Why Christian Massacres Get Too Little News Coverage


I don't read or watch mainstream news very often, but I'm always curious about which stories are being covered. So a few days ago I asked a friend of mine (I know he watches CNN) if he'd seen any stories about ISIS throwing gay people off roofs.

"Yes," he said. He'd read about it.

"Have you seen any stories about the massacres of Christians?"

He asked, "What massacres?"

The reason I asked is because of something I heard Raymond Ibrahim say. He was explaining why you don't hear much about the Christian persecution now happening all over the Muslim world. His explanation struck me as insightful. Brilliant really.

He said that the general narrative in mainstream news is that the Palestinians are the besieged underdogs who have been forced out of their homeland, and Israel is the powerful oppressor. And all the bombings and killings committed by the Palestinians are somewhat understandable, so this narrative goes, given that the Palestinians have been so mistreated.

But the reason Palestinians bomb and kill Israelis is that orthodox Muslims hate Jews (because Muhammad hated Jews and believing Muslims follow Muhammad's example).

When Jews are mistreated by Muslims anywhere, it can always be explained by this mainstream news narrative that its source is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

But the burning of churches and the massacres of Christians by Muslims casts this kind of Islamic violence in a whole different light. The Christians are, in reality, a besieged minority in Muslim countries and the Muslims have no political grievance they can use to justify what they're doing. They're killing the Christians because they're Christians.

So far, the news media seems reluctant to change their narrative, so instead they just don't say much about these very "newsworthy" stories. If gays were being massacred, it would be headline news. If neo-Nazis were lining up Muslims on a beach and beheading them on film (as Muslims recently did to Christians in Libya) and burning down their mosques, you can bet everything you own it would be front page news.

In other words, the actions themselves are certainly newsworthy. But because it is Muslims massacring Christians, to cover it would not only discredit the Israeli-is-the-evil-one narrative, but it would also cast all that previous violence into a whole new worldview — a horrifying, frightening view of the world (that the problem might be the ideology considered sacred by 1.6 billion people) — and that is something that most news organizations seem as yet unwilling to confront.


Unknown 6:23 AM  

Excellent points, all.

There's also the fact that news media skews wildly left, and Leftists loathe Christians as well.

Anonymous 7:03 AM  

"If gays were being massacred"
Gays ARE being massacred.

Citizen Warrior 12:01 PM  

Many people on the left ARE Christians.

And gays are being killed two and three at a time. Christians are being killed 20, 30, sometimes hundreds at a time. It's a semantic point, and if we were one of those getting killed, it wouldn't matter to us, I'm sure. But "massacre" implies a large group of people at a time.

Anonymous 1:44 PM  

I am pretty sure that the execution of 20 or 30 unarmed peple qualifies as a massacre. How many have to die before you think it's OK to use the word massacre? Perhaps you'd prefer to describe such incidents as isolated criminal acts which have nothing to do with Christianity.

Ben 2:53 PM  

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Anonymous 6:22 PM  

Sorry Zachary, just realised I misunderstood your comment... Got a little fired up and carried away, my apologies.

tranquil 11:19 PM  

"Unknown" has it right - the leftists loathe Christians.

Anonymous 7:43 PM  

Jesus was left wing.

Unknown 6:20 AM  

Jesus was left wing, eh? Got any evidence that categories like that even EXISTED at that time, much less that Jesus fell into that category?

Of course you don't.

(not sure why name isn't coming up)

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