A World Religion Could Actually Be Evil


Qui Creva left the following comment on our article, "How to Talk to Non-Muslims About the Disturbing Nature of Islam":

This is helpful. I am a social liberal, as are most of my friends and family members. Their resistance to the idea that a large world religion could actually be evil is strong. I have read the Qur'an, several thousand ahadith, the sira of Ibn Hisham, plus many legal pronouncements from Al-Azhar University, so I know the subject.

Trying to get the danger of Islam across to uninformed individuals  who have also been steeped in cultural relativism and multiculturalism — is like trying to swim uphill. Your suggestions may help launch a meaningful conversation. Really, of all the world's religions, WHY must we make continual excuses for Islam? Why does it alone require kid-glove handling and a giant dose of tolerance? Methinks something is rotten in the state of its "sacred" doctrine, that's why.

The image above is by Bosch Fawstin, an ex-Muslim graphic artist. See more of his work here.


Walter Sieruk 10:04 AM  

In this twenty –first century “War of Ideals” since September 11, 2001 in this great and terrible conflict between the Judeo- Christian West and the Islamic East, the sad reality is that one of the things that is holding back much progress of the West is that many Westerners are infected by the worthless , sick and unrealistic philosophy that is called “Cultural Relativity.”
Which is the concept that all culture are equal because this C.R concept teaches the foolishness that all values derive their meaning within the specific social content. This folly of thinking leads, or misleads, many people to view every position as only “opinion” and that truth is only relevant to the person or society holding that view. In other words, discovering actual truth in impossible.
Such C.R is absurd, nonsensical and contradictory. For example, to say “finding the truth is impossible “Is a statement of contradiction. For in making that statement that is saying, in essence, “I have found the truth which is finding the truth is not possible.” It should be obvious that this “War of Ideas” needs to and should have a solidly based in and on truth and not by a worthless “war of opinions” A C.R. person would say about a scholarly truth teller about Islam with its different kinds of jihad , as Pamela Geller, that she is only giving her “opinion” on the subject.
Such ignorance is appalling. Just look at history. If Americans had that C.R. view ,as many Americans do today , then during World war II it would had been madness and a fools fight to go into battle against the military forces of Nazism if it was only just “opinion” that Hitler was wrong and evil. Likewise in this twenty-first century it would be nonsense, for example, for the US troops to fight and maybe even die in Afghanistan if it’s just “opinion” that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are wrong and evil.
Two other examples of the falseness of C.R. with its teaching that everything is only “opinion.” First is in the elate 1970’s two guys said “There are so many different religions that no one can ever know the truth about religion.” They were really saying that statement so dogmatically that they were self-contradicting. For they were saying that they know the truth about religion that is not one can know the truth about religion. Second, a shallow man in the 1980’s said when asked the question “Why do you always small talk ? You don’t ever talk about a topic that might have some value, as politics? After all , all thing are related “ That shallow C.R man replied “There are so many different political ideas that finding the true one is unattainable and all thing are not related.” The wisdom-less man was saying that he obtained the truth which is the he can’t obtain the truth and who does can is really truthfully say that all thing are not related in he can’t find the truth. How foolish, an obvious contradiction. What is needed to counter this nonsense C.R./P.C. is the concept of “Absolutism.” Which a definition of this, with the scope of the topic, is “An absolute standard or principle .” In this “war of idea’s it’s the Bible with its absolute standards and principles to stand firm against Islam is its different types of jihad with its many evils. In conclusion, in this War of Ideas a firm foundation for truth may be found in the Bible and not the weak folly of CR. in which everything is “opinion.”

Walter Sieruk 10:07 AM  

Since it had now been year since those heinous and murderous jihad massacres in Paris France on November 13, 2015 it should be make clear that those brutal and cruel Islamic murders happened ,in part, because of those jihad-minded Muslim males who are so extremely deluded and irrational because they really believed in the nonsensical , strange and far –fetched doctrine contained in the Koran, of sex-filled paradise with black eye- houris, virgins, in it for the male Muslim who dies as a “martyr” for the cause of Islam fighting in the jihad. As, this bizarre Islamic doctrine of a houris -filled place is found in the Koran in, for example, 4:54. 55:56. 78:31. So this odd and outlandish Koranic doctrine inspired many young Muslims males to commit many horrendous, ruthless, heartless and murderous actions of jihad violence. Those vicious jihadists’ massacres that occurred during the night of November 13, 2015 was most wicked and hideous. That extreme deadly evil caused by those jihadist/Muslims with their firm but blind unquestioning belief in the weird and false doctrine from the Koran of such a houris, filled paradise that had the outcome of mass murder and chaos in the city of Paris France, is a strong reminder of the wise statement written by the French philosopher, Voltaire, who wrote “As long as men continue to believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities.”

