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Elsa Schieder, PhD, is presenting a free online introductory workshop to "Tapping," which is a method of using acupressure points to undo inner blocks. I have no idea if it works, so I'm not "recommending" it per se, but since her aim is to make us more effective at doing what we need to do (expose Islam for what it is), I'm letting you know about it.

You can read more about Dr. Schieder here. She has created some excellent interviews with top counterjihadists (learn more about those here) and is working to produce creative solutions to the problem of getting through to people about Islam. Her upcoming workshop is part of that effort. The following was written by Dr. Schieder:

Tapping into Power — energy psychology comes to the counter-jihad world. Tapping: tapping on a number of acupressure points to undo inner blocks. The counter-jihad world: masses of strategies to undo blocks in the West against recognizing the dangers of Islam, against the Islamization of the West, for the protection of Western freedoms.

The main goal of Tapping into Power: increasing our effectiveness by increasing our access to our own personal power to increase the power of the counter-jihad.

February 18th, 8 pm, EST (New York Time) — FREE introductory online workshop. For more info, click here.

A big characteristic of mine: curiosity. Another one: optimism. It is curiosity — what could explain the millions of Muslims marching against a little cartoon when they were utterly silent about the murder of thousands of Muslims by Muslims? — that was a major impetus to investigate this strange thing called Islam. It is optimism that gives me the utter inner conviction that we will prevail — that freedom of speech and thought, freedom to live lives right for us, freedom to live in safety — will all prevail.

Curiosity also got me to investigate tapping.

Another impetus was optimism. I had experienced hitting a wall, years earlier, with talk therapy. At some point, change stopped happening. But I didn't accept that change could not happen. Then I came across tapping. It was helpful. Wow!

More recently I have been listening to a very interesting teleseminar series on emerging techniques coming from neuroscience. More ground for optimism.

I would like you to trust me enough, if you have even a smidgeon of curiosity, to give tapping a try — or at least to become better informed about it, so you know what it is, if someone else mentions it to you. To register, click here.

Over and over I hear that Europe is a lost cause and the U.S. is basically lost as well, etc, etc. That's dangerous stuff — and not only because it acknowledges that the Western world is in danger. If you believe that the game is over, you are much less likely to win. I'm not saying denial or pie in the sky optimism are useful. But a rockbed of optimism gives strength, especially on bad days.

Another reason for tapping into power: I see many counter-jihadis as over-scared, over-angry, not seeing opportunities, most of all often having given up hope of actually achieving the end of Islam. In other words, I see that we're not as effective as possible.

The main goal of Tapping into Power:
increasing our effectiveness by
increasing our access to our own personal power
to increase the power of the counter-jihad.

It's for everyone who feels that some inner change might be helpful, especially when it comes to dealing with Islam.

Maybe your fear level is higher than you feel it needs to be. Maybe you sometimes freeze instead of responding effectively. Maybe you can't stop being eaten by anger. Maybe you're caught in the pain of an experience. Maybe you just can't believe that what you hear about Islam could actually be real.

The goal, again: tapping to gain more personal power. A special focus is inner change that makes reaching people easier, that makes you more effective.

An increasing number of therapists use tapping to speed things up, to achieve in weeks what generally takes months, and to succeed when no amount of talk helps.

I'm a great believer in recognizing what is out in the world — like the dangers posed by Islam.

Why do so many people not see these dangers? One can point to mainstream politicians, the mainstream media, plus powerful Islamic groups ever ready to insist Islam is a religion of peace (and watch out if you dare suggest otherwise!!).

There are also inner blocks, inner barriers — which are ever harder to maintain in the face of the increasing evidence and an increasing level of danger, but are still powerful. For instance, a Pew research survey conducted last spring found that the majority of people in France, Britain and Germany continued to have favorable views of Muslims.

So how can tapping help?

When we try to get people to listen, and when we try to figure out the best ways to use our time, we often need more skills, techniques, strategies.

We also often come up against our own inner blocks — which may block us from seeing opportunities, which may make us explode in anger when that's not effective, which may keep us silent due to fear even when we know we could safely speak. One of the biggest barriers: fear. Another, for some people: rage.

Just as I'm a great believer in facing what's out in the world — the threats to freedom of speech, for instance — I'm also a great believer in trying to recognize and deal with what's within us, especially things that hold us back.

That has brought me to create this teleseminar series.

As I've said, the tool for change will be tapping.

We'll also explore the chakras, because each chakra is linked to a different aspect of ourselves, such as the drive to survive, the drive to express ourselves, the capacity to recognize what is outside us, and so on.

The process: we'll go, week by week, chakra by chakra, using tapping to try to have the chakras as open as possible.

By the way, tapping is a tool you'll be able to use yourself.

The time of the free workshop: February 18th, 8 pm EST. The replay will be available for a week.

If you like what you experience, and want more, you will have the option to sign up for a 7-week workshop.

The 7-week workshop will start March 4th.

We will start with the root chakra (survival) — crucial when it comes to Islam, as it threatens the survival of the West. How do we deal with such threats? The three most common responses: flight, fight and freeze.

Again, what might you gain from tapping?

Less fear. More insight. More choice in how to respond. A greater sense of empowerment.

What qualifications do I have?

A PhD in Psychology. But this isn't psychology.

The biggest qualification is being a lifelong learner, ever curious and ready to stretch. Personal growth, personal development — call it what you will — has been a major interest. For years I taught a course on Knowing the Inner Self, where students were introduced to a whole range of tools for gaining more self knowledge.

The second major qualification is being a lifelong teacher, for a long time as a college prof. But the urge to teach goes way further back. When I was in grade 3 and my kid sister was in kindergarten, I taught her about fractions as I was learning about them – and got her to understand! She was soon doing fractions at Grade 3 level! (One half and one quarter equals what?)

Being a lifelong learner and teacher — with Islam, that's crucial. For most of us, the threat from Islam seemed to come out of the blue. I certainly had to learn about it. And soon I wanted to reach others — as is the case for most of us.

With tapping, I've likewise learned, and now would like to pass on what I've learned.

So again, you're invited to the introductory workshop. I'll explain tapping, show you how to do it, go over the chakras, and then we'll do some tapping. Register here.


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