The Muslim Invasion of Brazil


Someone left the following comment on our article, The Islamic Infiltration of South America:

I'm from Curitiba, South Brazil, and since 2014, thousands of Muslims are landing here. Every single town is receiving buses of Muslim immigrants, and our government is involved. The federal government is increasing federal gun control to the Brazilian people since 2005, and we're becoming unarmed and surrounded.

Some local news below (in Portuguese):


Anonymous 8:56 PM  

Why is this happening around the western world?

Citizen Warrior 1:32 AM  

It is happening everywhere. Islam doesn't allow women human rights, and wherever women don't have human rights, the population grows very fast. So Muslims are having lots of children, and moving to new countries.

The reason countries don't stop it is because not enough people know the disturbing truth about the Islamic ideology. That's why the number one priority is to educate people about Islam. When enough people understand, immigration policies can change.

Drak Druk 12:50 PM  

As I write this, in April 2016, the recent arrival of more orthodox Muslim immigrants has made this issue worse off, as expected, and it only tends to get worse in the coming years:

This article in Portuguese shows how the country´s cultural and ethnic hinterland is being rapidly changed with the arrival of more Muslim migrants:

This Youtube video shows part of the process, as it´s narrated in English, I´ll post only this one but there are other two videos in Portuguese (but without English subtitles)which go even deeper into their report:
Islam Growing in Brazil

A letter to the blog Gates of Vienna from a Brazilian woman now living in Europe:

The *Arab Emirates invest in the Islamicization of Brazil, as these two postings by this wonderful blog in Portuguese, Infiel Atento (Watchful Infidel), warn us:
*(I´ve also read an article which says Qatar also does it but i wasn´t able to find it right now)

This Brazilian convert has been luring the youths in the capital São Paulo with a supposed 'tolerant' approach, though he himself admits Sharia law prescribes the usual cruel punishments we know of:

Fabricio Azevedo 1:03 PM  

BULLSHIT. The number of muslim in Brazil is drop in a ocean. They have no political power, most are lower middle class and most of the Brazilians don´t care about them. This sound fearmonger political propaganda to me.

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