The Most Islamophobic Americans Are Muslims


The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding is a Muslim think tank in Michigan. They did a poll to find out just how Islamophobic Americans are. They asked questions like do you think Muslims are more violent than other groups, do you think they are less civilized, do you think they are hostile to the U.S., etc.

The results
show that American Muslims are by far the most Islamophobic group in America. And usually by a hefty margin. For some of these questions, they are several times more Islamophobic than any other category (such as Jews, Catholics, and white Evangelists).

My first thought when I read this was: They should know. They know Islam (and their fellow Muslims) better than the other groups do, so their answers are bound to be more informed. When I told a friend of mine about it, his first thought was that many of these Muslims have escaped Muslim countries, so they know what Islamic doctrine looks like (how it manifests itself) when it has pervaded a country, which is another angle on the same idea: They would know better than anyone.

You can read more about the poll here.

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