Encouraging Non-Muslim Immigration in India


Indian parliament passed a controversial citizenship bill yesterday making it easier for non-Muslim immigrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan to seek Indian citizenship. The ruling party argues the bill will give sanctuary to people fleeing religious persecution, while critics argue the bill is discriminatory (and petitioned the Supreme Court).

- Excerpted from The New Paper, December 12, 2019.


Clerinos 2:11 PM  

I agree. Why would any government want to import unnecessary hate and radicalism: Islam? America learn a lesson.

Anonymous 6:14 PM  

India should be commended for its effort to give refuge to non-Muslims from Bangladesh and Pakistan where they are persecuted. There is no reason for India to accept Muslims from Muslim countries when they have their own Muslim majority countries where from they have reduced exterminated non-Muslims populations either by killing, conversion or forcing them to leave. Democratic countries should applaud India for taking such a brave action to save non-Muslims. Muslim majority counties do not want non-Muslims in their countries. This is what is rarely noted in the press. Islam is a one-way street; my way or no way.

Roopak Vaidya 3:18 AM  

A much needed bill, now an act. It gives refuge and citizenship to religious persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who are already in India seeking citizenship. The act does not include Muslims because Muslims are not religious minorities in the mentioned countries.

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