Three Things About Islam


A group of activists who call themselves The White Roses created a video entitled Three Things About Islam. The authors write, "Parts of the text (of our video) have been strongly inspired by the website," In case you haven't seen it, you can watch it on YouTube: Three Things About Islam. It's a great 8-minute introduction to Islam for your friends and family.

We've posted the video on Inquiry Into Islam here so you can share the video with your friends and family on a site that will give them more information about Islam.

Now, more than ever before, more people are willing to discover the true nature of Islam. This video can help.

You can read more about the video here:

About the Video "Three Things About Islam"

Full Transcript for the Video "Three Things About Islam"

And the good people at Islam Exposed have created a detailed list of links and references to support the statements in this video. See it here: 3 Things You Should Know About Islam.


Nick 7:56 AM  

The White Rose was the group led by Hans and Sophie Scholl, who protested against the actions of the Nazis.

If you watch the movie "Sophie Scholl: The Last Days" you will never be the same again:

Walter Sieruk 8:46 PM  

The box in the posting reads"Why is Islam the only religion that we can't talk freely about ?"

The answer to that question is because Muslims are easily offended, and many time outraged,if Islam is criticized . No matter how mild that criticism might be.

That answer leads to another question "Why are so many Muslims so easily offended and even outraged if Islam is criticized ,in any way ?"

The answer to that second question is because Islam is based on strong emotions and intense feelings and not ,at all, one either reason and logic.

In fact, Islam is,in essence such a weak and fragile ,without good valid arguments to uphold it, that under the light of any intelligence criticism of Islam that religion will not stand. Islam will fall like a house of cards. For Islam terribly lacks a sold foundation of truth based on history, logic or reason or the Bible.

That is reason that "Islam is the only religion that we can't freely talk about."

Walter Sieruk 8:01 AM  

In classical work of ancient Greek literature, by Plato, entitled THE APOLOGY OF SOCRATES it in written that Socrates had said that “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Likewise, in may also be said that “An unexamined religion is not worth believing in.” This is said about all religions. Yet to be specific, in this case, the topic is about the religion of Islam.

Furthermore, one man who was as a former a Muslim and had lived in one of the Islamic nations of the Middle East but now he is Christian and an American citizen had explained in a book he wrote that “Driving into depths of the word of reasoned thinking and research in Islamic societies has always been costly. Some Muslims who have done this have even been excluded from their social rights and even sentenced to death.” [1]

[1] ISLAM AND THE SON OF GOD by Daniel Shayesteh page 70.

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