Walter Sieruk 10:13 AM  

Today it has been a year since those vicious and murderous ISIS jihad attacks occurred on November 13, 2015. Those brutal demonic and malicious Islamic terrors attacks that night in Paris were a sin and affront unto God. Furthermore, those cruel, callous ,malice-filled Islamic terror attacks of the jihad were also a crime against humankind and an affront against the nation of France and against all that is good and right. Such ruthless deadly wickedness is the results [or fruits] of the militant jihad of Islam. This statement about Islamic deadly violence is upheld by the “holy book’ of Islam, the Qur ‘an. As in Sura. 9:111. which instructs “The believers fight in Allah’s Cause, the slay and are slain, they kill and are killed.’ Likewise, Sura 47:4 teaches “Whenever you encounter the unbelievers strike off their heads until you make a great slaughter among them…” Let’s face it , using firearms , and other kinds of bombs as those Muslim jihadists used in those heinously evil jihad attacks, that night in Paris can sure make a greater “slaughter among them” than a sword can. A “peaceful religion “? Bull !

Walter Sieruk 3:15 PM  

On the topics of Donald Trump, Islamic terrorism and Afghanistan. On television of FOX NEWS there was a Five Star General who was interviewed and he spoke hopefully about the next incoming President ,Donald Trump. This Top US general said that maybe Donald Trump will be more cooperative than President Obama had been in the subject of Afghanistan and how to defeat the terror jihad groups as the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other similar entities that threaten the US interest in the country as well a the security and safety of Afghanistan as well. For Obama has kept on refusing the take the advise on the US military general regarding how to handle the security and safety of Afghanistan. What folly .What foolishness. Such a pride -filled and arrogant Obama who is always contradicting ,or bucking, the advise of the US generals had only lad to disaster. maybe Donald trump has the good sense to heed the US generals regarding Afghanistan.
As the wisdom found in the book THE ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu instructs "He will win who has the military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign."

Walter Sieruk 10:28 AM  

When Donald Trump was campaigning for President had said that if elected President he was going to “Bomb the hell out of ISIS.” Let’s hope Trump keep that campaign promise. This is because that vicious and murderous jihad origination, ISIS, will not go away if left alone. For ISIS is like a cancer that if not dealt with is will grow and spread and then further terrible deadly harm. So to “Bomb the hell out of ISIS” or to put it another way to “Bomb ISIS to hell” is one god way to defeat and destroy the brutal and deadly jihad entity. For the malicious and murdering jihadist thugs who compose ISIS cannot be reasoned with. For the jihadist of ISIS will not respond to or understand the language of reason. The only language that the ISIS jihadists will understand is the language of being on the receiving end of many very strong powers of military might. Therefore, to defeat and destroy ISIS means that it’s necessary to hit them hard. Hit them long, keep on hitting them and don’t stop hitting them. Meaning take them down, put them down, keep them down and don’t let them rise up again. As Thomas Jefferson had ,so well, declared “With every barbarous people…force is law.”

