The Facts of Islam Alone Can Open Someone's Eyes


Damon Whitsell, the creator of The Religion of Conquest, published an interesting article about his own experiences trying to convince a friend's son that Islam is not a religion of peace. Whitsell admits he didn't do a very good persuasion job, and when you read their exchange, you have to agree with him. He's hard on the kid and too self-righteous, among other things.

However, he gets in some good points, gets a few facts to penetrate, and after the kid stopped talking to Whitsell for eight months, he came back after he looked into Islam on his own, and had to admit Whitsell was right. It's a triumph of the facts.

And it illustrates the point that you don't really have to convince someone Islam is a dangerous ideology. You only have to convince someone to look into it. The true nature of Islamic doctrine speaks for itself without any emphasis or embellishment on your part. This is good news. It means your mission is easier than you thought.

Read the blow-by-blow transcript of Whitsell's interaction with his friend's son here: With Facts I Helped Open Someone's Eyes to the Dangers of Islam (You Can Too).


Anonymous 11:17 AM  

Thanks for this post. It is great inspiration to not give up and to keep planting seeds of information in the minds of others, even if you don't think they are listening. I love to come to Citizen Warrior and read an article like this when I am feeling discouraged about my efforts.

Pray Hard 12:05 PM  

Once one has seen it, it can't be unseen, but that's just the way it is.

Robandrews33304 2:22 PM  

The Terrorist tha took over the Radisson hotel in Mali made people: "recite verses from the qu'ran to prove if they were Muslim".--from BBC World News.

So radical Muslims are supposed have nothing to do with Islam.Are they?

Charles Black 7:42 PM  

This article is an important reminder that isn't just the information that has to be right and also the delivery of information. As Groucho Marx once said "Learn from other's mistakes there isn't enough time to make them all".

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