Talk to People About Muhammad's Hatred of Dogs


We received an email from a reader with a worthy suggestion. He wrote the following:

When we talk to people about Islam, we should talk about Mohammed's hatred of dogs because they are a common pet and we can make sure people accept facts. Here is a transcript of a recent conversation I had with a dog owner.

Me: Nice day isn't it?
Owner: Yes it is.
Me: Is that your dog?
Owner: Yes.
Me: What is your dog's name?
Owner: (reveals dog's name).
Me: I think I know why dogs are called man's best friend. They are loyal to a fault.
Owner: Yes they are known to be man's best friend.
Me: It's a shame that the sentiment of dogs being man's best friend isn't universal. I hear that in some countries such as Iran that dogs are forbidden.
Owner: That's surprising to hear that there are countries which ban dogs.
Me: It goes back 1400 years ago in the Middle East to a man named Mohammed who didn't like dogs very much. He considered them unclean and evil — so much so that he declared all dogs to be evil and now they are forbidden.
Owner: Wow it's amazing that a man's hatred of dogs 1400 years ago would become the hatred of dogs shared by his followers.
Me: Of course not all Muslims hate dogs but given how seriously some take their ideology it was only a matter of when — not if — that dogs would be hated just for being dogs.

So far I have not met any resistance from people when I tell them this story and I figured that everyone who wants to tell the truth should start with Mohammed's hatred of dogs as many people own a dog and it would be a good topic for conversation.

Editor's comment: You could add that it says 91 times in the Koran that Muslim's should follow Muhammad's example in all things.


Unknown 12:17 PM  

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Muhammad the prophet of Islam is a Pedophile;

Muslims can KILL/MURDER Non-Muslims which is Jihad - Quran 9:29;

Wife Beating is allowed in Islam - Qur'an 4:34;

The Sins: Fornication, Adultery and the Rape of women are allowed in Islam - Qur'an 4:24;

Top Ten Reasons Muhammad Is Not a Prophet;

* You can read another e-mail of mine on the Facebook website link below;

Citizen Warrior 1:13 PM  

We received this email message about the article:

Yes, Hatred dogs is one of the fundamental rules in Islam. The reason have been varied but the real one can not be found unless we study the the nature and the rules governing those who prevailed and ruled the whole area by Islam.

Nothing is dangerous for Invaders as much as dogs. These pets act as early warnings and give an alert for those under attack. In case like that, killing dogs is a must but invaders under holly drive will never tell the truth about the reason. They will say Dogs are unclean, impure, polluted... etc.

Touching dogs make praying unaccepted, the person should wash again.
They asked Muhammad, Oh Allah messenger, should we kill dogs? He replied Yes:

Mohamed Elbadry

Ah Clem 7:23 AM  

Using the search function at is a great way to find out more about topics like this. When I entered "dog" (without quotes) into the search box, I got four pages of hits. The search goes through all of the so-called "sound six" Sunni hadiths, plus several others listed on the main page.

Another thing I've used this search for is to explore whether or not a statement attributed to Muhammad about "greater and lesser jihad" was actually made by him in the hadiths. This alleged statement is sometimes used by apologists to justify the claim that the word "jihad" primarily refers to an inner struggle. I first heard this claim on my commute home on 9/11/2001 and actually believed it then. It's actually in The Reliance of the Traveller as well. When I did the search for "jihad" in the hadiths, I found that the search function was smart enough to find matches for the alternate spelling "jihaad" as well, so I was confident that it found all matches. There was no reference to the "greater and lesser jihad" at all.

Citizen Warrior 1:01 PM  

Here is more about that inner struggle nonsense:

Ah Clem 4:20 PM  

Here is yet more about the "greater and lesser jihad" hoax:

Citizen Warrior 10:28 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Also talk to people about the difficulty encountered by Social Services departments to get Muslims to adopt Muslim children.

This is because they follow Mohammed who adopted a son Zayd. When Zayd became an adult he married a very beautiful woman. Mohammed desired her for himself and persuaded Zayd to give her to him. Many of Mohammed's followers were outraged by this - a man taking his son's wife.

Shortly after Mohammed had revealed to him by, none other than the Angel Gabriel, that adoption was not allowed for Muslims so Zayd wasn't really his son - taking his wife was therefore not quite so bad!!!!

To this day Muslims follow Mohammed by not adopting.

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