Islam's Dangerous Degrees of Devotion


The following was written by Carol Brown and originally published in American Thinker here. This article impressed me:

The obsession to convince us that most Muslims are moderate and that Islam is a religion of peace brings to mind Shakespeare’s “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Is there any other religion that draws such an incessant chorus of voices proclaiming the religion to be peaceful?


It is only the case with Islam that we hear the ceaseless lie because it is the only religion that warrants explanation on a daily basis. If the explanation reflected the truth, we might actually win this war that has been waged against us – a war that has been raging to a greater or lesser degree for 1400 years.

The fact is, Islam is a political doctrine of war. In the West, it is also a religion of caveats.

The caveats

According to the uninformed or intentionally misleading, Muslims generally fall into one of two categories. There is the ever-elusive “moderate” Muslim, though it’s not clear what that means.

According to the uninformed or intentionally misleading, moderate Muslims follow a peaceful religion and are presumed to be like any other group of reasonable, law-abiding, freedom-loving folk.

But there is ample evidence to show that moderate Muslims might also represent jihad lite. “Moderate” may describe the kind of Muslims the Obama administration is importing from places like Syria who have had “minor” associations with terrorists. Or perhaps they are American Muslims who believe that drawing a parody of Mohammed should be a criminal offense, with some saying the person should receive the death penalty.

In any case, if there’s a moderate version of a religion, there must be a pious orthodox version. Which brings us to the other category for Muslims: extremists. They are the ones who commit heinous acts of violence by, presumably, misrepresenting Islam. Although that’s a bit confusing because people can’t represent an extreme form of something while simultaneously not representing that something in any way, shape, or form.

So increasingly, the uninformed or intentionally misleading tell us that Islam has nothing to do with these “extremists.” Apparently it’s a gigantic coincidence that these savages keep shouting “Allahu Akbar” while quoting the Quran chapter and verse as they kidnap, rape, behead, burn, execute, and destroy every living thing in their path.

Are we to believe these barbarians have come across an imposter version of the Quran that is different from the real Quran – the one that preaches nothing but love for humankind?

By removing the words Islam/Islamic from descriptions of Islamic terror, all that remains is a vague, generic, and incomplete description of the truth: “Extremist.”

The key word that truly informs is left out: Islam/Islamic.

This verbal manipulation occurs repeatedly. It is embraced and peddled by regular folks, the media, far too many in the GOP, just about everyone on the left, and of course the Obama administration. A recent example among an ever-growing list was Obama’s summit to “fight violent extremism around the world” – as if we are witnessing a strange phenomenon of random worldwide violence perpetrated by random demographic groups targeting random people.

But back to the caveats.

If moderates represent the true nature of Islam and extremists have nothing to do with Islam, that leaves only moderates. In which case, why would those who follow Islamic teachings need an extra descriptor (“moderate”) at all? They wouldn’t. They would just be Muslims – the people who follow a religion called Islam.

So, good. We’ve found some common ground. We can toss out these needless caveats because Islam is Islam is Islam. And Islam by any standard is extreme at its core.

Now, how to awaken the brainwashed masses to this growing problem (understatement) that threatens all of civilization?

The uninformed or intentionally misleading

The uninformed or intentionally misleading willingly spew opinions as facts. The most common refrain we hear is that “Islam is a religion of peace.”

Working in tandem with the daily dishing of lies is the distraction method. This is when “not all Muslims are terrorists” is pulled out of the proverbial closet.

Complicating this disgraceful situation is the fact that the uninformed or intentionally misleading are rarely challenged when they spread this garbage around.

So when someone says that Islam is peaceful and that terrorists do not represent Islam, they need to be called out every single time and asked:

  • Upon what do you base your assertion?
  • Have you read the Quran? If so, do you understand the meaning of Chapter 2, Verse 106: Abrogation, or what the word taqiyya means?
  • Why do you assume all religions are created equal? Do you think all ideas the same; that none are better than others?
  • Are you afraid to speak the truth because you fear retaliation against you and/or your family and/or your employer?

The truth

First of all, Islam is not so much a religion as it is a political ideology. The ultimate goal is world domination. If that sounds crazy or extreme, I didn’t make it up. It’s written in the Quran and it is central to Islam’s history of conquest over the past 1400 years. (See here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here among a long list of examples.)

