More Straight Talk Than You've Heard From a Politician in a Long Time


The video below is apparently a member of Parliament in Finland talking to a fairly large gathering of people, some who support his message and some who very much don't like it, including some Muslims. I say "apparently" because I can't find the speaker's name, so I can't confirm he is an MP. If you know, please put it in the comments.

In the video, he says things like, “Muslims should not be in Europe. Muslims should be banned from every civilized society...” "One day, we will kick all of you out of Europe...” “Finnish people must fight for freedom and not allow Islamization to grow.”

"I lived in your country for 10 years," he says to this very vocal Muslim crowd, "and have seen how cruel, arrogant, and stupid you are. You don’t respect your women. You force them to be your slaves. You are supposed to be tolerant according to your imams, but you are not tolerant. You don’t respect other religions. Have you seen a Christian in Saudi Arabia who can have his faith? You want us to celebrate your holidays… Do you celebrate Christmas? Do you celebrate Easter? One day most of Europe will rise against you."


Anonymous 8:03 PM  

He is not a member of parliament but a frenchman who has lived long time in Finland.

The person who originally posted this video (Moroccan born Finnish guy who is a loud critic for current immigration policy and islam) in the internet with Finnish subtitles is now examined by the police because of hate speech towards muslims (just because he translated the speech and put it in the internet). I don't know if this Frenchman has been contacted by the police. In Finland, we are losing the freedom of speech bit by bit.

Citizen Warrior 10:40 PM  

Thank you for answering. We appreciate it.

Walter Sieruk 12:11 PM  

That politician in Finland has much to say that may be of worth .Too bad American politicians don't come right out and state things as they really are. Moving on from politics on the matter of faith. This messages need to be keyboarded specifically to Christians reaction Christians in how many of them talk and by contrast Muslims how many of them act. This is something that Christians need to think about. Which is ,many committed Muslims are working very hard in great zeal for Islam by engaging in either stealth or militant jihad. Meanwhile ,many Christians gather together in a church building on Sunday and exchange "pious platitudes" and then they sit down together and fantasize with much useless imagination about what heaven will be like for them after they die. This type in imaged fantasy about heaven is totally useless and a complete waste of time. So,with this stated,who Christians or Muslims will have a better future in America and Europe.

Citizen Warrior 2:25 AM  

We received another helpful answer, this one from Roy Bishko. He says:


From Finland from Kenneth Sikorski who (excellent) blog is:

Kenneth knows all there is to know about the situation in Finland and a lot more than most about the situation all over!

He emailed me today in response to my query about the identity of the straight talker:

"Yes I am aware of him. He's a former French diplomat /in the diplomatic core who moved to Finland some years ago, as I understand, he's not been charged with anything. Like myself, the Finns are loathe to after foreigners who fall astray of their multi-culti laws. He still lives in peace in southern Finland."

Best wishes,


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