Walter Sieruk 8:57 AM  

The first part of the above article has contained in it words about "the disturbing nature of Islam." Part of Islam which his so disturbing are murderous actions of some jihad-minded Muslims of what they call in their strong Islamic delusion a "martyrdom operation."
As for jihad suicide/homicide bombing attacks this should be made known that this the outcome of the Islamic doctrine from the Qu‘’ran [the Koran] of a sexual paradise with many virgins, houris , in it for the male Muslim /jihadist who dies fighting in the jihad for the cause of Islam is found in the “holy book” of Islam, the Koran, in Sura 44:54. 55: 56. 78:31. Also there is the Koranic instruction of Sura 9:111 which teaches “The believers fight in Allah’s Cause, they slay and are slain, they kill and are killed.” Getting back to the origin doctrine of Islam from the Koran of a sex –filled paradise with many houris for the use only by the male jihadist who dies fight for the advancement of Islam. All this started when the founder and prophet of Islam, Muhammad manufactured Islam he put , had stolen, some of sex doctrine of Zoroastrian mythology and a yet smaller bit of Hindu mythological sex teachings along with as well as mixture pagan Arabian folklore and myth plus a heavy dose of Judaism and Christianity . Also some of it apostate “Christianity” For the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, couldn’t discern the difference between genuine Bible based Christianity and bogus “Christianity.” Those words and teaching Muhammad gathered from many sources, including the virgins /sex place mythology. , and taught as “Divine Truth” were written down on many things then later compiled and then went into the composition of the Koran. So the hoax of the Koran is actually a mixture and fusion Judaism Christianity and mythology of other religions and now the Muslim clerics with the Koranic brainwashing of young Muslims who are thoroughly mind programmed into believing this Islamic/Koranic virgins myth. This deception of false doctrine /myth into the thoughts of some people was predicted in the Bible along with the false teachers who engage in the indoctrination of such a myth /doctrine into the minds and hearts other people . For it is written “For the time will come when they will not stand wholesome teaching, but will follow their own fancy and gather a crown of teachers to tickle their ears. They will stop their ears to the truth and turn to mythology.” Second Timothy 4:3,4. [N.E.B.]

Walter Sieruk 10:26 AM  

The message needs to be made known to all the Muslims who live in the United States of America who dislike and maybe even despise the US Constitution and would like to replace it with Sharia law. Those same Muslims instead in trying to force Sharia law on American citizens and their nation those are free to leave and really should leave the USA and then go to live in either Shii ‘ite, Iran or Sunni , Saudi Arabia if they actually feel the Sharia law is the grand, great and wonderful .
Moreover, all this is a strong reminder of the wise words declared by Theodore Roosevelt in a speech. “There can be no fifty –fifty Americanism in this country. There is room here for only one hundred percent Americanism , only for those who are Americans and nothing else.”

Walter Sieruk 8:12 AM  

Actually there is really no such word as "Islamism" it's just Islam. The bogus word "Islamism" is a PC artificial word that was made up after 9/11 in order not to give offense to the followers of the religion of Islam who are not violent. The fake word of "Islamism" was fabricated after September 11,2001 and that fake word is not in any reference book on the topic of Islam before the date and day of 9/11. Likewise, the same is true for the false and pretend word "Islamist" that fake word was made up after September 11,2001 for the same reason that the fake word "Islamism" was fabricated after 9/11. Therefore, call things as they really are .For example, it's wrong to use the term "Islamist terrorist” in contrast is keeping within the bounds of reality to use the term Muslim terrorists.

Jash 5:25 PM  

What stands in the way of average people, especially those of a progressive or liberal bent, in accepting the nature of Islam?
1. The fear of being on the "wrong" side of history
2. The fear of allying with, or encouraging, people who will do violence or harm to Muslims
3. The fear that standing against Islam is a form of racism

Clearing the hurdle:
1. Pick one issue that you feel the person will not budge on morally. For most people, you can pick pedophilia, slavery, sex slavery, the bondage and abuse of women.
2. Put together a set of talking points to show that Islam legalizes and promotes the morally indefensible.
3. Flog. Flog. Flog. Repetition is everything.
4. The idea is to give people a moral choice: You are either pro-Islam, or anti-pedophilia. You are either pro-Islam, or anti-slavery. You are either pro-Islam or anti-sex-slavery. Time to choose.

Many non-Muslims and Muslims alike cannot overcome the cognitive dissonance when confronted with Mohammed's sex slaves. Recently, converted2islam left Islam primarily for this reason.

If you lurk on Muslim forums, Muslim online magazines, Youtube apologetics channels, you will find tons of insecure, worried Muslims trying to deal with the behavior of Mohammed. They are seeking reassurance. Hit them with some choice hadiths.

With friends and acquaintances, there are all kinds of vids you can show them. "Here's something hilarious/bizarre I just saw. Watch!" Memri is a goldmine because it is almost all Muslims in their own words. My favorite is al Qaradawi lamenting that Muslims do not work. We must be best at everything, he says, even killing!

I personally believe that the vast majority of North Americans have a low opinion of Islam already--polls seem to show this. They simply do not know how to act on their concerns. How do you fight an ideology without attacking the people who believe in it? I am sure that their frustration accounts for Trump's election in some ways.


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