An Easy Way to Fight the War of Ideas


HERE'S THE SIMPLE method: Sign up for the email newsletter here on Citizen Warrior (in the top right sidebar), which simply emails you whatever we post that day. And when you get a post you think is really good, forward it to someone.

You can make your counter-jihadi efforts even more effective if you write a paragraph at the beginning of the message to tell your friend why you think they'd like the article, or what you liked most about it.

If you are careful about how you share articles, you can make a difference. For example, never tell them or imply that they are wrong or their opinions are wrong. Simply express why you like it or what you think they'd like about it. Along the same lines, never imply they are ignorant.

Try to match the article to the person. Tie it in with something about them if you can. If it's an article on the Qur'an, for example, you could say, "I know you really like to read about different religions, so..."

Don't send out indiscriminate emails, and don't forward them a lot. Don't inundate others with forwarded emails they haven't asked for.
But carefully select the articles you think are really good, and send them to particular people. Not a group of people. Send it to a particular person.

Set yourself a goal you can accomplish, like forwarding one article to one person per week.

Be smart about this. Don't send something you think the person will dislike. Don't send anything political to your boss, unless you know the person really well. Don't send political stuff to people you work with unless you know them really well and are pretty sure they'll like what you're sending. Don't get yourself in trouble with this.

You can (and should) bring up the subject of terrorism and Islam in conversations, and that makes a perfect opportunity to say something like this: "I read an article yesterday that was really good, and it was on this topic ... do you want me to forward it to you?" Then they have a context, and an interest, and are more likely to read the article and be influenced by it.

Helping to educate your fellow citizens can go a long way to making us more capable of protecting ourselves from jihad-oriented infiltration, and encroachments on our legal liberties.

Jihadists are anxious to get rid of web sites and blogs that educate infidels about what they're up to. Blogs like this one makes their job harder. Education of this sort is cutting off their money. It's making people more capable of preventing terrorist attacks. It is making infidels less susceptible to religious deception.

So jihadists have started an internet jihad. They plan to attack and shut down blogs and web sites that alert infidels of their plans, goals, tactics, and methods of finance.

What that says to me is we are on the right track. I've said repeatedly that the most important thing each of us can do is help to educate our fellow infidels about Islam.

One easy and effective way to do that is by forwarding emails you get from an email newsletter like ours.


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