One of the "Worst of the Worst Islam Haters"


The following is an excerpt from an article about Ayaan Hirsi Ali in The Observer:

Ms. Hirsi Ali and others who have called for a more realistic assessment of the link between promotion of Islamic law and violence against women are routinely accused of being bigots, Zionist stooges or mouthpieces for the far-right. In America, where she sought refuge ten years ago, Ms. Hirsi Ali has been attacked by organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which manifestly does not want her speaking out and writing and thereby gaining publicity and potential traction for her views. Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR’s spokesman, accuses her of being “one of the worst of the worst of Islam haters in America, not only in America but worldwide.”


Anonymous 8:02 AM  

If she is first, then I am second. Islam is the most evil government-religion that exists. How can any human even begin to defend or accept such demonic teachings and then claim,I am a moderate Muslim. That is an oxymoron. Evil is never moderate, and Islam is one of the most evil of all evils. It probably the most evil ideology that has ever existed. The Nazi's were child's play compared to these killers. (To name Islam a religion is insulting to all other religions.)

Muhammad is probably one of the most evil man that ever set foot upon this earth, except Satan. I terms of evil he is far superior to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and all the Marxist atheists put together. The so called Islamic educated Muslims not knowing this are either brain dead or terrified. This is not to say that a few Muslims are not sincere in their belief in the lie that Islam is a religion of Peace. President Bush in his ignorance stated this and President Obama being an unorthodox Islamist himself continues to tell this lie. (There is no way that this baby killer and perverter of marriage is a Christian.)

Once I began to read the Koran. I had to put it down. It is a book of hate. Unlike the New Testament which is a book of love. (I believe Christianity is love and life and Islam is hate and death.) Furthermore I have experienced Islamic hate. It was 55 years ago on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan. I and a another man, a Jew, were attacked by a mob merely because the other man had Jewish features.

Paul Clark

Citizen Warrior 2:32 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Just as Obama and Jarrett, the subversives at CAIR and in all of Islam have a lot to hide. I bought her book ‘Infidel’ eight years ago; powerful personal message about Islam. It also has an outstanding Foreword by Christopher Hitchens with this conclusion:

“To invoke Immanuel Kant’s principle of universality, we might be able to say with a high degree of confidence that the world would be a better place of her ethos was to be the determining one. Can we say the same for those who play the dull game of temporizing, compromising, affectless moral equivalence? We are unlikely to arrive at a time when examples of individual moral courage and intellectual honesty are not the clue to a larger scheme of liberty. As long as we continue to value these qualities, Infidel will count as a rebuke to all those who claim to see no difference between secular civilization and clerical barbarism, and as an inspiration to all those who view this confrontation without apology as the defining struggle of our time.”

RIP Christopher!

Richard C. Silk 9:15 AM  

The *quickest* and most effective way of de-nutting Islam is to globally outlaw jihad against another. That way, personal jihad against one's self (an inner struggle) would be permitted as a religious right, and the discussion of jihad would still be protected as free speech, even as hate speech is protected freedom of speech, but the consequence of conspiracy to commit jihad or actually committing jihad against another living creature or even against an inanimate object would be life imprisonment in solitary confinement. This would prevent any death sentences from creating martyrs.

Shane Mann 7:51 AM  

Islam is a religion of jihad (holy war) and misogyny that was born in bloodshed, rape, and slavery. Sharia law is misogynistic, barbaric, and cruel. We need laws against the use of Sharia law in American courts. Legislation > American Laws for American Courts Model Act: Sharia Law:

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