cancer in its midst, I think it will wake up in time, but only because of people like us screaming our heads off.

Citizen Warrior 8:49 AM  

Well said, Kafir911.

What are the two small exceptions?

Anonymous 4:08 AM  

The Tactics of Taqiyya.

kendra 12:05 AM  

That article about Britain waking up is from 2008 and, since then, they've made some(not all) public tax-payer funded pools segregated by sex. Since then, they've forced non-muslim police women to don the hijab when entering a mosque. Since then, they've broken up demonstrations and demonized the "far right-wingers" for being racists and hate-filled while giving the UAF (which ironically stands for United Against Fascists but IS fascist) a pass.

They have permitted dead christians to be dug up from Churchyard cemeteries so that Muslims can build their mosques. England isn't waking up.

We're not waking up, either.

You know, I understand the gist of this article, but an important point is that OF COURSE it can happen. It HAS happened already in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia. Half of India is gone d/t Islam. Turkey was Greek Christian and now it's 99.7 Islamic. The only place Islam didn't succeed was at the Gates of Vienna and Spain and it took Spain 400 years to get them out. Islam comes in and SUBSUMES every culture until there is nothing left of the previous culture.

Islam doesn't need a majority number. It needs enough to agitate for rights, for special foods, for special time to accommodate prayer, for footbaths, for permission not to transport those carrying dogs or alcohol, for a right to wear their clothing rather than school or work uniforms, for the right to build mosques all over, schools, etc. That is all they need in addition, of course, to a government and culture that doubts the present culture is worth saving and also refuses to acknowledge our enemy.

Alana 8:47 AM  

The exceptions were the retaking of Andalusia by the Spanish; and I think, some Balkan conflicts.

Both cases were achieved by the infidels becoming just as fanatical as the Muslims.

Alana 12:05 PM  

Well said Kendra.

A Jew With A View 5:21 AM  

Maybe we should all start lobbying our newspapers to finally run the Mohammed cartoons - in Britain no paper had the guts to do it.

Two novels have been banned here, because Muslims protested over their content. In one case, Muslims FIREBOMBED the home of the publisher - he was already the second publisher to take on the book and at this point, he too bailed:

Freedom Of Speech R.I.P

I really fear that Britain is now too far gone. Our government is terrified of upsetting the Muslim community.

Maybe those of us who have blogs/websites should *all* place the slogan 'ISLAM IS AS ISLAM DOES' on them...?

It's clear and concise and might just hit home with our readers?

CITIZEN WARRIOR: your latest post is brilliant.
I'll definitely be using the points you've raised!

Lexcen 12:17 AM  

I guess that in Australia we are lucky because we have a different type of Muslim to those in the rest of the world. Unlike those in Afghanistan who are constantly blowing themselves up, or in Iraq as well, or those who form ghettos in France and Sweden and Germany where those ghettos are considered "no go zones" because they aren't safe, those in Indonesia who burn down Christian churches, in Australia we only have law abiding peaceful Muslims.
Oh, I forgot about the Cronulla riots, but that was blamed on Australian racists not those peace loving Muslims were merely provoked.

So we are a lucky country aren't we?

Anonymous 2:09 AM  

Unless the Greater Unbeliefs (The West, Russia, China, and India) unite against Islamism, it is realistic that Islamists may one day rule the world.

The greatest obstacle in their way is unity between the Greater Unbeliefs.

Therefore the stupid squabbling between the Greater Unbeliefs needs to stop.

Islamists know that they lost "Andalusia" because of the squabbling between different Islamic power factions.

Our greatest stupidity is the anti-European sentiment inherent in America and the UK.

Especially in the form of anti-Euro currency.

For Heaven's sake, we have in-fighting even within our own Western Greater Unbelief!

Islamists are laughing all the way to their future Heaven!

Anonymous 9:57 AM  

CW, where is the condemnation from Islamic nations of the Boko Haram Christmas bombings in Nigeria?

If Christian extremists bombed a mosque the whole Christian world would be apologizing ... where are the Muslims world wide in their apology?

Where are the American and European Muslims?

Where are the Turks, the Indonesians?

Where are the Arab 'Spring' countries?

Where is Qatar & their 'human rights' platform Al-Jazeera?

Where are the Palestinians for that matter?

Where is the Islamic Apologist Robert Fisk?


That is the difference.

Anonymous 4:24 AM  

The organisation of Islamic Co-Operation (OIC) condemned the Boko Haram bombings in Nigeria.

Anonymous 5:52 AM  

The journey of journalist Magdi Allam from Egyptian Muslim to European Democrat is worth noting.

Even after 9/11 he believed Islam and democracy were compatible.

In the aftermath of the so called 'Arab Spring' he has however acknowledged that it will not lead to what Western PCs and The Left were expecting.

Closer to Europe, Turkey itself is already shedding pretences and veering towards an increasingly belligerent Islamic geo-political position.

Whilst the OIC condemned Boko Haram's latest atrocities are we not just looking at classical taqiyya?

It was a very quiet condemnation ... no large scale processions in Islamic capitals to condemn these atrocities.

Should Christian extremists have bombed a mosque in the name of Christianity millions of Christians would have demonstrated in Western cities all over the world to condemn them.

That is the difference.

