Do You Know Muslims Who Are Really Nice People?


For years I've been working with many people from many different countries, including several Muslims. One Muslim in particular is a very nice guy, a hard worker, and a mature leader. He is a very likable person.

While I was working with him, he was always listening to the Koran on his headphones. Most reasonable people, I think, would point to him as an example of how wrong it is to say that Islam is bad or potentially dangerous. I mean look at this guy. He's a perfectly nice man.

He is originally from Africa, but he lives in the United States, he's not married, and he has 15 children from four different women, and works a fairly low-paying job. And recently he was arrested and convicted of two counts of statutory rape.

Now here's my point: Just because you know a nice Muslim doesn't mean Islam is a benevolent ideology. Just because you know a nice Muslim or ten nice Muslims, it does not follow that Islam is an benign ideology. When someone is nice, it doesn't tell you what they believe or what they're capable of. "Nice" just means they know how to behave in a way that people like.

Even beyond that, someone can be a perfectly nice person and still believe that the prophet Muhammad was an apostle of the Almighty and brought true teachings to mankind which say it's right and good for a man to have four wives, and it's right and good to have sex with girls as young as nine years old.

If he accepts Islamic ideology in its entirety, he would not feel guilty about any of this. In fact, he would feel good about it because he is following the example of the prophet himself (and it says 91 times in the Koran that a good Muslim should follow Muhammad's example).

And Islamic doctrine includes the obligation to bring all people in the world under the rule of Islamic law, and includes the justification of using force to accomplish that goal. It is all one unified ideology and it explicitly says there is no "picking and choosing." In other words, a Muslim must follow the whole thing.

And it would be perfectly acceptable to an entire panel of the most authoritative Islamic scholars in the world to do all of that while being likable.


Walter Sieruk 12:28 PM  

Yes, just because a Muslim might be a very nice person,as in easy to get along with and likable doesn't mean he or she hasn't been thoroughly indoctrinated into the ways ,practice ideology and theology of Qu'ran based violent jihad Islam.

For example the husband and wife Muslim couple seemed like very nice people before they engaged in their brutal and murderous jihad shooting spree in in the city of San Bernardino, California on December,2 ,2015. The office co-workers who worked with that Muslim man ,who later with his wife turned into jihadists murderers on 12/215, had found him to be an easy going nice person."

Therefore it should be further added that the word “Islamism” is a fake word that used that was made up after September 11, 2001 in order offend or upset non-violent Muslims. The real, actual, word is just “Islam.” Likewise, the word “Islamist” is also a bogus word that was made up after 9/11 in order not to offend or upset peaceful Muslims. To keep with reality, terms should better be used as “Islamic terrorist” or “Muslim terrorist” . Let’s call people and thing as the really are.

Furthermore, the terms “Radical Muslim” and “Islamic extremist” is actually a misuse of terms. “Moderate Muslim” are actually Western term and not that well known in the Islamic Middle East. This is because what In the Islamic mindset in the Muslim Middle East as well as in Indonesia and other Muslim controlled countries what the non-Muslims of the Western nations view as “radical and “extremist” the Muslims of those places in the world see as “Normal” and even Devout and committed to the Cause of Islam”. Likewise they view those who Westerns see as “Moderate Muslims” those of the Islamic worldview and non-devout and non –committed Muslims. The violent jihadists even see them as “hypocrites.” Therefore, this explains the jihadist chant of those jihad-minded Muslims in different Islamic terror organizations. When they chant out loud “Death to infidels and hypocrites.” Meaning Death to people who and not Muslims and people who are non- jihadist Muslims.

Concerning the last part of this above essay, the violent spirit of that vicious jihadist chant “Death to infidels and hypocrites.” The later word of the chant “hypocrites” in the jihad –minded Muslim worldview is further explain in the book titled JIHADIST PSYCHOPATH by Jamie Glazov , for on page 42 the reader is informed that “Islam mandates that devout and real Muslims must punish , and in some circumstances kill, those Muslims whom they regard as neither legitimate nor properly devout.”

Anonymous 4:30 PM  

I avoid Muslims. What would I have in common with them?

Anonymous 2:06 AM  

I had dealings with two Pakistani moslems, Vikrim and Shiber.
They BOTH tried to rip me off

Anonymous 10:56 PM  

I know two Muslims who are nice but they dont practice Islam... then I read Sira - the biography of Mohammed - and he was not very nice....actually he came across as an evil man... Did you read his biography?

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