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Israel-Hamas war propagandists are churning out disinformation, including AI-generated images

And the sad part is that people are believing the falsehoods and sharing them broadly on social media.

The picture above, for example, which appears to show a man carrying his children out of the rubble. The Chinese embassy in France claimed on Xitter that "This image will symbolize the West for decades to come. They will not forgive and will not forget and those children (if they survive) will grow up angry, very angry."

Except those children don't exist. The picture is generated by AI. And not even good AI. The children have the wrong number of toes, clothing blends together and it has other telltale problems.

AFP has a good fact-check page chronicling some of the disinformation. AP is doing a pretty good job as well. And DW has a nice "how to spot fake content" explainer. 


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