Signs That Indicate An Impending Terrorist Attack


BELOW IS AN excellent list, compiled by Somerset County. If you see any of the following suspicious activities, it could indicate the planning of a terrorist attack or other illegal activity. Call 911 to report it, and officers can check it out. If the people are doing something perfectly legal, no harm was done. If they weren't, your action may have helped authorities uncover a terrorist cell or plot.

It has happened before. Observant ordinary citizens have noticed something and alerted authorities, which led to the foiling of a terrorist plot. This is what to look for:

1. Persons or vehicles being observed in the
same location on multiple occasions not previously seen in the area.

2. Persons sitting in parked vehicles for an extended period of time for no apparent reason.

3. Persons observed near a place of interest, using or carrying video equipment, still cameras, or other observation devices.

4. Persons showing interest in security positions at important buildings and facilities.

5. Persons observed with maps or blueprints of important facilities or infrastructures.

6. Persons drawing pictures or taking notes of places of interest not normally known to have such activity.

7. Persons not fitting in with surrounding environment, such as wearing improper attire for the area.

8. Persons exhibiting unusual behavior such as staring or quickly looking away from individuals as they enter or leave an area.

9. Persons wearing bulky clothing that may not fit with weather conditions.

10. Persons engaging in behavior that appears to be in preparation for future activity such as “dry runs”.

11. Observation of recently damaged areas not permitted to general public.

12. Observation of abandoned vehicles, or stockpiles of materials in areas near key facilities.

13. Observation of multiple persons working together engaging in surveillance of places of interests.

14. Loitering near restricted or sensitive sites.

15. Rental, delivery or utility vehicles parked in unusual locations, such as fields, vacant warehouses, schools, or other secluded locations.

16. Complaints of unusual fumes, liquids, residue or odors.

If you notice one of these signs of suspicious activity, call 911. Law enforcement agencies are all tied into a network, so your report will be passed on to the FBI and whoever else needs to be notified. All you have to do is call your local 911.


Always On Watch 5:37 AM  

Part of being a good citizen is vigilance.

Even before 9/11, we should have hesitated to report suspicious goings-on. And now reporting them is even more critical!

Anonymous 5:48 AM  

Also you should report any unattended bags or packages. I've had occasion do do that, and felt like a total dork calling the police for it, but a couple weeks later was the Boston bombing and it reminded me that you just never do know, it could be something bad. I won't feel so dorky if there's ever a next time.

Anonymous 11:26 PM  

Every bit of information is like a piece to a puzzle. Eventually a larger picture will be shown. Even if you don't want to report it, at least make note of what you saw. Eg. Date, time, surroundings, sounds, other people, smells - as much as you can. Then keep it for future reference.

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