Geert Wilders Shows Muhammad Cartoons on Dutch Television


In the Netherlands, each of the different political parties are allotted a certain amount of time on Dutch television. Geert Wilders decided to use his allotted time to show Muhammad cartoons from the recent event in Garland, Texas. Before he showed the cartoons, he made a clear and powerful statement about freedom of speech.

You can see a YouTube video of the message Wilders played on Dutch television (2 minutes, 44 seconds long) here: Video Muhammad Cartoons - Geert Wilders (English subtitles).

Here's what Geert Wilders says in the video:

A few weeks ago, I was in Garland, Texas, at a conference and an exhibition of Muhammad cartoons. Shortly after I had spoken, a terrorist attack took place. Islam and the terrorists do not want us to show these cartoons. But terror and violence must never defeat freedom of speech. That is exactly the reason why we should do what the terrorists want to prevent us from doing.

I asked the Board of the Dutch Parliament if I could show the cartoons in their building. They refused. And yet it is very important that we show them. That is the only way to assure that the terrorists do not defeat freedom of speech. That is why I show them to you today.

"You can't draw me," says Muhammad.

"That's why I draw you," says Bosch Fawstin, the winner of the cartoon contest.

That says it all.

What is not allowed by Islam and by the violence of terrorists, we will do anyway.

And we call that: Freedom of speech.

I do not broadcast the cartoons to provoke; I do it because we have to show that we stand for freedom of speech and that we will never surrender to violence. Freedom is our birthright. Freedom of speech must always prevail over violence and terror.



I am surprised that the Dutch powers that be refused a showing of Muhammad cartoons. (Yet they were shown on tv).The Dutch are a very liberal people and that was their downfall; they allowed everybody access to their country and now they are infested with an ungrateful crowd of 'lice' to pollute their beautiful country. I spent some rime in Holland (pre Islam) and found the people most charming, gracious and welcoming. Trust MOHAMMAD to defile what was beautiful.
It is gratifying that certain Americans saw the justice in having an exhibition and symposium in Texas.

Citizen Warrior 11:47 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

He is just an amazing man! He saw so much when almost no one was seeing them. He acknowledged what he saw. And he had the courage to speak. Most people fall down somewhere. They will speak "later" for instance - as if this were not an urgent enough issue - or as if, when they had a bigger audience, they would be more willing to risk being attacked. Congratulations to Geert Wilders.

His movie, Fitna, was a big eye-opener to me. I heard it was "hate-speech" - utterly horrible. I decided to see for myself - and learned a lot about Islam I did not know, like those quotes from the Quran. A big thank you to him.

Ah Clem 3:37 PM  

It was an honor to see Geert Wilders at the Garland event. Great guy. You can watch a video of his Garland speech (and of the other speakers as well) here.

Anonymous 12:58 AM  

We should organize a "Draw Muhammad Cartoon" day all over the world, not only in Texas. I live in China at the moment and I think it'd be easier to do it somewhere else.

Anonymous 5:17 PM  

Thank God, for good and brave men like Geert Wilders.

"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil, God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act."

Dietrich Bonhoeffer
German Theologian
Feb 04, 1906 - April 09, 1945
Executed by the Nazis

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