On-Campus Support of Hamas


From an article in The Free Press:

Since Hamas’s October 7 massacre, it has been hard to miss the explosion of antisemitic hate that has gripped college campuses across the country...

Many are rightly questioning how it got this bad. How did university leaders come to eulogize, rather than put a stop to, campus hate rallies and antisemitic intimidation?...

The Network Contagion Research Institute (a nonprofit research center) released a report (comprising four separate studies) following the money. The report finds that at least 200 American colleges and universities illegally withheld information on approximately $13 billion in undisclosed contributions from foreign regimes, many of which are authoritarian...

The NCRI report found, among other things, that from 2015–2020, institutions that accepted money from Middle Eastern donors had, on average, 300 percent more antisemitic incidents than those institutions that did not...

So who’s doing this concealed funding? Qatar, the country where Hamas’s leadership currently resides, is far and away the largest foreign donor to American universities...Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are also generous donors.

There's more in the report. A lot more. Read the whole article here: Is Campus Rage Fueled by Middle Eastern Money?

Where does this Islamic hatred for Jews and Israel come from? Find the answer here: Islamic Hatred for the Jews And How it Got That Way.

And here: Jew Hatred in Islamic Doctrine.

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Walter Sieruk 12:46 PM  

Many universities and colleges have been thoroughly infiltrated and influenced by the insidious stealth jihadists.

There may be little rational doubt that those stealth jihadists are backed and funded by Iran and oil rich Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore.,the former President, William Howard Taft, in a speech rightly and wisely, declared, “Anti-Semitism is a noxious weed that should be cut out. It has no place in America.”

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