Second, while it is often said that not all Muslims are terrorists, the discourse tends to stop there or gets re-routed away from the central point. But it shouldn’t. Because here’s the deal: Some Muslims are terrorists. And given the size of the population of Muslims on the planet, “some” is quite a lot.

But what of the rest of the population of Muslims?

While most do not commit outright acts of terror, many of them support terror. And they do so in a variety of ways, including financial support, political activism, and brainwashing their children. (See here, here, here, here, here, and here among numerous examples.)

Then there are those who are not terrorists and who don’t overtly support terror, but who have attitudes that support it or feel ambiguous toward it, including those who support Sharia law – an oppressive and draconian legal system based on Islamic supremacy.

When you do the math, as Ben Shapiro did, you wind up with quite a few Muslims – millions and millions of them – with a vision for civilization that is at odds with Western values. Shapiro’s analysis of a Pew Research poll revealed that more than half of the total Muslim population on earth hold radical views. Additional polls and analyses point to similar conclusions.

We can speak the truth. Or we can allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the Islamic invasion that is well underway. So far the West is doing the latter. Which makes it all the more urgent that every single one of us step forward to the front lines of this battle. Speak the truth at every opportunity and educate others. Because the propaganda machine runs 24/7.

And it is powerful and effective.

Earlier this month a Des Moines Register poll of likely caucus participants revealed that 53% of Republicans and 81% of Democrats had a positive view of Islam as a peaceful religion. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say most, if not all, of those who make up these numbers are uninformed.

They need to learn the truth.

Who will tell them?

That would be us.


Anonymous 2:43 AM  

Facts on islam:
Every observant, devout and orthodox moslem HAS to be on jihad, until islam dominates the World.
God commands the true moslem to be on a constant jihad. Jihad doesn’t stop, until islam is the only ‘religion’ dominating the World and all Jews and kuffars are enslaved or killed.

Jihad: The Sword : The Physical Warrior.
Jihad: The Pen : The Journalist/The Author.
Jihad: The Tongue: The Imam/The Leader/The Politician.

Takfirism: A moslem not living exactly by the quran is a greater enemy of islam, than Jews and kuffars, therefore has to be killed first.

Islam is a dictated religion, any imam can deliver his own, private version of the book of terror, as long as he emphasizes jihad for islam dominating the whole world, that moslems are god’s chosen people, the master-race to rule over, enslave, torture, rape or kill all Jews and non-moslems.

Any imam will be honoured by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, as long as he incites his audiences to hate and anger against all Western values, except smart- and Iphones..
Sharia will destroy all democracy, all human rights, all equal rights, and the most important of them all:
Islamofascism, which is islam in it’s political form, is so fascist that it would have made Hitler and his hangmen bow down in honour towards Mecca. While their ears would turn red, as they realized their own amateurism:
‘Not only the Jews, but everybody else in the world as well?’
Let people believe any fascism they desire, but ban political islam in every free, democratic society.
Islam will offer only humiliation, endless suffering and endless astronomical economic expenses.

martin infidel 6:11 AM  

Excellent information, thanks

Walter Sieruk 11:58 AM  

In the above article the poster at the right of it does mention suicide bombings. Such heinous and deadly jihad bombing are done by those Muslims who are so thoroughly brainwash that they actually think of becoming a human bomb as a "martyrdom operation." This is the outcome of the extreme and terrible mind programming that in done by the Islamic clerics ,such as the imams and mullahs, who very much ingrain the belief in the doctrine from the Koran,44:56.5:56.78:31., of a sex-filled paradise with many virgins,houris, in it for the Muslim who dies as a "martyr" in the jihad for the cause of Islam. The actual origin of the Koranic doctrine is,in reality, not from a divine source but it was taken or lifted from Arabian and Zoroastrian mythology then fused together then inserted in the the Koran and other written works of Islam by wicked and deceptive men. Now this Koranic doctrine myth is now part of the whole hoax of Islam. Furthermore, the Bible had predicted about such false teachers as the imams and mullahs who indoctrinate this type of myth /doctrine as of a place with virgins into the hearts and minds of others. For the Bible reads "For the time will come when they will not stand wholesome teaching, but will follow their own fancy and gather a crowed of teachers to tickle their ears.They will stop their ears from the truth and turn to mythology." Second Timothy :3,4. [N.E.B.]

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