What should those who oppose political Islam and Sharia call themselves? Some call themselves counter-Sharia or counter-jihad. We need a better name.

Look carefully at how Islam actually expands its power. It is not the Muslims who actually do the work of Islamification. No, it is the Establishment media, schools, churches, government, and others who do the actual work. The Establishment is the near enemy and Islam is the far enemy.

Our name needs to reflect both enemies. Since we dissent from the dogma of the Establishment and Islam, the name “dissident” fulfills our needs. It also pays homage to the brave dissidents of the Soviet era. If you agree, start calling ourselves dissidents.

Watch Bill Warner's 2-minute video on this word here: Dissident.


Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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Walter Sieruk 10:54 AM  

It's all Islam that poses a threat of one kind or another. It's not just "political Islam."

Citizen Warrior 12:58 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

I wondered, reading about the dissident in the photo (from my yesterday's inbox), why did he stay in Germany as long as he did?

he did try to escape, but very very late, and was caught. but he had stayed in Germany, married a Jewish woman, had had a child with hr.

to me, those are dangerous dangerous actions.

note: As a Christian German - and especially as a Nazi, this lone German could have escaped early on, along with the woman he had fallen in love with, and perhaps used his knowledge to help others.

note: 70% of German Jews managed to leave/flee Germany 1933-1939. for Christians it was much easier, as they could go on "holiday" and the other countries would not block entrance.

here's the article (which you've probably read as well):


70% of German Jews managed to escape - not easy. But they listened, struggled, and despite massive anti-Semitism, 70% found somewhere they could go to. I remember a couple of those survivors from my childhood - friends of my parents. They had found refuge in China, like a large number of German Jews. Apparently China was the only country worldwide which let in large numbers of Jews. Canada, for instance, barred all Jews.

So here was a Nazi officer who should know better than anyone just how anti-Jewish Nazis were (though the Final Solution had not been thought up yet).

And he stayed, married a Jewish woman, had a child with her - and only then tried to escape. It meant, in the end, that the woman he loved also died, as did their 2 children.

With his status, fleeing early on should have been easy.

Citizen Warrior 1:41 AM  

Someone emailed a question: Dissidents from what?

He must not have watched the video. The answer is: "We are dissidents from both the ideology of Islam and the politically correct point of view that whitewashes Islam."

Common Sense 3:11 PM  

How about calling yourselves "ignorant bigots"? That would be much more appropriate then "dissidents". People who use the term "orthodox Islam" and "all Islam" in a topic about "sharia", deserve to be labelled as "ignorant bigots". Sharia is NOT orthodox Islam. In a country with over 80 million Muslims following "orthodox Islam", sharia was banned in Turkey. Why? BECAUSE SHARIA IS NOT PART OF THE QURAN, IT WAS CREATED BY RADICAL RETARDS CENTURIES AFTER THE QURAN, AND AFTER MUSLIMS HAD ALREADY EXISTED AND AFTER ISLAM WAS ESTABLISHED. SHARIA IS NOT DEFAULT OR STOCK, SO THEREFORE ANY LATER ADDED MAN MADE COMPONENT SUCH AS SHARIA DOES NOT FORM THE BASIS OF TRUE "ORTHODOX ISLAM". AND WHEN SOMETHING IS NOT PART OF THE ORIGINAL CONCEPT, IT'S REJECTED BY THE MANY PURISTS AND FOLLOWERS. I DON'T KNOW ANY MUSLIM IN MY COMMUNITY OR CIRCLE THAT BELIEVES OR FOLLOWS THE SHARIA CRAP.

So if you're definition of "dissidents" is to identify "those who oppose sharia", well then you better come up with a new name because every Muslim that I know, including myself "OPPOSE SHARIA". So based on your argument that means we're also "dissidents"? And yet we don't oppose "Islam". See what happens when you don't accommodate for the diversity of reality and instead base an argument on your black and white views, prejudice generalizations and your attempts to stereotype the majority of moderates with the minority of extremists.

Citizen Warrior 7:02 PM  

Sharia law was created from the example of Muhammad and writings of the Koran. It is a codification of the things Muhammad did and said. It does not make anything up. It only writes it out clearly.

We are perfectly aware than many people do not follow the Koran and Muhammad's example. That's why we use the term "orthodox Islam." A heterodox Muslim is one who does not follow the teachings strictly.

When the OIC (which represents the 57 Muslim countries of the world) created its answer to the UN's Declaration of Human Rights, the OIC made all their declarations contingent on the fact that it would not conflict with Sharia law. So I don't know where you get the idea that only a small percentage of Muslims care about Sharia, but it is wrong.

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