Anonymous 1:21 PM  

Every country is being infultrated by muslims you only have to look at america, australia, canada and all european countries and look at the population change its a subtle takeover and some people may say na it will not happen it already has look at iraq and sudan christians being murdered look at sweden and other european countries muslim creating their own no go areas and soon our western countries will resemble the middle east and then once islam has taken over the muslims will fight each other its already here they are just waiting for the right time to overthrow the government and we will endure what is happening in sudan.

Unknown 2:37 PM  

these radicals are even getting in china and if they take over china and then maybe India the two world most populous countries, we have a major problem on our hands.

junior 8:19 PM  

They will never take over latin america. Were too catholic and unpolitically correct to put up with their bullshit. We have our own terrorists willing to fight them just for the fun of it. Just imagine them try a catholic country like mexico. Lmfao!

Anonymous 4:25 PM  

i don't think it is impossible for muslim to take over the world. not with hussein Obama still rule America and try to keep political stability for Muslim. you should blame American for voting Husein Obama for presidency. i think it's about time Islam will rule the world. i wish you right "impossible". i really do wish it is impossible. but i can see west is more and more turn to islamism. more " no-go". more hijaber and burqa.

i keep reading article that say muslim would never rule the world because it's in the prophecy. oh please. i don't believe it. logic please. if god exist, he wouldn't do this to us. so get your butt and do it your own. don't rely on god, work it on your own stop whining to god. don't hope but work on it.

Anonymous 4:41 PM  

indonesian traditional muslim don't consider as muslim by middle east. so does ahmadiyah. both are not muslim (middle east confirm that. islamic brotherhood keep attacking indonesian traditional muslim because they are kafir. but unlike ahmadiyah, NU have a great political power. even one of them was a president.)
this is the reason australia had different kind of muslim, because it is from indonesia. (so many atheist muslim are there)

Walter Sieruk 6:56 PM  

This citizenwarrior article informs the reader about the insidious influence of the stealth jihadists Muslims of Europe that "the more grown they gain politically ,the more they can ,and are gaining more political clout .Already in Europe..."

As explained by William Wagner in his book HOW ISLAM PLANS TO CHANGE THE WORLD .Which informs the reader n page 195 “Of all the continents of the world, Europe is probably the number one target by Muslim strategist who are seeking world dominance."

Therefore, the Europeans would be wise to be on guard.

Walter Sieruk 7:07 PM  

In the many European countries there is growing political /religious movement that is known as the Stealth jihad otherwise called the Muslim method of Islamic Gradualism to enact Sharia law in the Western nations.

In contrast to the way of the violent jihad or also called the militant jihad .This non-violent form of the jihad for Islam is a very sly, insidious, subtle and deceptive way of working for the advancement of Islam.

Furthermore, this Islamic gradualism, in some ways, is very similar to the instruction printed in the book entitled THE ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu. Which reads “At first, then, exhibit the coyness of a maiden, until the enemy gives you an opening; afterwards emulate the rapidity of a running hare, and it will be too late for the enemy to opposes you”

Walter Sieruk 7:12 PM  

Concerning the United States of America,the message needs to be made known to all the Muslims who live in the USA , be they politicians or not ,who dislike and maybe even despise the US Constitution and would like to replace it with Sharia law . Those same Muslims instead in trying to force Sharia law on American citizens. Then they really should leave the USA and then go to live in either Shi‘ite, Iran or Sunni , Saudi Arabia if they actually feel the Sharia law is the grand, great and wonderful .

Moreover, all this is a strong reminder of the wise words declared by Theodore Roosevelt in a speech. “There can be no fifty –fifty Americanism in this country. There is room here for only one hundred percent Americanism , only for those who are Americans and nothing else.”

Kafir911 9:23 AM  

The relatively small exceptions were the retaking of Andalusia/Spain by the Spanish, and Israel+Judea being recovered back by the Jews from Jordan.

What is even more thought provoking, is that when the so-called Christian world had actually overthrown an Islamic colonialist regime which had subjugated and ruled over a formerly Christian land, it just handed the land back, without the scarcest thought about the millions of crushed and dispossessed Christians, nor the churches converted to mosques. Think about it, the Aya Sophia was the largest, most important cathedral in all Christendom, the former centre of the Christian world (the vatican wasn't), yet we just handed it back to the Muslims in some strange belief that Ataturk had instituted a secular, non-discriminatory regime that would last.

So Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, even North Africa, could have been restored back to their previous Christian state, at the end of the 2nd world war. Even Saudi Arabia could have been restored back to its previous pagan state with 360 gods - altho with there's probably insufficient records to do that given the crushing and totalitarian nature of the Islamic state.

The scope could have been even wider than that. Why was Afghanistan not restored to Buddhism? Instead we left the parents of the Taliban so its children could blow up the sacred Buddhas of Bamiyan.

Thank heavens for the Hindus. At least they kept India from reverting back to its Muslim overlords.

Anonymous 11:15 AM  

man i hate how people here talk about islam like some pest or parasite. but not the same with christianity. even tho christianity killed a lot of people aswell. JIHAD LITERILY MEANS STRUGGLE. THERE ARE PEOPLE NAMED JIHAD. but no because one person did bad things in name of islam the whole relegion is bad. there are billions of muslims in this planet ofc some of them will be phycos. man i hate this thread so much.

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