There Will Come a Time When Everybody Will Listen


Someone posted the following comment on the Citizen Warrior article, How to Resist Islamic Encroachment and Still Be Happy:

To anyone feeling worn down or frustrated by their efforts to raise awareness of Islamic Jihad today I would counsel them not to give up hope; there are many instances in history where people had to struggle against implacable enemies with great uncertainty. This "war" is different than what's gone before, but ultimately it's the same struggle for liberty that's been ongoing for the last 500 years or so.

I remember a few months ago in my country a leading imam was printed in the newspaper asking for certain Sharia laws to be implemented in school classrooms. I saw this and I was absolutely stunned, "What the hell is this?? Who does he think he is?!" In my country islamification isn't as advanced as in others and up to now I've always thought that overall Islam was relatively benign. It would have been easy to ignore this, but I took it as a grave warning and started researching all about Islam and global jihad. It was like going through the looking glass... it's actually made me realise how much I cherish things like liberty, reason and freedom of conscience. Gaining and retaining these rights was never easy and I realised that I really want to preserve them.

I also realised that I couldn't be a preacher and speak out publicly against Islam, it wouldn't work, but I could do my bit by talking to friends that I thought would listen. So I'd say to people who are frustrated, "choose your battles", pick the right people and the right moment and don't go overboard like the post says. See if people are receptive to what you're saying and if you don't seem to be making any progress, you can just leave it, all you're trying to do is raise awareness after all. If they don't want to listen, that's okay too. It's better in the end to use a softly softly approach. Even if they don't want to hear, it still might plant a seed.

So far I haven't spoken to many people but two of my close friends have listened to me. Showing relevant youtube videos can really make the point too. At the end of talking to one, he asked me: "What we do now? It feels like there's nothing we can do." All I could think of was "try telling people who you think will listen, and then we have to be ready for when the real fight starts."

I believe that too, we have to be ready; the Jihadis are playing a long game so we, the anti-Jihadis, have to think that way too. I figured it would be very difficult to make any big change alone, so I have to try to work in small steps while keeping sight of the big picture. That's what they do. The big cause of Islam is to subjugate all of us. Therefore, our cause is to stop them. Don't lose sight of that.

Right now, the biggest advantage the Jihadists have is the way they have managed to deceive large sections of our societies and that many in authority are ignorant or have underestimated them. So the best thing to do anyway is try to raise awareness sensibly, any way we can.

And remember too, an event could happen that could change the rules of the game in an instant and make everyone sit up (but really, how many events do you need?). The attack on Pearl Harbor changed the whole course of WWII. Forewarned is forearmed and there will come a time when everybody will listen and when knowledge will be crucial. I think that time is coming soon and I think that many are waking up now anyway. With ever increasing terrorism and the rise of the Islamic State, the true followers of Mohammed might have overplayed their hand before they're strong enough. And I'm sure there will be a time when their smears and slurs won't work anymore.

Also CitizenWarrior, great tips for keeping spirits up, like thinking of other things before going to sleep. I always try to do that myself. And your piece on the terrifying brilliance of Islam is excellent, I'm going to pass that on to a few people.


Walter Sieruk 12:30 PM  

The title reads,in part "Will Come a Time..." Well,progress can be made .One of the ways this may be done is through information and knowledge gained about the reality of Islam through good news sites on this topic. Such as and As explained by none other then Thomas Jefferson. Who stated "Enlighten the people generally,and tyranny and oppression of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day."

tranquil 10:50 PM  

Very good article!

I agree. It's easy to get down and disappointed.
However, there is no doubt that in a number of Western countries people are "wising up" to Islam.
(Sweden is the notable exception - I believe they are doomed.)

Babs 7:27 AM  

I share your feelings and agree that the time is approaching when a game-changing act/atrocity will force our dhimmi leaders to wake up.

If our leaders are ignorant in spite of what jihadis openly declare they are wilfully so. Denial on their part is criminal because it endangers all of us.

Worse, so many of our own people aid and abet the spread of this virus. THAT disheartens me.

Pray Hard 2:32 PM  

OK, easy does it; however, we have to be aware that some of our "leaders" are ignorant and some are simply liars. The liars know what Islam is and is doing, they are choosing to lie to us about it, propagandize for Islam and punish us if we refute them. I read an article the other day about how a US think tank has taken something like $14M from an Islamic country to propagandize for them and Islam, to whitewash Islam by a reputable sounding think tank. Thus, we are not simply fighting ignorance, we are also fighting lies, duplicity and money. And, it is so patently obvious that many more are taking Islamic money because there is absolutely no other reason they would be Islamopandering to the degree they are doing so. Think David Cameron, the European spokesboy for Moahmmed who wants to turn London into the sharia banking capital of Europe. Then, there are the Western liberal minions of Islam who might not be taking money, but are addicted to their delusional view of Islam and are just as big a problem as the elites who are lining their pockets and campaign fund accounts with Islamic money. Sometimes the only thing we can do is, what we call in Texas, get our minds right. Simply the everyday news of the horrors of Islam is poisoning our minds and murdering our souls. Apparently, there was a time on the Earth when Arthur would have arisen, taken Excalibur and destroyed these monsters. I don't know where he is today.

Citizen Warrior 2:41 PM  

Maybe he is sitting in your seat.

Gary Fouse 5:08 PM  

Here is the good news: With every day that passes, with every new outrage, more and more people are waking up and learning the truth. That number can only increase. It will never go down.

Look at Europe where the masses are rising up and demanding action from their political leaders. If those leaders don't start to act, they will soon be ex-leaders.

It is our task to educate ourselves and others. Go to the Islamic events where they are trying to sell Islam. Learn their talking points. They are skin deep and can be refuted easily by knowledgeable critics. Talk with your friends about this. Even educated people need to be informed about the true nature of Islam.

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