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We're going to recommend a movie that might seem at first to be simply a patriotic movie for Americans. But it is something more. The man who made the film, Dinesh D’Souza, is an immigrant to America from India and in the film, he looks at the criticisms leveled at America by Americans (and others), and then addresses those criticisms. The film is called "America: Imagine the World Without Her." See a trailer here.

The reason this is relevant to most of the readers of Citizen Warrior is that many of our readers are Americans, but also because similar criticisms are leveled at Canada, Australia, Israel, and many European countries too.

The movie looks at the story being told in schools to our young people — a narrative that has been told for many years now: That America gained its position of prominence and wealth by invading, pillaging, enslaving, stealing and killing. The end result of the inculcation of this point of view is an ingrained feeling of shame by Americans about America (or by Germans about Germany, or by Australians about Australia, etc.). Westerners in general have become guilty and ashamed of their own countries and culture.

This feeling of guilt produces a desire to give restitution or compensation to anyone who seems to be a victim or an underdog. And it is this that is being exploited by orthodox Muslims. It's a weakness — an Achilles heel — that orthodox Muslims are using to gain access, to gain concessions, and to gain ground.

The creation of this shame and guilt successfully disables our fellow citizens' desire to defend their own culture. Islam is primarily an ideology of cultural annihilation, so the shame and guilt of non-Muslims serves Islam's prime directive very well.

Watch the film and share it with your children. Hopefully it can help you immunize them from the crippling, enfeebling, one-sided history of the West being expressed so widely.

Check out the movie's website here: AmericaTheMovie.com.


Always On Watch 8:51 AM  

I showed this film to my homeschool students and their parents last semester as part of this year's American History course. You should have seen the parents drop their jaws!

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