Are We Doomed? Is This Fight Hopeless?


Someone wrote to us and said: "I hope you found a petition site but I fear you may not, as I have noticed every site — even those that do not use hateful language — is shut down...England, France, Australia, and many other countries are on the verge of cultural collapse, and now in Dearborn MI they attack Christians. I think we are doomed to Islamic law. I do not think there is any hope. I will defend my Church if it is attacked but I feel in my heart the USA and England are lost. There is no hope because freedom of speech is one way: Say something to upset the world of Islam and the web page is shut down. I believe like the photo says but I give up."

I answered him with this:

Listen to me carefully. The fight is not lost. Not by a long shot. Non-Muslims still greatly outnumber Muslims and more non-Muslims are awakening to the situation all the time. Giving up now would be premature. We have a tough fight, but so did many others fighting for a just cause, like women getting the vote in America or Indians breaking free from British rule. Many times during those long struggles, it seemed hopeless, but it clearly was not.

Your feeling of hopelessness is caused by a mistake in your thinking. It is a mistake you don't know is a mistake. It may even be something you're proud of. But when you recognize what it is and why it is a mistake, your feeling of hopelessness will disappear and your fighting spirit will be restored.

I strongly recommend reading the book, Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman. Take the test included in the book. It will tell you exactly what kind of mistake you are making in your thinking and how to fix it.

I recommend this to all of us. If you find someone who learns about Islam but feels hopeless to do anything about it, urge them to read Seligman's book. It's not about positive thinking at all. It is about natural mistakes that commonly occur in the human brain.

Seligman's research has discovered six specific mistakes someone can make that will cause him or her to give up on a goal that is, in reality, achievable, and shows you how to eliminate that mistake from your thinking.

Read it yourself and learn it well, and you will be able help people restore their determination to stop Islam from fulfilling its prime directive. They won''t even have to read the book.

We cannot afford to lose people from this cause. Use the information to help keep our fellow citizen warriors in the fight.


Anonymous 7:02 AM  

Sometimes I, too, feel that this is a hopeless fight.
The odds are stacked against the non-muslims but then i bounce back and tell myself that we are the few handful who understand islamic doctrine for what it is and if we give up who will show up islam for the 'political-idealogy-masked-as-a-religion' that it is?
All cultures will be destroyed by islam the way the Egyptian and the Byzantine cultures have been destroyed and we cannot let that happen - at least NOT WITHOUT SPEAKING UP.

Anonymous 6:03 PM  

For me, this feeling of hopelessness can occasionally arise for a number of reasons:
1. I must be very careful what I say in my ultra-liberal workplace that serves many Muslims and employs others. Any public activism or comment anywhere could endanger my employment. Most of the working population of the US shares this problem.
2. Internet activism through commenting on articles and forums requires me to have multiple accounts for Facebook, Discus, etc. Comments seem to disappear. More news outlets are not open to comments at all. It is easy to ask myself:"Why bother? Is all this effort doing a bit of good?"
3. My city and state media are very careful to conceal Muslim crime, welfare dependency or demands for concessions. Somalis, the dominant Muslim group in our region, are good at continually asking for stuff from the city, but the general public is completely in the dark about what they are getting. It is hard for citizens to speak out unless they know what is going on.

Nevertheless, as the above person stated, the consequences of giving up are too severe to contemplate. It takes a frighteningly small number of people to derail or destroy a nation of apathetic people.

Finally, I see some bright spots. I think significant numbers of Western Muslims are going to abandon their faith in the next decade. Supporting those people might be one of the best things to do. Also, as yet America has a fairly dispersed and small number of Muslims. We are not Sweden or France yet, and that is a very fortunate thing.

Anonymous 12:13 PM  

After reading several psycho-biographies of Mohammad that characterised him as a Malignant Narcissist (MN), I came to realize that members of my own family have these characteristics! And the worst of them (in my case) are 'born again' Christians (they like the trashy TV 'faith healers' .. I don't know why). So I think we have to put our own houses in order, first.

Learn about the destructive and malignant personality disorders of Narcissism / Sociopathy / Psychopathy and others. Focus some activism there. The good news is you can hoodwink the PC crowd by addressing the underlying mental health and not race/religion/nationality. E.g. chronic victims / violent criminals / grievance mongers? All forms of attention-addicted narc. Islam is good at this, but it's not alone.

The bad news is .. ouch .. narcissism is natural and we've all been guilty. But it's the gateway drug. With addiction, it becomes NPD. With predation, it becomes MN. With parenthood, it produces psychopaths. No empathy. Criminals run the show and we are putting them there. Stop empowering them by learning their tricks. No more brainwashing.

It sounds hokey, but the cure is interacting with others AS EQUALS. Volunteering, physically helping out, etc. are far better than bashing out facebook memes from home. A nation of un-empathetic people is a nation of apathetic people.

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