Have You Heard of Geert Wilders?


I was working with two guys yesterday and when we work together we often talk about random things. I said, "Have you guys heard of Geert Wilders?" They both said no.

"He's a member of Parliament in the Netherlands," I said, "and the head of one of their political parties there. He's famous for saying things that nobody else has the courage to say. For example, in the Netherlands, Mein Kampf is banned because of its Jew hatred."

They both nodded like that was understandable. I said, "Geert Wilders said if they want to be consistent, they should also ban the Koran, since it contains more Jew hatred than Mein Kampf. And of course, people freaked out when he said that. But it's true when you count up the amount of text in each book devoted to Jew hatred."

While I was on the subject, I added this: "He now has to live with armed guards who go everywhere with him, and he has to sleep in safe houses because, of course, he's gotten lots of death threats. And many times he's made the point that he could have said whatever he wanted about Christianity or Hinduism or Buddhism without ever having to get bodyguards. Only Islam would kill you for speaking honestly about it."

They both had a look on their faces that said, "That's probably true, now that you mention it." I then asked something about the work we were doing, and our conversation drifted into other topics.

Two really simple but powerful pieces of information sunk into their minds with no resistance whatsoever. As far as they were concerned, all that happened was that they heard an interesting story. They probably didn't even realize that their understanding of the most pressing issue of our times just improved a little.

These conversations are taking place all over the world. And when a critical mass of people get a critical mass of clarity about the problem of Islam, a tremendous collective change will happen, and Islam's expansion will turn into Islam's contraction because non-Muslims will stop being fooled by the nonsense spoken by political leaders, mainstream media, and orthodox Muslims.

Reaching that critical mass will be the beginning of the end of the third jihad.


Anonymous 5:16 AM  

Excellent point. I normally say that Mein Kampf is a fairy tale compared to the Qur'an.

Your approach is more reflective.

Walter Sieruk 8:39 AM  

One this is for sure, Iran or for that matter any of its violent and murderous jihad Islamic terror groups, as Hezbollah and Hamas,will fail in their agenda to destroy the Jewish State of Israel. In other words Iran and its stooge jihad groups are fated to lose in the end in their war on Israel. This is because the God of the Bible is ,very much, for Israel. To site on one place of many in the Bible that show this is Psalm 135:4. Which teaches "For the Lord has Chosen Jacob for Himself. Israel for His special treasure." [N.K.J.V.]

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