What Would You Ask Geert Wilders or Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff?


We're planning a second book. It will be based on a series of interviews we will conduct with the leaders of the counter-jihad. We will ask them for their advice about talking to our friends about Islam. But before we start the interviews, we wanted to ask you what questions you would want answers to.

We already have several questions in mind:

  • One of the most common responses we get when we criticize Islam is, "The Bible has violent verses too." How do you answer that one?
  • Is there anything you make sure you avoid saying?
  • What few points do you make sure you always say?
  • What do you do, or what do you think, when you get discouraged?
  • What's the best advice you ever got about how to get through to people?

What would you like us to ask the leaders of the counterjihad? What do you have the most trouble with? You can leave a comment here, email us here, or contact us on Facebook here.


Anonymous 7:52 AM  

What is good or bad in the Judo-Christian sense is irrelevant to a muslim.
The thinking of a muslim goes no further than what is permitted and not permitted by the koran.
Being possessed by psychological make up like this, will it be ever possible to live next to a muslim without fearing all sorts of violence???

Anonymous 11:47 AM  

I would like to ask them…how you convince people the problem at hand is NOT ‘radical Islam’ or ‘extremists Islam’ or ‘fundamentalist Islam’. …but Islam itself, in Toto. Also how do you explain the importance of understanding “abrogation” within Islamic Jurisprudence?
Mike in Alaska

Anonymous 12:17 AM  

My most perplexing issue is the quick hostility that people who know nothing about Islam have when the topic gets there in conversation. They immediately assume that anyone who is not 'Islam is Peace' is trying to create trouble. It does not matter the facts/knowledge or experience. It is just the topic. I have enormous experience, read the texts, even read Arabi ( to a degree) and met Wahhabis/Salafists and lived under Sharia. But all this means nothing for the ignorant 'nice' people.
And these people can be highly Western educated, aware and support the scientific method. It seems their ignorance is their wall. Wasn't it Maher who said the more you know about Islam the more you fear it. So perhaps they have a gut feel that real knowledge will just make them worry. They are desperately hoping the world is nice.

Bikinis not Burkas 12:42 AM  

When will the Western Governments show the Muslims that the Quran is wrong and not the word of Allah but the word of Muhammad who knew nothing of the outside world.

Robandrews33304 4:43 AM  

Several questions:

What would you do with the Muslims already living in Europe?Should the stay?
Would you deport all of them? And can that be done in a constitutional republic like Holland?

Citizen Warrior 1:50 PM  

Someone emailed this one:

My question necessitates a short explanation of the basic issue Islam constitutes in my eyes to the free world.

The problem with Islam is, in my mind, the fact that it was set up as a catholic marriage between politics and religion, a religion devised to sanctify a political entity - conquered states and, ultimately, a world wide caliphate. The sharia, not the Koran, is regarded as the sanctified power-welding organ of Islam. Its implementation in countries and geographical areas controlled by Muslims, is a maxim whose slightest disregard for is punishable by death. It is, as laid down by Muhammad, the word of Allah on how his caliphate and conquered countries must be run and its people governed. This definition of a state as a religious entity, whose form of administration (i.e., sharia law) is holy having been established by God himself, thus represents the ultimate, unquestionable and unchangeable truth, is also governed by him, i.e., governed by Allah's self declared representatives on earth: his clergy and their various religious leaders, thus setting the stage for differing interpretations, eternal hostility and deadly clashes between them and with the world at large.

The separation of state from church and the birth of democracy, which developed over hundreds of years of slow but sure secularization of government, cannot happen under Islam. Unfortunately, even the so called Islamic non-militant "quiet majority", accepts this as a basic truth of their faith. This majority has not, and never will, come up with a call (fatwa) for limiting Islam to religious faith while marginalizing or even doing away with the sharia. Muhamad, who succeeded in dressing his political aims with a religion based on himself as the sole messenger, was so successful that even during his own lifetime his religion spread, elevating him to a godly level. He had come up with a formula that has lasted 1,400 years, being the root for the present day enmity between Islam and the rest of the world. I personally regard him as a political (evil) genius, who in his wildest dreams did not believe his ideas would live and strangle-hold hundreds of millions so long after his passing.

So here is my question:

As the only way to enable coexistence between the democratic, free, modern world and Islam (including the "quiet Muslim majority" which can change colours without notice) is to obtain a fundamental change in Islam itself, how do you see this happening?

