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H/T to ACT! for Canada.

"These guys are dead," says Mark Steyn, "because back in 2005, these Danish cartoons were published in an obscure Jutland newspaper, and a bunch of fanatics went bananas and started killing people over them. So a couple of publications on the planet, including mine in Canada, and Charlie Hebdo in Paris, published these cartoons...Le Monde didn't, and the Times of London didn't, and the New York Times didn't, and nobody else did. And as a result, these fellows in Charlie Hebdo became the focus of murderous rage. If we'd all just published them on the front page and said 'If you want to kill us, you go to hell, you can't just kill a couple of obscure Danes, you're going to have to kill us all,' we wouldn't have this problem. But because nobody did that, these Parisian guys are dead. They're dead. And I've been on enough, I've seen enough events in Europe with less famous cartoonists than these who live under death threats, live under armed guard, have had their family restaurant firebombed — it's happened to a Norwegian comedian I know — have come home and found their home burned, as a Swedish artist I know happened to. And all these people doing the phony hashtag solidarity, screw your phony hashtag solidarity. Let's have some real solidarity — or if not, at least have the good taste to stay the hell out of it.”

He's absolutely right. The only sane response to this kind of attack is for every publication to publish the cartoons.

"To honor those who've died for Free Speech," says Bosch Fawstin, "I don't raise my pen up in the air, I put it to paper and draw Mohammad."



Elsa 6:08 AM  

Yes, it's the only sane response. But it's also one that takes courage - not only ours but that of others as well. When Ezra Levant published the cartoons as the huge Muslim outrage was starting, he expected that he would see these cartoons everywhere. In other words, he expected other newspapers to have the sane response - to stand together in solidarity for freedom of speech, and for their own safety to speak out. Instead his publication was the ONLY one in all of Canada which published the cartoons in. To act with sanity takes courage.

Walter Sieruk 9:53 AM  

Those violent Muslims in Paris ,France who committed the murderous shooting may ,very much,have really believed that they "were in the right" and did the "right thing" in the deadly jihad shooting of those twelve unarmed and helpless people. of course of reality they were very wrong, deadly wrong.The Muslims engaged in the heinous actions of violence because they must have really believed in all that violent Islamic junk that the Koran teaches, 9:111. 47:4. The whole point is that this shows the falseness and folly of the saying which is "It doesn't mater what you believe as long as your sincere." That saying is foolishness and nonsense.

Walter Sieruk 11:23 AM  

The terrible and murderous jihad minded Muslims who shot and murdered those twelve unarmed and defenseless people over the subject of cartoons they happened to dislike is heinous, hideous and awful too he extreme.There is one further odd and strange thing about this. Those violence and deadly Muslim terrorists might have had such a wicked,warped , confused and deluded mindset the they actually did think of their brutal, ruthless and deadly action as something that was "good." If this was the case with those Muslim terrorists then the answer about those of such a wicked ,warped m confused and deluded way of thinking. for the Bible in Isaiah 5:20. reads "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil..." [N.I.V]

Walter Sieruk 11:53 AM  

As for Islamic mind programming centers which a called madrases the author Don Richardson has exposed them in his book entitled SECRETS OF THE KORAN on pages 69,70. For it exposes that "The world needs to be warned.At least 40 million youths in the Muslim world's religious schools, called madrases, are avidly memorizing the entire Koran plus a generally extremist body of related traditions...theses schools become breeding grounds for potential terrorists...When male students ,isolated from family and friends in madrases, reach puberty and their hormones are active, there are no girls to date.In stead ,Muslim clerics easily shift to focusing the male students attention on Koranic verses that promise sex in heaven with dark eyed houris.Students can only fantasize about martyrdom followed by the sexual release Muhammad promised. This is an unspeakably cruel brainwashing technique and the Koran is its perfect guidebook."

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