New "I Love Kufr" Design


As a follow up to the I Love Kufr article of a few days ago, we received this message:

The "I love Kufr" idea is brilliant. I'm not a professional graphic artist but I made this and offer it to you. Could you use it? Can you suggest improvements?

I loved it and asked for permission to post it, and he said yes. He added, "This is so good. I had the logo on my PC as I was making it and an employee saw it and said, 'what is kufr?' A chance to bring up the topic."

Feel free to use this image any way you want. Create a tee shirt at CafePress with it, use it as your Facebook profile picture, add it as a signature to your emails, etc.

If you have suggestions, leave them as a comment on this article (click here to leave a comment), or email us here. And if you have some designs to share, email them to us.


Greg Hamilton 1:33 AM  

I really like this new design. Keep the ideas coming. Let's splash this all over the world.

Elsa 7:03 AM  

I have a suggestion. In small print somewhere (below, on the back, whatever), give the definition (which I am taking from the previous post on I love Kufr). Something like:
Kufr is an Arabic word meaning disbelief, specifically disbelief in the truth claims of Islam.
Kufr is the absence of Islamic belief.
Kufr can be any degree of doubt about the truth of Islam right up to complete rejection of its claims.

I'm not sure this is a good suggestion, but anyway, here's my reasoning.

Often we may not be great at explaining something - like, why one loves Kufr. Those words make explaining easy.

Malta1565 2:09 AM  

I agree Elsa. We need to be really clear so that when questioned we can make our point most forcefully. The statement covers the huge range of things that lie outside the realm of Islamic belief; all the artistic, musical, literary, scientific, and political achievements of the unbelievers for example, and it is also invites Muslims to join us - as indeed many are by degrees.

Ramachandra 2:25 AM  

Great suggestion, Elsa. I ordered my 2" diameter round "I Love Kufr" button (new design)


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