Do you think there is any way we can assist this to happen? Are you optimistic, or is this a war of cultures and we must get ready for the ultimate battle? Given their rate of increase, do you think the nearly two million mainly Syrian refugees' migration to Europe during the last year will bring its natural Islamization in the next 4-5 generations, and if so, how do you propose to negate this outcome?

Citizen Warrior 1:53 PM  

Someone emailed this question:

Do you believe you have the responsibility of educating your offspring (children and grandchildren) about the teachings of the Koran? After all, they will be dealing with the consequences of the islamization of the west.

Citizen Warrior 1:58 PM  

Someone emailed this question:

I would ask him, if he could speak to our Senators today, what would he tell them to help them understand the problems we will be facing with Islam if we continue our present course of supporting and appeasing Cair, etc.

Citizen Warrior 2:03 PM  

Someone emailed this question:

What gave/gives you the courage and determination to have started and continue your peaceful fight against islam? (when facing death threats and [il]legal action of mozlims and leftist islam-appeasers alike, no even mentioning the lethargy of most of the Western people, refusing to face the dangers of islam)

Citizen Warrior 2:05 PM  

Someone emailed this question:

How much has the immigration problem/issue increased the security needs of Eastern Europe, and what do you each think will be needed to be done about it to prevent and /or end immigrant violence?

Citizen Warrior 2:08 PM  

Someone emailed this question:

Governments impose Sharia, in the United States we have politicians that embrace Islam via refugee programs etc, what are the reasons politicians go along with jihad immigration, are they receiving holy bribes, if so how do we disable that funding? are they threatened if so by whom and by what methods, do they (female politicians marry a Muslim man but keep their last names, is that of form of jihad political grooming/women. In short, how do we the grassroots go about disabling these situations from funding as a part of dealing with this suicidal transformation.

If someone at CW can assist me with forming a question from the above that would be helpful in finding solutions to these issues...

Citizen Warrior 2:09 PM  

Someone emailed this question:

How does your approach differ when you are speaking with a Muslim vs with a non-Muslim? I hope the book includes both.

Anonymous 4:04 PM  

My current approach when speaking about Islam is to distill it down to an argument about human rights abuses. The fact is that Islam contains many, many egregious human rights abuses against both Muslims and non-Muslims. A few of those against Muslims are: death for apostasy; the fact that Muslims receive no penalty for killing their children or grandchildren; death to gays; the fact that pre-pubescent girls may be married to much older men, who then, as her husband, may beat her. A few of those abuses against non-Muslims are: the lack of any penalty to Muslims who kill non-Muslims; and the fact that only Muslims may be armed. It seems to me that emphasizing that we want to protect both Muslim and non-Muslim victims should put the lie to the cries of "hater" and "Islamophobe."

So, by treating Islam as the equal (or the better) of western religions by refusing to acknowledge these fundamental flaws, we are aiding and abetting the perpetrators of these horrors, while not standing up for the victims. If society at large would fight for all of the victims of Islam, it would at least provide a reason for Islam to reform. As long as we ignore these problems, there is no such reason.

Your thoughts on this approach?

Citizen Warrior 2:20 AM  

Someone emailed this:

The main question i would like to ask is this:

How can we make the mainstream media more aware of the threat islam poses to the whole civilised world?

In my opinion, unless this happens, the general public (which is snoozing on recognising the islam-threat) will never ever accept that islam is a threat to all decent people in this world.

Thank you CW, for all that you do towards protecting this civilisation.

Anonymous 6:17 AM  

How do we protect the importance of free speech, free writings, free art, free cartoons free expression of all things.

How do you teach people that is ok to be offended, but not to retaliate in a violent threatening intimidating way. To learn to become tolerant.

That is the only way that a better way may be found that can change islam.

Some how 1% of muslims grew on into the Amadiyya belief of non violence, though I still want to understand them more.
At this stage they do muddy the waters as they act as if they represent all other muslims and at the same time they are often violently repudiated by the rest of islam.

Then again we must also that that a vast majority of muslims believe that islam can not be changed, an nor should it be considered moderate, as the Turkish President Erdogan also says.

Thanks to you for this blog and as Winston Churchill said ", never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense." oh well "never give up" ;-)

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