An Idea That Would Create a Sudden Rise in Public Awareness About Islam


A reader named Brad wrote in with the following message. We thought it was an idea that might help accomplish our primary goal: Educating the public about Islam. If you have the money and you want to do something about the problem of Islam, you might consider the following idea. Here's what Brad wrote:

I think this would make a great billboard. It would cause a lot of people to get active:

You're only allowed to say things about Islam that Islam permits.

You're on notice. You've been warned.

If you saw a billboard on the side of the road which said that, how would you feel about it?

Isn't it the truth? Don't Muslims threaten people with violence every time someone says something that is not allowed to be said about Islam?

Do you think Muslims would complain about such a sign? If Muslims did complain, people would just have to say, "Is Muhammad allowed to be criticized?" "Are people allowed to criticize the Quran?"

Of course they'd say no. Then you'd just say, "What are we 'allowed' to say?" Check mate!

We all know that Muslims threaten violence whenever someone says something they're not "allowed" to say. Let's use that to our advantage to motivate the public.

I think such signs should be put up all over the country.

It wouldn't be long before the media got hold of it. Then the whole world would know what those billboards said. Would you rather see a sign like that when Muslims form the largest religious group in this country and they control all the major institutions in this country? Or would you rather see a sign like that now?


Elsa 5:23 AM  

Yes, a good very low key ad . . . and if people ask, lots of interesting answers. Like, no drawing Mohammed is only the tip of a huge deep iceberg. No drawing any figures. No saying anything negative about Islam. No preaching about another religion near an Islamic. Etc.

I HAVE ANOTHER IDEA: that we need to raise/change public awareness of the politically correct. I see that as way too neutral a term. It's not just neutral, in fact, it's "un-sticky" - un-vivid, un-catchy. No image.

My suggestion: we popularize the terms, BRAIN WRECK, and BRAIN WRECKED.

Here's a lot more, including videos, on the Brain Wrecked Politically Correct:

And here's a great video on Politically Correct (Brain Wrecked) Christians:

Walter Sieruk 12:06 PM  

For more news, information and knowledge about the many evils of Islamic terrorism there are the sites and Moreover, from the Christian/Bible viewpoint about Islam there are the sites and

Quin 8:32 PM  

If someone on this board would be willing to do the work and find a company that would post this, I would be happy to fund it maybe for a month depending on the cost. Clear Channel and others tend to not want to do this and can refuse service. even the MTA that pamela geller tried to get posters on woudln't fund a pro-muslim tongue-in-cheek effort that said 'beware, the muslims are coming'... making fun of the muslim fear-mongers, as the 'moderate' muslims see it. let me know if you'd be interested in finding a group that would post this in a major city: cities with higher concentration of muslims (Garland, TX or nearby Dallas, Boston, LA, etc).

Quin Roberts

Anonymous 3:44 AM  

Thank you Quin. I have someone chasing this up now.

If there is anyone interested in making this happen, please contact CW. I will communicate directly with him.


Anonymous 7:21 AM  

Quinn Roberts, I will be looking a company today. Thank you for stepping up.

Unknown 7:12 PM  

Is there a place to donate to the cause?

Citizen Warrior 11:04 AM  

Jeff Byrd, email me. There are people working on this, and I can connect you to this.

Citizen Warrior 4:41 AM  

Quin, someone in the U.S. is looking for a good place to put up this billboard, making inquiries and the going price is $4,000 to $15,000 a month. Is that in your range?

You can email us privately if you like:

Anonymous 7:14 AM  

I have an idea that perhaps some of the rigorous folks here could put some meat on. The idea is community panels that give talks aimed to expose the truth about Islam. The panel would consist of 5-10 people and include leaders of other religions and everyday people that would basically give talks in very specific format. Each perison would be limited to one aspect of Islam and would begin by saying very briefly I'm john im a Hindu that is my religion ( not allowed to to go deeper or talk about the merits of their own religion or world view) then " I am uncomfortable with Islam because ...5-10 minutes on their aspect. I'm Isaac I'm a Jew but I don't believe. I'm uncomfortable with Islam because .... I'm nancy I'm a scientist studing evolutionary biology. I'm uncomfortable with Islam because ... I'm Eric Pastor of St John church I believe the Bible. I'm uncomfortable with Islam because ...I'm depak I'm a neurologit. I'm uncomfortable with Islam because ...I'm Naomi I have Phd in feminist studies...I'm uncomfortable with ....I'm bill a bricklayer ...I'm uncomfortablewith Islam because ...I'm josh an environmental activist .... (You get the idea !) Not sure if it would be essential or helpful to include Muslim I mean it's about non Muslims views
Of Islam but I suppose if they wanted to step up they can have an allotment and no more. Dunno about that

Anyway at the end there's a moderated q and a session which ideally the person whose topic it relates to answers if not who knows answers. There is info and resources to take home.
In forming the group the Speakers only commit when when the ideal kind and number of participants is reached. they all know who's who before hand. They cannot comment on each others beliefs they cannot peddle their own beliefs beyond thier specific relationship to their portion of the topic. They cannot speak beyond the allotted time. No one feels they are going out to far on a limb they have the support of the others growing from the start. the spectrum is broad but includes certain key religious,Demographic, educational, ethnic. Etc roles.
Someone would need to define the format. Develop a method of recruiting. And some kind of training manual for the speakers that need it.

Any good or am I pipe dreaming and missing some obvious reason why it wouldn't fly ?

Anonymous 4:01 AM  

A Point of View: Why we should defend the right to be offensive See this excellent article from the BBC.

Citizen Warrior 1:40 AM  

Thank you for that BBC article. Excellent.

And Anonymous above, I like the idea of community panels and moderated Q and A sessions. Excellent again.

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