Trying Not to Have to Think About It


An insightful young woman said something to me the other day that nails it on the head. She said when she talks to people about Islam, they seem to be trying to find a way of thinking about it that lets them not have to think about it any more. Things like, "But it's just a small number of extremists." Or, "We have the strongest military in the world." Or, "I know a couple of Muslims, and they're some of the nicest people I know."

"People try to compartmentalize it," she said. "They try to brush it off so they can stop worrying about it."

But she also pointed out something I've noticed too: It is getting harder to ignore.

To help you deal with those kinds of responses from people, we have created the Answers to Objections series.


Walter Sieruk 8:01 AM  

The way to handle the cruel,vicious and murderous fiends who compose the brutal and deadly jihad entity ISIS is by the use of many very strong powers of military might.
As Thomas Jefferson had so well stated "With every barbarous people...force is law."

Unknown 3:05 PM  

I was speaking to a lady the other day and she told me that she is very worried about what type of world we are going to be leaving for our children and grand children. I agreed with her and asked her what she was worried about, she is worried about corrupt politicians, police brutality and things like climate change. She then asked what I was worried about and I explained about Islam. She then stated that Islam is a religion of peace and that the koran has NOTHING to do with Islam.
No matter what I said she kept repeating the same refrain religion of peace and the koran has nothing to do with Islam.
I must admit I was totally dumbfounded, I didn't know what to say.
With attitudes like that what hope have we really got.

Citizen Warrior 12:10 AM  

Keith, luckily not everyone is as stupid as that woman.

Anonymous 2:34 PM  

Ok heres an idea. We need pictures of thibgs americans love like bikinis at the beach and mixed sex dancing and non halal bbqs and shorts and having a drink at a bar....all sorts of things BANNED BY ISLAM AND SHARIA and make it a poster. Tell people THIS is what ISLAM HATES! ISLAM HATES EVERYTHING YOU LOVE! Also, we need to all shun muslims. Anyone dating a muslim MUST be warned. Dont let your kids associate with them. Write to your newspaper and ask for balanced articles that reflect the truth about islam not islamic propaganda and lies. Please, someone make pictture with captions showing what islam hates. I myself am afraid to even speak out in the liberal hive i live in. The NW is a toxic pit of ignorance about islam. People i know that I try to explain the threat of muslim immigration to call me racist. son is mixed race. But anyway....people need to SEE in pictures what it is that islam hates: everything great and fun about the USA!!!!!

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